He Said...

Sometimes one of the kids will say something and I will just laugh about it for the rest of the day.

This time... it's been about a week and I am still laughing.

Boyfriend and Girlfriend were playing with Boyfriend's ridiculously complicated to make Match Box track.


Only an Aunt or an Uncle with no children would buy this gift.

It is impossible to build and LOUD AS FUCK.

Anyway... the kids are playing with the car track and I'm in the kitchen doing dishes.

They were actually playing really well.

Actually... if I'm going to be honest...

I did notice that Boyfriend had instructed Girlfriend to sit juuust behind the race track so if the cars happened to fly off, they would hit her in the face.

BUT... even with cars flying at her forehead, Girlfriend was happy as a clam to play with her brother... they were getting along great.

Now I'm not sure what exactly happened to throw off all the loving-ness that was going on... but the next thing I knew Girlfriend was crying.

Like an, "I'm hurt, I'm hurt!!" cry.

I heard Girlfriend's tiny feet start to pitter patter towards me in the kitchen amidst her wails about God knows what.

Before she reached me I could hear Boyfriend yelling from behind her...

"MOM! MOM!! She got hurt!!!"

Yeh I gathered that Bud, thanks...

I wasn't however, expecting what he said next...

"Somehow she bit her own ear!!!"

The words were no sooner out of his mouth and they were both standing in front of me.

Girlfriend... holding on tight to her ear, with big giant alligator tears running down her face.

And Boyfriend... that little weasel... looking all concerned and scared because his sister, "Bit her own ear."

I looked from her, to him, and back again.

I started with her... she was a sobbing mess... she had teeth marks on her ear... but was totally fine.

I moved on to him... "She BIT her own ear??"

Boyfriend's eyes twinkled as he began to try to convince me that his sister had bit her own ear.

I cut him off before he could speak.

"Before you say anything else... can you show me how she bit her own ear??"

He tilted his mouth slightly toward his ear... his eyes were sparkling and he was trying not to smile... busted.

He sighed and gave me a look.

And then turned on his heel, walked out of the kitchen... and said...

"Okay... I'll put myself in time out."


  1. hilarious. he's a clever little one. it's so great that you document all of this. pure gold. -Misty

  2. Im dying laughing at work, reading this.

  3. It's so funny, but at the same time terrifying at how clever they can be at such a young age.

  4. I love the humor! I'm laughing while imagining this and looking at Boyfriend's "uh-oh, it's not me" look on his photo. I had fun reading. It made my day!


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