I Left The House... And This Happened

I don't have the luxury of being scared of leaving the house with the three kids.

Boyfriend has school, and the kids need food and welp... life goes on.

So... I've been doing the three kids across the backseat in the car seats deal all by my lonesome... and it's going pretty well.

The other day when Husband was working from home and the big kids were napping, I took the Sweet Potato with me for his first ever trip to Target.

I'm all.. oh this will be a piece of cake because, hello... it's only one kid.. and an infant at that... what could be easier??

As it turns out... my boobs had other plans.

This is fun.. talking to the Internet about my boobs.

Because said boobs haven't really figured out when it's okay for my milk to come in, and when it's not...


I guess Target seemed like a good place to let the flood gates open...

And so they did.

That'll teach me not to leave the house without nursing pads.

1 comment :

  1. you're supposed to turn the knobs to the left! (lefty loosey, righty tighty). that oughta stop that leak next time ;) -Misty


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