One Month

It's true what they say... when you're pregnant the months drag on, and once the baby is born, they just fly on by.

It has been a whirlwind month for us and honestly what I remember about it the most is playing referee everyday.

My number one job is to keep Boo safe from his siblings, who just want to lay on his face all. day. long.

Boo and I have had thrush for almost the entire first month of his life, and no matter how hard I try, that is probably what I will always remember about him being a newborn.

I haven't worn a shirt since I got home from the Hospital.

I have used every cream and potion and lotion on myself, and poor baby Boo has been a champ about just nursing on through.

He is such a wonderful baby and is so so happy just to be by my side.

If I have said it once, I have said it one thousand times....

No one has ever loved me as much as Boo does.

He reminds me of a loyal animal that knows nothing outside the world of his mother.

*two weeks old*

Blame it on Husband's work schedule, or us being sick, or exclusively breast feeding... whatever it is, Boo spends nearly all of his time with me and he is so happy to have it that way.

He curls up on me and passes out no problem.

When he wakes up at night he is instantly fine at the sound of my voice, or the touch of my hand.

There is no need to ever calm him down, he is calm all the time and if he fusses, he stops as soon as he sees me.

*three weeks*
He is such a sweet soul... I often refer to him as my soul baby.

He is patient already with his siblings and never cries when they climb all over him.

He is snuggly and happy all the time and I swear if there is a baby lottery jack pot, we hit it big this time.

They say the third child is the easiest and I would say 110% they are right... whoever "they" are.

We are up twice a night together and the only time he really acts like an infant is when he gives me trouble putting him down.

I suspect that he will always be one of those children that would just rather cuddle... and to be honest... that is okay with me.

I am tired, but not exhausted because the truth is... I am just so so happy.

It is stressful to always play defender to the constant bouncing and poking and prodding of his big sister... but I feel blessed to have the opportunity to do that.

I try to snuggle with the big kids at night, stop into their rooms and lay with each one for a few minutes before bed.

I don't see much jealousy just yet, because it's still very new and exciting around here... but Girlfriend is definitely acting out a bit more than usual.

Getting Boyfriend to school has proven to be the most difficult part so far... and the freezing cold winter and millions of snow storms just aren't helping the situation.

Thank God I have a fantastic friend who sits with the littles while I bring the Big Boy into Pre-School.

I don't like to hand off the duty and wait in the car while someone else takes him in because I know how important it is for me to continue being a mother to them all... not just Boo.

We aren't sure yet who he looks like, but we know he has his Mama's chin...

He doesn't use a pacifier, or suck his thumb... just like his siblings.

I call him Sunny Sonny because he has such a happy disposition... he is just so chill.

He is never upset, and for that I am ETERNALLY grateful because his siblings??

Yeh, they have the toddler terrorist thing down pat... for the most part they are good, but when they want to, they know how to ruffle some feathers.. for real.

They only look sweet and innocent.

Month One has been spent taking lots of pictures and eating lots of good food.

I notice for sure that the more sugar I eat, the more gassy Boo is, which makes for longer nights for us both.

We are so incredibly thankful to everyone who has reached out to us over this past month.

Our parents have taken the big kids for us twice on the weekends and let us kind of taking care of the house, and rest a bit.

There is more laundry than I ever knew was possible... but I suspect that it will still be there no matter how old the kids get.

I feel lucky every single time I look at my tiny Sack Of Sugar.

I know I sound like a broken record, but I just cant get enough of him.... we are so blessed to have him in our lives...

I could cry just thinking about him.



He Said...

Sometimes one of the kids will say something and I will just laugh about it for the rest of the day.

This time... it's been about a week and I am still laughing.

Boyfriend and Girlfriend were playing with Boyfriend's ridiculously complicated to make Match Box track.


Only an Aunt or an Uncle with no children would buy this gift.

It is impossible to build and LOUD AS FUCK.

Anyway... the kids are playing with the car track and I'm in the kitchen doing dishes.

They were actually playing really well.

Actually... if I'm going to be honest...

I did notice that Boyfriend had instructed Girlfriend to sit juuust behind the race track so if the cars happened to fly off, they would hit her in the face.

BUT... even with cars flying at her forehead, Girlfriend was happy as a clam to play with her brother... they were getting along great.

Now I'm not sure what exactly happened to throw off all the loving-ness that was going on... but the next thing I knew Girlfriend was crying.

Like an, "I'm hurt, I'm hurt!!" cry.

I heard Girlfriend's tiny feet start to pitter patter towards me in the kitchen amidst her wails about God knows what.

Before she reached me I could hear Boyfriend yelling from behind her...

"MOM! MOM!! She got hurt!!!"

Yeh I gathered that Bud, thanks...

I wasn't however, expecting what he said next...

"Somehow she bit her own ear!!!"

The words were no sooner out of his mouth and they were both standing in front of me.

Girlfriend... holding on tight to her ear, with big giant alligator tears running down her face.

And Boyfriend... that little weasel... looking all concerned and scared because his sister, "Bit her own ear."

I looked from her, to him, and back again.

I started with her... she was a sobbing mess... she had teeth marks on her ear... but was totally fine.

I moved on to him... "She BIT her own ear??"

Boyfriend's eyes twinkled as he began to try to convince me that his sister had bit her own ear.

I cut him off before he could speak.

"Before you say anything else... can you show me how she bit her own ear??"

He tilted his mouth slightly toward his ear... his eyes were sparkling and he was trying not to smile... busted.

He sighed and gave me a look.

And then turned on his heel, walked out of the kitchen... and said...

"Okay... I'll put myself in time out."


Nice Things

After a baby is born people are just so freaking nice.

We have been blessed and overwhelmed with kindness since our little bambino came into this world 3 weeks ago... so much so that I thought I'd share some of these ideas with you.

First off... I did two nice things for myself.

I know.

Moms don't do for themselves right?!

Welp... I did.

First, I ordered myself this blue blue blue Solly wrap.

It is like a Moby wrap, but muuuch thinner, so the fabric can get pulled much tighter.

I have used both a Moby and a Solly wrap now, and I personally prefer the Solly because the lighter fabric feels less bulky and obtrusive to me.

At $65 it isn't cheap... but it is worth it's weight in gold for a few hands free minutes if you ask me.

I wear it probably three or four times a week and my tiny Boyfriend has no problem with it and gets all snuggled up in there with no complaints.

Something else I did for myself was order a third charm for the necklace that I wear everyday.

It's a small but meaningful gift to myself... now I've got a charm for each baby.

I know there are a million companies that make charms like this now, but I prefer to use TwoGirlyGirls.

All of my charms are made by them in their simple, upper case font.

I prefer the easy to read font rather than the curly cursive kind because it's easier to read... duh.

What's the point of having them if you cant read them, right???

I also love using TwoGirlyGirls because they are a super, duper small business... as in... I mailed them a check and waited patiently for two weeks for my charm to arrive.

Super small, super old school.... but I love that.

Other nice things that have happened since the Sweet Potato arrived???

My friend Chris set up something for us through Take Them a Meal.

Um... it was awesome, SO AWESOME.

Five different families coordinated on the site to bring us meals... which was such a huge help.

They could either make it themselves or send something right off the site for us.

It was cool because people could stop in quick, steal some baby snuggles and then head out.

So I wasn't entertaining anyone for long periods of time.... not that I didn't want to (you know I love me some hostess-ness)... but hello... these days I am a leeeettle busy.

I cant wait to set up something like this for someone else.

We also got so many unexpected and sweet gifts for ALL THE KIDS (shout out to those of you who sent big kid presents), a luxurious personalized Pottery Barn blanket, my favorite hand print kit, and a check to start the bambino's bank account....

And... pictures.

We are lucky enough to know many talented women who were eager and sweet enough to capture pictures of my dollface as a newborn.

And really... there is no better gift than that of beautiful, real life memories.

I'm sure I'm forgetting 100 other nice things that have come our way.... I'm really just scraping the surface here... but these things have been on my mind as things I'd like to do for others when their bambinos roll into town.

Clearly... I've got a long list of favors to repay!!


Happy Valentine's Day!!

Valentine's Day 2014 has us snowed in with 20+ inches of snow and a broken snow blower.

And also??

Three kids... which is weird because last Valentine's Day, we had just these two cutie pies...

And now... we've got these three!!!

Things are a little crazier, the kids are bigger, have more hair, and more personality than ever.

Happy Valentine's Day to you and yours... 

As always... we wish you hugs, health, and happiness!

And chocolate... can't forget the chocolate.


She Got Stuck In the Floor... Yes, Again.

If you've been reading for awhile you might remember that my Girlfriend got herself stuck in the floor shortly after her first birthday.

Welp... she did it again.

For the sole purpose of making this story easier to tell, let's call Boyfriend, "#1", Girlfriend, "#2", and the Sweet Potato, "#3"... mmkayy??

Okay. Go.

We were waiting for our neighbors to stop by and #1 and #2 were super anxious and bouncing around like maniacs while I sat on the couch nursing #3.

I suggested #1 and #2 go stand at the front window and watch for their friends.... translation: give #3 a few seconds to eat in peace.

They were gone about one minute when #2 started screaming and crying in a panicked voice... she screamed, "I'M STUCK! I'M STUCK! I'M STUCK!"

Her ever helpful brother, #1, must have taken one look at her, decided it was beyond his realm of brotherhood and ran out of the room yelling, "SHE'S STUCK! SHE'S STUCK! SHE'S STUCK!!"

I unlatched #3 and ran to the front room amidst panicked cries from all three kids now...

#3 because hello... I was eating.

#2 because... MOM I'M STUCK!

and #1 because MOM! SHE'S STUCK!

I ran directly to the bassinet and put down a sad #3 ... who decided at that very moment to become one of those babies that hangs onto hair like it's a fafillion dollars.

I put him down and my littlest boyfriend yanked my head right down into that bassinet with him.

He had his hand wrapped so tight around my hair that there was seriously no way in Hell for me to get out.

Now I was panicking.

I was stuck and removing myself from the screaming, crying, newborn's grasp would probably mean really freaking hurting him cause those teeny tiny fingers are fragile as Hell... ya know?

Plus?? When did my newborn become the Hulk?

The kid had me in a hair head lock... for real, I was stuck head first in a bassinet.

And while I was stuck... the panicked cries from my Girlfriend, and my Boyfriend were just getting louder and more anxious.

Also? I still had no idea where she was stuck... as it turns out kids that are having panic attacks are not very precise with their details.

They just kept screaming, "SHE'S STUCK! I'M STUCK! STUCK! STUCK! MOM! MOM!"

When I finally freed myself from baby Hulk's grasp, #1 was running back and forth with his arms over his head like a tiny Kevin McAlister in Home Alone like, "WAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!"

So much emotion that the kid had no idea what to do with it except, apparently, run and scream.

Which left his poor sister, #2... stuck.... again... in the floor vent.

Except this time it wasn't her fat thigh... it was her teeny, tiny, peanut of  a baby toe.

Which was just fat enough to get itself stuck in between the vent grates...

When I finally reached her the tears were pouring down her face and I picked her up, thinking... Dear God, do not let the floor pull back this time... do not let the floor pull back.

And of course... it did.

I picked my Girlfriend straight up into the air, and one leg stayed stuck solid in the floor.

She was sobbing now and #1 was screaming down the basement stairs to his father, "DAD!! EVERYONE IS STUCK!!! EVERYONE!"

Before Husband could get upstairs I somehow yanked #2 out of the floor.

She refused ice and instead just wanted to scream and yell and hang onto her piggy toe for dear life.

After about ten minutes everything had calmed down and numbers 1, 2, and 3 had all stopped crying.

All that was left of the harrowing, "EVERYONE'S STUCK!!!" tale was a black and blue on #2's foot, and a fist full of blonde hair in #3's tiny little hand.

By dinner the kids had long forgotten all the commotion that had taken place hours earlier...

But me??

I was still shaking my head and laughing every few minutes, all by myself...

Because seriously... shit like this only happens to me.


I Left The House... And This Happened

I don't have the luxury of being scared of leaving the house with the three kids.

Boyfriend has school, and the kids need food and welp... life goes on.

So... I've been doing the three kids across the backseat in the car seats deal all by my lonesome... and it's going pretty well.

The other day when Husband was working from home and the big kids were napping, I took the Sweet Potato with me for his first ever trip to Target.

I'm all.. oh this will be a piece of cake because, hello... it's only one kid.. and an infant at that... what could be easier??

As it turns out... my boobs had other plans.

This is fun.. talking to the Internet about my boobs.

Because said boobs haven't really figured out when it's okay for my milk to come in, and when it's not...


I guess Target seemed like a good place to let the flood gates open...

And so they did.

That'll teach me not to leave the house without nursing pads.


Scenes With Girlfriend

Here's your Disclaimer...

Things are getting better. MUCH better.

Here's the back story....

After our little Sweet Potato was born, Girlfriend was a tornado, a train wreck, a Tasmanian devil and an all out shit show. We never knew what flaily and ridiculous thing she would do next.

Okay... here's more back story...

Husband is on his lunch break.

Now when Husband works from home, his day is VERY regimented. Not by choice really.

Breaks are exactly 15 minutes, on the clock.

He MUST clock out for bathroom breaks.

Lunch is exactly 60 minutes to the second.

So he has no time for bullshit more or less.

Let me set the scene for you...

Husband makes himself a big beautiful sandwich, and pours himself a glass of red juice... with extra ice.

He comes into the TV room and sits down on the couch.

He turns on ESPN.

He knows that I am about to put all three kids down for a nap... so I can see it on his face that he is ready to relax... alone... and not deal with the chaos for a few minutes.

His job is tough, so I don't blame him for wanting some peace and quiet.

I had just started to round up the troops when Girlfriend noticed Husband's sandwich and cup of juice.

Now here's the thing about my Girlfriend... she loves to eat other people's food.

Even if she has a plate full of her own... she will want yours.

((Side story: this morning I said to her, "What can I get you for breakfast? Eggs? Sausage? Pancakes? Cereal?" And she said... "I want your breakfast." I said.. "You don't even know what I'm eating... I haven't made it yet." And she said... "I want it anyway."))

So she walks over to Husband, and stands very close to him.

She's eying all the goodness on his plate when she begins...

 "Daddy... can I have some of your sandwich?"

And he's all... eyes on the TV, not even looking at her... "No."

And she huffs, and sighs... but lets it go.

She tries again... "Daddy... can I have..."

This time he just cut her off, he was mid chew and knew what was coming... so he's all... "No. It's nap time."

I'm watching this exchange play out in front of me... I'm procrastinating really, because I don't feel like putting all the kids to bed and I also like to watch Girlfriend harass Husband.

It makes me laugh, especially because he always tells me that I give in to her too easily (sometimes it's just easier to say yes... am I right???).

So I'm kinda laughing to myself now as these two very stubborn Italians are butting heads going back and forth over a freaking sandwich.

But what happened next... man... this kid has some balls on her.

She's all... "Daddy... can I have some of your juice??"

And he's like... "No! It's nap time!"

Now he still hasn't looked at her in the face yet... and I can see her big brown eyes stewing...

Girlfriend is starring her Father down now.

He doesn't even notice.

So very quietly... she reaches in front of her, picks up her Father's red juice... and dumps it onto the coffee table.

And then... runs away.

That'll teach him.


The Big Kid's Day

When I went in for surgery to have my little doll face two weeks ago, the single only thing on my mind... was the big kids.

Okay, so technically that's two things.

I never, EVER leave my babies.

Surgery and having a new baby was not even on my radar, sad but true.

I just couldn't get my mind off the fact that other people would be driving the big kids in their car and buckling them into their car seats.

Seriously I was near tears about it... for real.

But.... I am happy to admit when I am wrong... and this time, I was wrong.

Not only were the kids okay, they were pretty damn excited to spend their morning with my sister Morgan, and my good friend Lu.

Listen... people like Morgan and Lu... they don't come around everyday.

They are the type of people that would just give you the shirt right off their back if you needed it.

We are so grateful to them for all that they did to make sure the big kids had a good day while I was in the hospital.

They followed all of my nineteen million notes, and even remembered to take Boyfriend's picture before school.

Now having no choice but to relinquish complete control over to Lu and Morgan meant that they had to play me and do all of my jobs for one whole morning.

Which meant that all of the crazy and ridiculous shit that I encounter on a day to day basis... became theirs.

So when Morgan and Lu took my Boyfriend to school that day, and they drove into the parking lot to find this....

Let's just say that they honestly weren't surprised.

I mean, they were... because what the fuck is a llama doing tied to a mini-van in a parking lot... but... of course this would happen on their day with the kids.

Boyfriend's teacher had told me that my scheduled c-section date would indeed fall on llama day at school... but we had no idea that Jack the llama would just be chillin' in the parking lot like, "haaaaay"... when Morgan and Lu drove up.

I mean, really... this llama picture is just the best thing I have ever seen.... so let's see another one, shall we??

I love that this happened to them when they were in charge of the Dolls... it is just so fitting.

Boyfriend wanted nothing to do with Jack....

But Girlfriend, who tagged along, was all up on that thing... she couldn't get enough of it.

I made sure that they kids were good and sanitized top to bottom before they were allowed to enter the hospital room to meet their little brother... who was just two hours old when they got there.

((Side note: OF COURSE my children would encounter a freaking llama on the one day of their lives that they need to be super clean and not all animal-y.))

Boyfriend took one step into the room and ran to my bed screaming, "MOM!!! I SAW A CAMEL!!"

He pretty much ran right passed his new brother and into my arms...

I mean he stopped for a second or two, but then charged straight for me.. and was all, "Camel! Camel! Camel!"

I looked around my room and watched the usual chaos ensue.... it kinda felt like home.

My heart was so full in that moment.

For all of my babies...

For Jack the llama / camel...

For Morgan and Lu...

And my parents, who have helped us in so many, many ways since Little Bug was born.

The kids went home with my parents that afternoon for lunch, nap and the usual bedtime routine.

Morgan and Lu were relieved of their post, and both laughed about their morning as "parents,"...


They both said they don't know how I do it.

Uh... that was music to my ears... if my legs weren't numb I would have jumped up and down.

The very best part???

Every thing and everyone was taken care of.

The routines were followed, the kids were happy... and I could relax, worry free, with Husband and our little Sweet Potato on his first day in this crazy world.


Wordless Wednesday

On the night you were born, the moon smiled with such wonder that the stars peeked in to see you and the night wind whispered...

"Life will never be the same."

- Nancy Tillman
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