38 Weeks...

Here it is... the last bump date.

This time next week we will have a third child.... yikes.

I wish I had a dollar for every time someone has asked me how I'm feeling, if I'm ready, what I think it is.

The answers...

I feel good, but tired. I also feel like there is a bowling ball in my crotch. That's probably expected at this point though, right??

Am I ready?

Yes and no.

I love to run around with my kids and for the first time in my life I feel slow, sluggish, large, heavy... all the adjectives... that's what I feel.

So yes, I'm ready to not be pregnant any more.

But am I ready for having a third baby?? I mean... yes, but I'm scared too!!

What do I think it is... well... last week I thought it was a boy.

But I have suddenly, for the first time this pregnancy, developed an intense craving... for 7UP.

Like I won't even eat all day, but I will down a glass of 7UP like a starved Chihuahua (I have no idea what that means... but it sounded good in my head).

And if you google old wives tales about what the sex of a baby is... it says citrus cravings equals girl.

So... maybe??

Other things on my mind... baby names.

We have chosen one for a boy and one for a girl... they are both unique enough to not be anywhere near the top 1000 names in the USA... but definitely not unheard of.

Spoiler alert... neither is too crazy. Sorry for you crazy name lovers (I'm really talking to myself here... damn Husband).

I will be sad not to use either one of them at this point because I am getting pretty attached to both.

Husband axed my number 1 name.

I'm thinking I will probably share it here after the baby is born... but at the off chance that he changes his mind when he sees me cut open... I'm keeping it under wraps for now.

Nursery wise... I 100% want one of these humongous cardboard letters that they sell at Jo-Ann Fabric.

I wanted one for each kid and I have no idea why I never got them one (except maybe because the closest Jo-Ann's is like, a freaking hour plus away)... so Baby #3 is getting one no matter freaking what.

Moving on, I love the idea of a nursery with owls like this guy... if it's a girl.

I love the chevron and polka dots and all things owls are totally my jam right now... trendy or not, white ceramic owls have my heart.

I'm thinking gray walls, adorable little sheets like these:

And big graphic chevron curtains like this...

Plus, she can grow into it and keep it in her big girl room in a few years.

Sidenote: Yes, Girlfriend is in a big girl room... yes one day eventually, I will share pictures.

If it's a boy I would love a nautical nursery.

But nothing too cutesy... I mean... one smiling whale is fine... but nothing too baby specific.

Think a whale from the decor section of TJ Maxx... rather than the baby section... know what I mean??

I would also love to do navy and white rugby curtains tied back with some big chunky nautical rope... ya know?

I would also love to make an anchor mobile for over the crib... I'm thinking navy, white, and kelly green for a boy nursery.

Since Husband was in the Navy...we have no shortage of cool pictures to put up on the walls... even still, I will def be DIYing my own version of this sweet little art here...

So cute right??

Of course, this is all a long way off since the baby will be in our room in our family cradle for a few months.

Other than that we are packed and ready to go.

Of course I have no idea when and if I will be able to get back around to blogging a birth story and announcing a name / sex... so please, if you don't already... follow me on instagram (@ourtinyplace) for the most up to date news on Baby #3!!

Thanks so much for all of the emails and sweet comments... I am so appreciative of all of the support.

Now if you could all come take turns entertaining my two year old while I nurse my newborn... I'd be so grateful.

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