Long Overdue Pre-School Update

Over a month ago I had a Parent Teacher Conference at Boyfriend's school.... and I am just now sitting down to write about it.

I'm a terrible blogger, I know.

But.... what I learned at Boyfriend's conference, is that as it turns out, I am not a terrible Mother.

Terrible blogger yes, terrible mother, no! Phew!!

His teachers told me that he is doing fantastic with his writing and really gets super over the top excited about every new thing that he gets to write or do... wonder where he gets that from??

The most important thing that they told me is that Boyfriend is the most sensitive and observant child in his class.

They said that he notices everything (he gets that from his Dad) and that if someone is upset, Boyfriend gets very concerned and nervous that they aren't okay.

They said he always wants everyone in the room to be happy... he gets that from me.

I LOVED meeting with his teachers and hearing about what Boyfriend does when I'm not around.

I am so so happy he doesn't swear, or put his hands on anyone, or do anything disgusting that could embarrass me.

I told my friend Kim about Boyfriend's Parent Teacher Conference, I didn't tell her every single detail until she told me that she has never been to a Conference that didn't almost make her cry.

That's when I fessed up that I was near tears the whole time!

I kept telling myself to pull my shit together but Number 1, I felt like I was in trouble with two teachers on one side of a table and me on the other and Number 2... they said so many wonderful things about my baby boy... I just couldn't help myself!

So if you haven't been to a Parent Teacher Conference yet, word on the street is that it's okay to cry... fyi.

Other than that, Boyfriend has been a trooper about me taking his picture for school... he doesn't even complain anymore (knock on wood).

Some of the shots are super shitty quality because I am trying to get the frig out the door on time for school... but I don't care... they're all going in a book at the end of the year anyway.

Until then... they go here, and I get to look at all the weird things that my Boyfriend holds in his hand for his pictures (did anyone spot the Ninja Turtle with no head??).

Plus I'll get to remember what he wore to school for Pajama Day, and when he met Santa.

All vital things to keep close to my heart for when he gets on a bus the first time and I hang onto the bumper for dear life.

This weekend we will pack up the whole crew (as long as I don't have a baby before then) and head to his Kindergarten Orientation Fair.

I think I'll start crying.... now.

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