Giving Credit Where It's Due...

When Boyfriend turned 4, he briefly turned into the Devil.

You may recall that my Mother called them the, "Eff You Fours,"... and after a few weeks of terrible behavior, I agreed with her theory.

But... as my friend Mo once told me... the first half of four is shitty, and the second half is great.

And you know what??

She was right.

Boyfriend's behavior has been absolutely amazing.

He is understanding, and sweet and he just... gets it.

He gets it!

If I say don't do that, or please do this, or can you help me with this... he is on it, he understands, it's a no brainer.

Maybe it's pre-school, maybe it's old age... whatever it is, he understands the rules, he wants to help, and he is such a little love... it is just a joy to be around him.

Don't get me wrong, he has his days (like last weekend when he had a meltdown in a parking lot because he didn't want his hair cut)... and he still drops the occasional F-bomb....

But the difference between just four, and four and a half... is INSANE.

It is SO SO SO nice to have a child that is on board with the program, ya know??

He asks EVERYDAY when the baby is coming, how he can help, if he can have special time with the baby at night... it is adorable.

His teacher says that he is always on the look out for kids he can help, who may need a friend.

And... for as old as he is acting... he is still our creative little man... who dresses up EVERYDAY and is always someone new.

I am just so proud of him... he is patient with his lunatic sister and even understands when she acts like a typical two year old and tries to drive him crazy.

Plus... she's still his best friend... they try to kill each other once a day or so, but they are pretty much still inseparable.

The best part is... for as grown up as he is now... he still loves to cuddle with me... he will dance with us in the kitchen, and play with us on the floor.

Getting love from Baby #1... 38.5 weeks pregnant with Baby #3.

He is still young enough to not be too cool for Mom and Dad... thank God.

The second half of age four is such a wonderful age.

If you're out there, and pulling your hair out over a four year old... just know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel... and it happens at four and a half!!!!


  1. My four year-old is just like this! Great post.
    -Jenny from saferkids.com

  2. Your kids look so happy! Their smiles are contagious.


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