On Baby #3

Well... it's down to the wire.

My scheduled C-Section is about 2 weeks away and the baby is locked and loaded in between my legs.

How's that for a visual that you didn't need??

Neither of the other kids ever dropped so this, "There is a water balloon in my crotch," feeling is new to me.

I try to sit down as much as I can, which is never with a four year old and a two year old.

Yes the arrow is pointing at my boob. No I don't care.

Speaking of sitting... this time around getting up is a serious issue.

Like it's a two person job.

I'm guessing my child will not be 15 pounds so I'll just lay it on the line now that my abs and core are probably comparable to the consistency of mayonnaise.

36 weeks... no feet.

My pregnancy this time has been harder because there is no time to relax.

With Baby #1 pregnancy is like a freaking walk in the park. You get tired you lay down.

With Baby #2, it is slightly harder but you still only have one other kid to worry about... so it's not really that tough.

Pregnancy #3 is an entirely different ball game.

There is always someone that needs something and that someone can never be you.

Not trying to discourage anyone, cause Lord knows I would be Michelle Duggar if I could, but if you're looking at going for #3... either hire some help, or expect to be exhausted.

As far as nesting goes... I am so blessed to have good friends, and family that offer to help whenever they can.

And my Husband, though he drives me insane sometimes (I'm pretty sure it's in the job description)... has been so wonderful and patient with my nesting instincts.

Not only are we ready for Baby #3, we might just be able to move if we had to! For real.

The only thing that I am not prepared for, nor do I think I ever will be... is how I will handle Girlfriend with the Baby.

She is such a handful on her own, and she doesn't stop moving... EVER.

Having her near a newborn pretty much scares the crap out of me.

She met our friend's daughter recently and as soon as they left I cried for an hour.

Non-stop. Sobbing into Husband's arms.

A rare moment when she wasn't pulling on the baby's everything, trying to pop it off.

I couldn't look away for five seconds when they were here.

I couldn't be a friend, or a Mom or anything... I was just a maniac making sure that everyone was safe.

It was a nightmare.

Girlfriend is so hands on, she doesn't understand that she can't be rough, that it's not her baby.

There is no "timid," or "gentle" when it comes to my Girlfriend.

There is one speed and it is 100 miles an hour.

There is one way to be and it is balls to the wall, crazy, maniac, in your face.

I am scared that I won't be able to be a good Mom to all of them at once.

I am scared that I will have to yell all the time and not get any alone time with any of them because I am avoiding having them altogether.

I'm scared someone will be left out, or sad, or put in a pack and play behind a closed gate just to keep them safe from the others.

So many things scare me about having the baby near my Girlfriend... and unfortunately there's really nothing I can do except pray that it goes well, that the novelty wears off, and that the winter hurries the fuck up and turns to Spring.

Getting Girlfriend outside and busy and out of the house is going to be so key in handling things with the new baby.

Happy and tired kids equals good naps... right now we are still cooped up from Christmas, from no school since December 20, and negative zero temps....

The kids are like caged beasts right now... I cant have this plus a newborn or I will go insane.

So I'm praying for warmer temps, and super helpful Grandparents who offer to take the bigger kids over night, or get them out of the house.

I'm praying that I can call in some favors and have friends take my Girlfriend out once in awhile, so she isn't cooped up indoors with me and a new baby.

I'm praying that I stop looking like a swollen sponge, that my cheeks will stop being so chubby and stop trying to swallow my eyes.

I swear when I smile I am now Chinese... which is fine, if you're Chinese.

I pray that we will have a healthy baby, that will weigh all of the 47389578457 pounds that I have gained (might be a slight exaggeration there... slight).

And I'm praying that the transition will go smoothly for all of us.

Oh yeh, one more thing... I'm praying that my sweet, adorable, handsome, strong Husband (hi babe) will just let me name this kid whatever the Hell I want and stop being so damn stubborn.

I mean... I hope we can agree on a name (preferably one of the ones that I have chosen) before it is born.

I'm not sure that I will get another baby bump update in before the baby comes, so if I don't, please send us good vibes for a healthy delivery and a smooth transition for the whole family.

We're gonna need 'em!

PS. For the record. I think it's a boy.

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  1. That all sounds so crazy. Wishing you luck! My 2 year old is a breeze, but my stepdaughter is insane and I can't imagine having a baby right now with the two of them around.


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