Graduation Is Coming...

It's crazy to think that in a few short weeks my baby boy will graduate from Pre-School.

I can still remember standing in Wal-Mart and having a full blown panic attack over what backpack to buy for him when he started school eighteen months ago.

Not to be confused with the panic attack I had over which shoes to buy for him.

And now here we are... in the second to last month of school, and Boyfriend comes home telling me that he is preparing for Graduation and practicing his songs every day.

FML how did I get this old??

I'll be especially sad to see this year end because I obviously won't be doing a School Days Project like this again next year... or, ever for that matter.

Right now, I take his picture every morning before school, but it's actually only every other day... because it's Pre-School.

Kindergarten will be everyday and overkill... he might officially hate cameras for life if I attempt that.

So I'll be happy with the one year I got out of this fun little project.

Which will probably also be the last year that he will let me dress him.

Speaking of dressing him... I often get emails asking where I get Boyfriend's clothes (since you get to see so many of them in these posts).

Ninety-nine percent of the clothes he wears, are hand-me-downs from a family friend that we are SO BLESSED and fortunate to know.


These clothes are awesome and if I've heard it once I've heard it a thousand times out of Husband, "If that was in my size I would wear it... if this was my size I would wear it."

Yada Yada... the kid has amazing clothes and we are so lucky to have them handed to us regularly.

In other Graduation news, Boyfriend's class has been rehearsing songs and getting ready for the big day.

I don't know for sure, but I assume this involves a cap and gown of some sort.

I say this because last week this exchange happened between Boyfriend and Husband while we were in the car:

"Hey Dad? What's that hat called that kids wear when they yeave a school?"

(In reality, Boyfriend asked three times before Husband answered, the man is good at tuning us out... but for the purpose of keeping it short, let's pretend he answered right away).

"Uh... a sombrero Bud."

"Oh, okay. Welp me and my friends are going to wear sombreros to Graduation and sing songs, and it is going to be so yove-y."

"Great Bud!"

(Me, interrupting....)

"You just told your son that he will wear a sombrero to graduate Pre-School."

Husband looking at me surprised: "I did? When?"

I have a feeling if Boyfriend actually wears a sombrero to Graduation that Husband will have a hard time tuning us out...

Maybe his teacher will be down for that??

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  1. He is SOOO cute! My middle child start kindergarten in the fall. HOW DID THIS HAPPEN? They grow up too fast. I love how you took a daily pic!


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