One Month

It's true what they say... when you're pregnant the months drag on, and once the baby is born, they just fly on by.

It has been a whirlwind month for us and honestly what I remember about it the most is playing referee everyday.

My number one job is to keep Boo safe from his siblings, who just want to lay on his face all. day. long.

Boo and I have had thrush for almost the entire first month of his life, and no matter how hard I try, that is probably what I will always remember about him being a newborn.

I haven't worn a shirt since I got home from the Hospital.

I have used every cream and potion and lotion on myself, and poor baby Boo has been a champ about just nursing on through.

He is such a wonderful baby and is so so happy just to be by my side.

If I have said it once, I have said it one thousand times....

No one has ever loved me as much as Boo does.

He reminds me of a loyal animal that knows nothing outside the world of his mother.

*two weeks old*

Blame it on Husband's work schedule, or us being sick, or exclusively breast feeding... whatever it is, Boo spends nearly all of his time with me and he is so happy to have it that way.

He curls up on me and passes out no problem.

When he wakes up at night he is instantly fine at the sound of my voice, or the touch of my hand.

There is no need to ever calm him down, he is calm all the time and if he fusses, he stops as soon as he sees me.

*three weeks*
He is such a sweet soul... I often refer to him as my soul baby.

He is patient already with his siblings and never cries when they climb all over him.

He is snuggly and happy all the time and I swear if there is a baby lottery jack pot, we hit it big this time.

They say the third child is the easiest and I would say 110% they are right... whoever "they" are.

We are up twice a night together and the only time he really acts like an infant is when he gives me trouble putting him down.

I suspect that he will always be one of those children that would just rather cuddle... and to be honest... that is okay with me.

I am tired, but not exhausted because the truth is... I am just so so happy.

It is stressful to always play defender to the constant bouncing and poking and prodding of his big sister... but I feel blessed to have the opportunity to do that.

I try to snuggle with the big kids at night, stop into their rooms and lay with each one for a few minutes before bed.

I don't see much jealousy just yet, because it's still very new and exciting around here... but Girlfriend is definitely acting out a bit more than usual.

Getting Boyfriend to school has proven to be the most difficult part so far... and the freezing cold winter and millions of snow storms just aren't helping the situation.

Thank God I have a fantastic friend who sits with the littles while I bring the Big Boy into Pre-School.

I don't like to hand off the duty and wait in the car while someone else takes him in because I know how important it is for me to continue being a mother to them all... not just Boo.

We aren't sure yet who he looks like, but we know he has his Mama's chin...

He doesn't use a pacifier, or suck his thumb... just like his siblings.

I call him Sunny Sonny because he has such a happy disposition... he is just so chill.

He is never upset, and for that I am ETERNALLY grateful because his siblings??

Yeh, they have the toddler terrorist thing down pat... for the most part they are good, but when they want to, they know how to ruffle some feathers.. for real.

They only look sweet and innocent.

Month One has been spent taking lots of pictures and eating lots of good food.

I notice for sure that the more sugar I eat, the more gassy Boo is, which makes for longer nights for us both.

We are so incredibly thankful to everyone who has reached out to us over this past month.

Our parents have taken the big kids for us twice on the weekends and let us kind of taking care of the house, and rest a bit.

There is more laundry than I ever knew was possible... but I suspect that it will still be there no matter how old the kids get.

I feel lucky every single time I look at my tiny Sack Of Sugar.

I know I sound like a broken record, but I just cant get enough of him.... we are so blessed to have him in our lives...

I could cry just thinking about him.


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