At Long Last... A Big Girl Room.

You might remember before my little sweet potato was born that we were having a bedroom / office / nursery dilemma.

To refresh your memory... we had no idea where to put all our tiny humans... or Husband's office.

Well, way back in the beginning of January, about three weeks before number three entered the world... we figured it all out, and things have been going great ever since.

Which is such a blessing because the absolute last thing I had time for was to "transition," a two year old into a big girl room.

Or...should I say teenage room... cause that's kinda what it looks like... see?

I mean, take away the bed rails, the mobile over the bed and the enormous Minnie Mouse... and you've got yourself a room fit for a tween.

I would have absolutely loved this room when I was younger... it's not too girly, but still really fun.

 I have a rule about not spending too much on kid bedding... so even though this one is a dead ringer for a Kate Spade set I saw at Bed Bath & Beyond.... it's actually from Walmart.com.

It's reversible and I swear I would steal the sheets if Husband would let me have a polka dot room... they are so soft!!

My favorite thing about this room is that it came together with the help of a lot of people that truly love us.

Everyone knew that I was stressing about giving each kid their own space, and having the house just right for Baby #3.

And because I couldn't do a lot of it myself (at nine months pregnant, how could I??)... a lot of people stepped up to help us make my vision a reality.

My sister, Tyler, (Girlfriend's Godmother) is super creative and patient with all things decor-y... which was a huge help with this makeover.

As luck would have it, Tyler's boyfriend is really handy...

So the two of them combined their talents and made Girlfriend her awesome headboard out of plywood, batting, and fabric.

Seriously... I did not have a room like this growing up, Girlfriend is super lucky that so many people love her.

I also gave Tyler blue curtains that I had on hand and she added the white and pink bottoms to them.

I know... they look professional and every single person who walks into the room asks about them... she did good, right?

The giant Minnie Mouse was a Christmas gift from my Mother in Law, and it's Girlfriend's favorite thing in the room.

The mobile over her bed was something I made for her nursery...

And all of the cupcake wall art was made for her nursery by our wonderfully talented friend Rachie.

The Pottery Barn hanging bookcase was a hand me down from my parent's neighbor....

 And the dresser was a hand me down (twenty years ago) from another of my parent's neighbors.

Girlfriend was super excited to move into her big girl room and never once asked about her crib, or her old room.

We kept all of the wall decor the same as her nursery so things would be familiar to her.

We made a big deal out of her having such a big bed (seriously a queen bed for a two year old??) and she loves to show off her room to nearly every person who walks in the door.

Ironically, even though we've lived here for five years, it is really just starting to feel like home.

Each room has a real definitive purpose now and it feels really full and happy around here.

Next on the list is to start the bambino's room.... one day.... before he goes to College is the goal.


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