The Big Kid's Day

When I went in for surgery to have my little doll face two weeks ago, the single only thing on my mind... was the big kids.

Okay, so technically that's two things.

I never, EVER leave my babies.

Surgery and having a new baby was not even on my radar, sad but true.

I just couldn't get my mind off the fact that other people would be driving the big kids in their car and buckling them into their car seats.

Seriously I was near tears about it... for real.

But.... I am happy to admit when I am wrong... and this time, I was wrong.

Not only were the kids okay, they were pretty damn excited to spend their morning with my sister Morgan, and my good friend Lu.

Listen... people like Morgan and Lu... they don't come around everyday.

They are the type of people that would just give you the shirt right off their back if you needed it.

We are so grateful to them for all that they did to make sure the big kids had a good day while I was in the hospital.

They followed all of my nineteen million notes, and even remembered to take Boyfriend's picture before school.

Now having no choice but to relinquish complete control over to Lu and Morgan meant that they had to play me and do all of my jobs for one whole morning.

Which meant that all of the crazy and ridiculous shit that I encounter on a day to day basis... became theirs.

So when Morgan and Lu took my Boyfriend to school that day, and they drove into the parking lot to find this....

Let's just say that they honestly weren't surprised.

I mean, they were... because what the fuck is a llama doing tied to a mini-van in a parking lot... but... of course this would happen on their day with the kids.

Boyfriend's teacher had told me that my scheduled c-section date would indeed fall on llama day at school... but we had no idea that Jack the llama would just be chillin' in the parking lot like, "haaaaay"... when Morgan and Lu drove up.

I mean, really... this llama picture is just the best thing I have ever seen.... so let's see another one, shall we??

I love that this happened to them when they were in charge of the Dolls... it is just so fitting.

Boyfriend wanted nothing to do with Jack....

But Girlfriend, who tagged along, was all up on that thing... she couldn't get enough of it.

I made sure that they kids were good and sanitized top to bottom before they were allowed to enter the hospital room to meet their little brother... who was just two hours old when they got there.

((Side note: OF COURSE my children would encounter a freaking llama on the one day of their lives that they need to be super clean and not all animal-y.))

Boyfriend took one step into the room and ran to my bed screaming, "MOM!!! I SAW A CAMEL!!"

He pretty much ran right passed his new brother and into my arms...

I mean he stopped for a second or two, but then charged straight for me.. and was all, "Camel! Camel! Camel!"

I looked around my room and watched the usual chaos ensue.... it kinda felt like home.

My heart was so full in that moment.

For all of my babies...

For Jack the llama / camel...

For Morgan and Lu...

And my parents, who have helped us in so many, many ways since Little Bug was born.

The kids went home with my parents that afternoon for lunch, nap and the usual bedtime routine.

Morgan and Lu were relieved of their post, and both laughed about their morning as "parents,"...


They both said they don't know how I do it.

Uh... that was music to my ears... if my legs weren't numb I would have jumped up and down.

The very best part???

Every thing and everyone was taken care of.

The routines were followed, the kids were happy... and I could relax, worry free, with Husband and our little Sweet Potato on his first day in this crazy world.


  1. 1) I can't stop LOLing at the HAYYYYY comment from the llama!!
    2) the llama/camel mixup is so great
    3) I'm a fan of little potato! lovebug/boyfriend, ladybug/girlfriend and potato <3

  2. I cannot believe I didnt know you had another baby. Omg. Goes to show how freaking far behind I am on my blogs, ugh! Anyways, congratulations!! He is ADORABLE!

  3. I'm just getting caught up now on your your post (the birth story until the most recent post), so congratulations! And of course, he is beautiful. It's nice to have such a great support system in moments like these and it sounds like your friends and family are just amazing.


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