Scenes With Girlfriend

Here's your Disclaimer...

Things are getting better. MUCH better.

Here's the back story....

After our little Sweet Potato was born, Girlfriend was a tornado, a train wreck, a Tasmanian devil and an all out shit show. We never knew what flaily and ridiculous thing she would do next.

Okay... here's more back story...

Husband is on his lunch break.

Now when Husband works from home, his day is VERY regimented. Not by choice really.

Breaks are exactly 15 minutes, on the clock.

He MUST clock out for bathroom breaks.

Lunch is exactly 60 minutes to the second.

So he has no time for bullshit more or less.

Let me set the scene for you...

Husband makes himself a big beautiful sandwich, and pours himself a glass of red juice... with extra ice.

He comes into the TV room and sits down on the couch.

He turns on ESPN.

He knows that I am about to put all three kids down for a nap... so I can see it on his face that he is ready to relax... alone... and not deal with the chaos for a few minutes.

His job is tough, so I don't blame him for wanting some peace and quiet.

I had just started to round up the troops when Girlfriend noticed Husband's sandwich and cup of juice.

Now here's the thing about my Girlfriend... she loves to eat other people's food.

Even if she has a plate full of her own... she will want yours.

((Side story: this morning I said to her, "What can I get you for breakfast? Eggs? Sausage? Pancakes? Cereal?" And she said... "I want your breakfast." I said.. "You don't even know what I'm eating... I haven't made it yet." And she said... "I want it anyway."))

So she walks over to Husband, and stands very close to him.

She's eying all the goodness on his plate when she begins...

 "Daddy... can I have some of your sandwich?"

And he's all... eyes on the TV, not even looking at her... "No."

And she huffs, and sighs... but lets it go.

She tries again... "Daddy... can I have..."

This time he just cut her off, he was mid chew and knew what was coming... so he's all... "No. It's nap time."

I'm watching this exchange play out in front of me... I'm procrastinating really, because I don't feel like putting all the kids to bed and I also like to watch Girlfriend harass Husband.

It makes me laugh, especially because he always tells me that I give in to her too easily (sometimes it's just easier to say yes... am I right???).

So I'm kinda laughing to myself now as these two very stubborn Italians are butting heads going back and forth over a freaking sandwich.

But what happened next... man... this kid has some balls on her.

She's all... "Daddy... can I have some of your juice??"

And he's like... "No! It's nap time!"

Now he still hasn't looked at her in the face yet... and I can see her big brown eyes stewing...

Girlfriend is starring her Father down now.

He doesn't even notice.

So very quietly... she reaches in front of her, picks up her Father's red juice... and dumps it onto the coffee table.

And then... runs away.

That'll teach him.

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  1. REALLY laughing out loud! i totally get what you mean, watching Dad in action. my husband (who is also Italian AND stubborn) says i give in, too. watching this scene in MY house? i woulda died! -Misty


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