At Long Last... A Birth Story

On the morning of January 22, 2014, a particularly witty anesthesiologist walked me from my hospital bed to the Operating Room for a scheduled c-section.

It was 8:10 am.

As we walked down the hall he told me a hundred different things about medicine, IV drips, and what to do if I had to puke... when he interrupted himself to look me up and down and say...

"You're not very big are you??"

I will always remember this exchange, and the fact that I was listening so intently to all of his instructions, that I forgot to kiss Husband goodbye when I left the room.

After a relatively uneventful spinal tap, (I accidentally dropped a four letter word; twice).... and some nervous joking about my nudity in a room full of strangers, I was laid down on the table.

The lights were very bright and everyone was counting things off.

The curtain had gone up in front of my face and everyone began to work...

I waited quietly with a worried cry caught in my throat for Husband to appear beside me.

When he did, the first words out of his mouth were...

"I forgot to kiss you goodbye. Don't die and leave me with three kids."

Aww... how sweet??

I was very aware of everything that was going on this time around, much to the credit of that witty anesthesiologist... who gave me just enough medicine to be numb, but knowledgeable.

I remember every detail, every pull and tug on my body... every little joke that we made along the way.

At one point, shortly after my surgery began, the anesthesiologist looked over my little curtain and said, "That's a big baby for such a little lady."

I heard him perfectly, but Husband, who was praying, praying, praying for a boy... only heard, "little lady."

He looked from the anesthesiologist, to me, and back again.

"Little lady?" He asked cautiously... "It's a little lady??"

The anesthesiologist laughed, and said, "No, no... your wife is a little lady... not the baby."

Relief flooded over Husband's face... it was hysterical, and just what I needed to get myself completely relaxed.

Well, as relaxed as you can be while people are cutting you open, I guess.

We passed the time calmly and patiently over small talk and minor medicinal glitches (my poor little stomach couldn't handle the meds), while we waited to find out what was really in my belly.

When I could feel the Doctor yanking and pulling on my body, I whispered to Husband that I knew it was time.

And then, at 8:34 am... we heard the very first cries of our third child.

Our second son.

Whom we named.... Sonny Mack.

Sonny came into the world at 7 pounds, 12 ounces... nowhere near the 17 I had hoped for, but perfectly solid and adorable all the same.

He was 20.5 inches long, and not even a little bit happy about being pulled from his warm spot beneath my heart.

He screamed.... and sneezed... for what seemed like forever... but was probably only a few minutes.

They let me hold him as they wheeled me back to my room... he is our only child that I held first (Update: Husband tells me that this is actually not true and he held Sonny first. Agree to disagree.).

Sonny was born with a full head of dark hair, a hairy back, and Husband's beautiful skin.

His first dimple showed within an hour of being born (the second just showed up this past weekend), and we think his eyes will be blue.

His features looked like his sibling's right from the start... he is a total mix of the two and practically perfect in every way.

He's been a Mama's boy from the very beginning... wanting nothing more than to hear me talk and snuggle in my arms.

It is such a short lived thing that I am embracing every last snuggly minute of it ((there is no such thing as spoiling a newborn if you ask me)).

My legs stayed numb for nearly the entire day... making nursing the first few times kind of difficult, since I couldn't get into a good position for him to latch.

By nightfall Sonny had met both of his siblings, all of his Grandparents, and was nursing like a champ.

He is an easy baby, who fusses only when his diaper is being changed.

His legs are still curled up in what must have been the position he was in inside me, and I will be sad when those tiny frog legs straighten out.

As with all newborns, time is going entirely too fast.

I have been trying to soak up every minute, every second, every sleepy smile and noisy poop.

I love newborns so much, if you have a baby and want someone to come pace your halls, change diapers, and sing songs while you sleep... I am your girl.

Sonny sleeps so well, and just between you and me, I am getting much more rest now than I was when I was pregnant (don't tell Husband).
Like a typical third baby, Sonny loves the noise of his siblings...  they haven't woken him up or made him cry even once from being too loud.

We are so blessed to welcome another happy, and healthy baby into our lives.

Thank you for the support and kindness along the way.

Today (Monday) marks Husband's first day back at work.

If I was a religious person I would be clutching rosary beads right at this moment.

I am not afraid of the challenge, but more so that I wont be able to be everything that everyone needs me to be, at all times.

Oh yeh, and head butts... I'm scared of those.

Cause the big kids are allllways laying their heads on the baby like he's their own personal tiny pillow.

Please keep us in your thoughts as I run around doing the daily grind with a newborn, a two year old, and a four year old on my arm in the bitter cold of a North East winter.

We are blessed 100 times over for our wonderful family and friends .... who have stepped up time, and time, and time again to help us this week.

We are so thankful to have each other, and a home that is full of even more chaos and laughter.

For as hard as I thought this would be... I am pleasantly surprised that things are never quite as bad as my anxiety makes them seem in my head.

I will be in and out of blogging for awhile, while I soak up every last newborn bit of Sonny that I can handle.

Thank you, as always for all of the love and support.

I could not ask for anything more.

**To see our pregnancy announcement video, click here.

**To see when we told the kids I was pregnant, click here.  

** I'm not sure what I will call Sonny here on the blog. "Little Bug," seems like the obvious choice, but right now I actually prefer to call him, "Sweet Potato," which doesn't exactly roll off the tongue, but is still a contender. Either way, this will be the only post that will feature his real name.


  1. Congrats! I have three kids too same genders, but different order :) He looks so sweet!

  2. Awwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!! x a lot! I can't wipe this cheezy grin off my face. He's just heavenly and your family is so beautiful. It really feels like not very long ago that I was tearing up at your video announcing your pregnancy. Congratulations to you all! -Misty

  3. Congratulations!! He is so handsome already! Good luck with the three kiddos!


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