Giving Credit Where It's Due...

When Boyfriend turned 4, he briefly turned into the Devil.

You may recall that my Mother called them the, "Eff You Fours,"... and after a few weeks of terrible behavior, I agreed with her theory.

But... as my friend Mo once told me... the first half of four is shitty, and the second half is great.

And you know what??

She was right.

Boyfriend's behavior has been absolutely amazing.

He is understanding, and sweet and he just... gets it.

He gets it!

If I say don't do that, or please do this, or can you help me with this... he is on it, he understands, it's a no brainer.

Maybe it's pre-school, maybe it's old age... whatever it is, he understands the rules, he wants to help, and he is such a little love... it is just a joy to be around him.

Don't get me wrong, he has his days (like last weekend when he had a meltdown in a parking lot because he didn't want his hair cut)... and he still drops the occasional F-bomb....

But the difference between just four, and four and a half... is INSANE.

It is SO SO SO nice to have a child that is on board with the program, ya know??

He asks EVERYDAY when the baby is coming, how he can help, if he can have special time with the baby at night... it is adorable.

His teacher says that he is always on the look out for kids he can help, who may need a friend.

And... for as old as he is acting... he is still our creative little man... who dresses up EVERYDAY and is always someone new.

I am just so proud of him... he is patient with his lunatic sister and even understands when she acts like a typical two year old and tries to drive him crazy.

Plus... she's still his best friend... they try to kill each other once a day or so, but they are pretty much still inseparable.

The best part is... for as grown up as he is now... he still loves to cuddle with me... he will dance with us in the kitchen, and play with us on the floor.

Getting love from Baby #1... 38.5 weeks pregnant with Baby #3.

He is still young enough to not be too cool for Mom and Dad... thank God.

The second half of age four is such a wonderful age.

If you're out there, and pulling your hair out over a four year old... just know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel... and it happens at four and a half!!!!


38 Weeks...

Here it is... the last bump date.

This time next week we will have a third child.... yikes.

I wish I had a dollar for every time someone has asked me how I'm feeling, if I'm ready, what I think it is.

The answers...

I feel good, but tired. I also feel like there is a bowling ball in my crotch. That's probably expected at this point though, right??

Am I ready?

Yes and no.

I love to run around with my kids and for the first time in my life I feel slow, sluggish, large, heavy... all the adjectives... that's what I feel.

So yes, I'm ready to not be pregnant any more.

But am I ready for having a third baby?? I mean... yes, but I'm scared too!!

What do I think it is... well... last week I thought it was a boy.

But I have suddenly, for the first time this pregnancy, developed an intense craving... for 7UP.

Like I won't even eat all day, but I will down a glass of 7UP like a starved Chihuahua (I have no idea what that means... but it sounded good in my head).

And if you google old wives tales about what the sex of a baby is... it says citrus cravings equals girl.

So... maybe??

Other things on my mind... baby names.

We have chosen one for a boy and one for a girl... they are both unique enough to not be anywhere near the top 1000 names in the USA... but definitely not unheard of.

Spoiler alert... neither is too crazy. Sorry for you crazy name lovers (I'm really talking to myself here... damn Husband).

I will be sad not to use either one of them at this point because I am getting pretty attached to both.

Husband axed my number 1 name.

I'm thinking I will probably share it here after the baby is born... but at the off chance that he changes his mind when he sees me cut open... I'm keeping it under wraps for now.

Nursery wise... I 100% want one of these humongous cardboard letters that they sell at Jo-Ann Fabric.

I wanted one for each kid and I have no idea why I never got them one (except maybe because the closest Jo-Ann's is like, a freaking hour plus away)... so Baby #3 is getting one no matter freaking what.

Moving on, I love the idea of a nursery with owls like this guy... if it's a girl.

I love the chevron and polka dots and all things owls are totally my jam right now... trendy or not, white ceramic owls have my heart.

I'm thinking gray walls, adorable little sheets like these:

And big graphic chevron curtains like this...

Plus, she can grow into it and keep it in her big girl room in a few years.

Sidenote: Yes, Girlfriend is in a big girl room... yes one day eventually, I will share pictures.

If it's a boy I would love a nautical nursery.

But nothing too cutesy... I mean... one smiling whale is fine... but nothing too baby specific.

Think a whale from the decor section of TJ Maxx... rather than the baby section... know what I mean??

I would also love to do navy and white rugby curtains tied back with some big chunky nautical rope... ya know?

I would also love to make an anchor mobile for over the crib... I'm thinking navy, white, and kelly green for a boy nursery.

Since Husband was in the Navy...we have no shortage of cool pictures to put up on the walls... even still, I will def be DIYing my own version of this sweet little art here...

So cute right??

Of course, this is all a long way off since the baby will be in our room in our family cradle for a few months.

Other than that we are packed and ready to go.

Of course I have no idea when and if I will be able to get back around to blogging a birth story and announcing a name / sex... so please, if you don't already... follow me on instagram (@ourtinyplace) for the most up to date news on Baby #3!!

Thanks so much for all of the emails and sweet comments... I am so appreciative of all of the support.

Now if you could all come take turns entertaining my two year old while I nurse my newborn... I'd be so grateful.

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Wordless Wednesday....

It really doesn't get much better than this... I am so appreciative of this wonderful life.

He Said...

I have decided that the kids are infinitely funnier in the winter.

Maybe it's because we are stuck inside so much but man... these kids are cracking me up these days.

Boyfriend has decided that he wants to have a Halloween birthday party.

Even though his birthday is in May.

So the other day before his nap we are talking all about his Halloween / May birthday...

When he woke up he came flying into our bedroom and said, "Mom. I did yots of planning. I figured it all out."

I have to be honest: I didn't know what the heck we were even talking about or what a four year old could possibly have been planning for while he napped.

"I'll be Wolverine, Dad will be Beast. Girlfriend will be Batman, the cat will be Robin...and you will be Thor."

Ohhh, okay. We were talking about the Halloween Party again.

So I'm all:

"I know, I'm Thor because of my hair, right??"

"Yup..." he began... "But...."

He paused at this point and looked down, and then up at me again like he knew I just wouldn't understand.

"But... you're gonna have to show your dots."

Now I was stumped for real.

"Uhh... What do you mean, 'my dots'??"

"Well... you know those things under your bra?? Those two dot things? You need to show them."

Ohhh those dots.

"You can't wear your bra, you gotta take it off and show your dots... just yike Thor shows his. You'll look great!!"

How wonderful of my four year old to reassure me that it's totally fine to be topless at a birthday party, right??

How come every time Boyfriend asks for the whole family to dress up in costumes... everyone else puts on MORE clothes... and I end up having to show my nipples or wearing nothing but underwear!?!


Seriously Long Seasonal Snippets 2013

So... Christmas is long gone, and I still haven't posted a single picture from our Holiday escapades.

I am becoming a terrible blogger.

We were lucky enough to spend Christmas Eve night in our own beds, and wake up to see that Santa had come to our own house.


Gone are the days of sleeping out with the kids for Christmas Eve... it really means so much to us that Santa comes to our own home, ya know??

BUT... Just because we were home for Christmas morning, doesn't mean we didn't run around like chickens with our heads cut off every other day of Christmas vacation.

We did.

Oh God did we.

People... HELLO... having a four year old and a two year old and being very pregnant at THE HOLIDAYS when every person on the planet is running around like a lunatic... is hard work!!!

We decided that next year we will open our home for one or two days and say, "If you'd like to come, eat, relax, give the kids presents, please come on these days."

If people can't make it, that's fine... they can always come another day, you know we have a "The door is always open," policy around here... but no presents will be allowed in our house after those two days have passed.

It may sound fresh, or ungrateful, but parenting two kids that have been receiving presents everyday for two weeks... is miserable.

By the time Christmas vacation ended, we were dealing with very expectant children, that were all but asking the lady at the grocery store for a present.

It was very frustrating.

Anyway, aside from running around like maniacs... we had a great holiday and were reminded daily just how blessed we truly are.

The kids, of course, got nine million presents. None of which was necessary.

Husband and I got typical grown up gifts... a new stainless steel microwave, a new mattress for Boyfriend's room, and a blue ray disc player... yay!!

Of course, true to the meaning of Christmas, our best gift didn't come in the form of something material wrapped in pretty paper...

It came in the form of wonderful news.

We found out that Husband and I will become an aunt and an uncle for the first time ever in 2014... which means the kids will have their first real live actual cousin!

(Sidenote: By "an actual cousin," I mean... one that isn't a dog, and one that isn't a 2nd, or 3rd, or once removed cousin. An actual 1st cousin!!! Yay!!!)

In between all of the chaos, we got a lot of family time and that's what it's all about... right??

So, now that you've read through all of those boring details.... here are some crappy cell phone pictures and more boring details... of what the Holidays looked like at Our Tiny Place.
First up was the Santa Train ride that we took with my parents and sister in early December... the kids got all decked out for the big day and pretty much killed us all with cuteness.

We are so grateful to my parents for buying us and the kids tickets to ride the Polar Express and meet Santa and the Elves in REAL YIFE OH MY GOD!

We also took some friends and their two year old son to our town's Christmas Village; which is pretty freaking amazing for the kiddos.

Although, I couldn't get a single good shot of the kids because they were running around like maniacs because... Hello, WE'RE AT THE NORTH POLE!!!

From the North Pole we headed to a family party and Girlfriend wore this amazing pink leopard fur coat... 

I know... the cute slash ridiculous combo is killer.

Christmas Eve we made cookies for Santa, and put out carrots and hot dogs for the reindeer.

Not sure why Boyfriend thinks that reindeer eat hot dogs, but we've been putting them out since he was two, so it just seems natural to do it every year now.

We ended the night with Husband reading the kids, "The Night Before Christmas," which is what my dad did for us every year of my life.

After the kids went to bed, Husband built toys and wrapped presents, while I directed him as to who got what and what pile went were.

Thank God I was totally done shopping by October because number 1, our kitchen leak situation left us totally strapped at Christmas, and number 2, I was really starting to feel the fatigue of being pregnant and running around at the Holidays.

So lucky for me, I got to relax and watch Husband put it altogether to make a wonderland for the Dolls.

Christmas Morning was everything it is supposed to be... andplusalso... WE GOT TO RELAX AND PLAY AFTER.

No running around!!! It was GLOOOORRRRIOUS.

It was a long Holiday... with not much down time, and a lot of presents, laughs, and chaos.

The temperatures were verrrrry low and by the time Boyfriend went back to school we all had cabin fever and were ready for Christmas to end.

We've had a few short weeks of down time, and baby prep... next up... adding another crazy kid to the mix!!

Eight days and counting!!!


Easy Wood Ornaments 2013

Every year I make ornaments with the kids, and let them give them out to their Grandparents, or Aunts and Uncles.

This year was no exception and even though Christmas is way, waaay over... I thought these guys were still worth mentioning.

Maybe you could book mark these for next year, or... make them for Valentine's Day, St. Patty's Day... heck even a favor for a bridal shower.

The first thing we did was ask a neighbor for a very round piece of firewood.

Then Husband chopped that baby up for me.

Next I handed the kids the paints and brushes and let them go to town... that was pretty much it.

I kicked my Type A, control freak personality to the curb and let the kids just go nuts with the paints and make whatever they thought looked beautiful.

In case you were wondering, Boyfriend was the, "Less is More," painter and Girlfriend, of course, was the, "More is More," painter.

These were so super easy to make, and FREE!!

The wood was free, we had the tools, and even the ribbon that I strung them with was from my own stash.

I am already thinking of other ways that I can do this project so that it's a little less rustic-y.

Maybe with some drift wood??

I used paint and sharpie to come up with a few designs of my own.


Unfortunately, I never actually took a picture of these puppies after Husband drilled the holes and I hung them on the tree with care.... so use your imagination.

I even made one for Baby #3, with the expected due date on the back, because... Hello, at this point the kid doesn't have much of a baby book ... so the least I could do was give it an ornament.

Even Husband got in on the action with this one, which is my favorite.

Each of us used a different color to just spatter our fingertip all over the top... so it's got a little bit of all of us on it.

Love that.

This Christmas Tree was done with Green Sharpie and then I covered it with some glittery paint... nothing fancy, but that's part of the charm, ya know???

 I wrote a little note on the back of each one... some said who made them, or the date.

The one with the fingertips said, "Family Fingertips," another had a snowman smiling at the sky and said, "IT'S SNOWING!" (it was)... I pretty much wrote whatever I wanted, not really caring if it was Christmasy, or sounded perfect.

The idea was to help me remember that day years from now.

I am a sucker for that.

If having a blog and taking a picture of my son every single morning before school didn't already give that fact away.


My Best Advice for New Moms

It's easy to get caught up with all the needs that our babies have... but if we don't take care of ourselves, mind, body, and spirit... then what good are we to others??

Ya know??

With that in mind, I am a HUGE advocate of having Mom friends.

I hear from a lot of my friends who are new to Motherhood, and even some readers, that don't really know what to do with their kids, don't know how to entertain them and are going nuts in the house.

I totally get that thinking because I basically laid on the couch with Boyfriend until he was 9 months old... and then realized I had no friends and no idea how to be a parent outside of relaxing.

So, being that we are about to have #3 pop out, I have been thinking about what kind of advice I would give to a new Mom... and this is it:

Make Mom friends.

Specifically, these three:

The one with a lot of kids.
The one who parents like you.
The one who doesn't parent like you.

My friend Chris is my friend with a lot of kids.

Four to be exact. Ranging in age from 16 to 1. Plus she's only 34. And they all have the same parents. I KNOW.

Having a friend like Chris, means always having a secret weapon in my back pocket. Here's the thing about women with a lot of kids:


They have been through EVERY LAST THING EVER... and are always, always, always down to help.

AND.... they will always offer to watch your kids, because really??? What's one more when you have four? Right??

I also think it's pretty much essential to have a friend that parents like you.

And by that I mean... if you're a Stay at Home Mom, find another Stay at Home Mom friend... or if you are a teacher, find another teacher friend.

There is safety in numbers, and understanding as far as I'm concerned.

If it's midterms and you are feeling guilty about grading papers and not getting to spend time with your baby... chances are there is another Mom slash teacher that is too. Ya know??

Find a friend that lives and parents like you.

My friend Jen is that person for me.

Any time I need to get out of the house because the kids need some air, she is right there with me... needing air too.

It's so nice to have someone that also stays home and totally gets that my entire day depends on the moods of two tiny humans.

I never feel like I have to explain myself, she spends all her waking minutes with her child too, so she understands that it's a tough and wonderful job.

The last type of Mom that I think we should all be friends with, is someone that parents a little different from us.

Working Moms inspire me... I would love to have a job again one day.

First of all, I am in awe of them.

How the Hell do you take care of toddlers, work, and have a clean house?? HOW!?!?

I have a lot of Working Mom friends that I admire from afar.

My friend Amy is a teacher and runs the whole show at her house...

My friend Colleen started her own event planning business and still has time to raise a toddler.

My friend Kim has some big job that I don't understand, she travels a lot, speaks business language and has 3 normal, beautiful children too.

I don't know how you women do it... but I am happy to know that it can be done.

I am big on having an open mind... and aspire to be like these women one day... making it work with a job and a home.

Something happens to first time Moms... they decide the only way to do things is their way.

Only breast feed, only formula, only natural birth, only day care, only stay at home.

It's usually not until that second kid rolls around that you realize there is more than one way to eat a Reese's so to speak.

The truth is... Moms need other Moms... we are all in this together!!

My last piece of advice for new Moms... would be... call your Mom and say thank you.

And also?? Apologize.

Or maybe it's not your Mom... maybe your Dad or Grandma or Aunt raised you.

Whoever it was... say thank you.

There is going to come a time when your child is bouncing eggs off the floor and you're going to realize that your Mom is actually a Saint.

For me it happened two weeks ago when I had the flu, and had no one to help me.

I was 36 weeks pregnant, puking, and dealing with every single thing alone.

I called my Mom and told her I was sorry. I never understood how hard being a Mom is, and I never gave my Mom enough credit.

So one day... when everything seems tough... call whoever raised you and tell them that you are sorry, and thank them...

It will make their life.

Now go out and find some Mom friends so you can start yours.


He Said....

Boyfriend is learning to rhyme at school.

I know... he is four going on twelve I think.

I took the kids to a family Christmas party a few weeks back and he asked me to quiz him on some rhyming words on the long car ride.

I began... "Hike..."

And he replied.... "Bike."

I continued... "Hill..."

And he answered... "Bill."

We went on this way for a little while until I came to, "Cat."

Boyfriend responded, "Hat."

I decided to push him a little bit and said... "Can you tell me anything else that rhymes with cat??"

And he was all.. "Nope. Just hat."

And I'm like... "Well, how about a word that starts with the F sound ... and I don't like you to say it."

He looked at me in the rear view mirror kind of curiously... like... "Is this a trick??"

I reassured him, "It's okay, Bud... just this once I don't mind if you say it because it rhymes with cat."

And he was all... "Fuck?? Fuck Mom?? I didn't know that fuck and cat rhyme. Do they?"

It got worse before it got better... lots of sounding out in the back seat... which was totally drowning out my cries of no! No! Shh! Stop!

He was all.. "Cccc-aaaa-ttt... f---uuu-cccc--kkk."

When he finally stopped talking I quietly said... "Hey Bud... I'm not mad, but the word was FAT. Fat and cat rhyme Bud."

I could see the light bulb go off in his head when I said it....

"Ohhhhhh.... fat and cat!!! Of course!! But you don't like when I say fuck either right, Mom??"

I couldn't help but laugh, he just had to add it in there one last time.


Long Overdue Pre-School Update

Over a month ago I had a Parent Teacher Conference at Boyfriend's school.... and I am just now sitting down to write about it.

I'm a terrible blogger, I know.

But.... what I learned at Boyfriend's conference, is that as it turns out, I am not a terrible Mother.

Terrible blogger yes, terrible mother, no! Phew!!

His teachers told me that he is doing fantastic with his writing and really gets super over the top excited about every new thing that he gets to write or do... wonder where he gets that from??

The most important thing that they told me is that Boyfriend is the most sensitive and observant child in his class.

They said that he notices everything (he gets that from his Dad) and that if someone is upset, Boyfriend gets very concerned and nervous that they aren't okay.

They said he always wants everyone in the room to be happy... he gets that from me.

I LOVED meeting with his teachers and hearing about what Boyfriend does when I'm not around.

I am so so happy he doesn't swear, or put his hands on anyone, or do anything disgusting that could embarrass me.

I told my friend Kim about Boyfriend's Parent Teacher Conference, I didn't tell her every single detail until she told me that she has never been to a Conference that didn't almost make her cry.

That's when I fessed up that I was near tears the whole time!

I kept telling myself to pull my shit together but Number 1, I felt like I was in trouble with two teachers on one side of a table and me on the other and Number 2... they said so many wonderful things about my baby boy... I just couldn't help myself!

So if you haven't been to a Parent Teacher Conference yet, word on the street is that it's okay to cry... fyi.

Other than that, Boyfriend has been a trooper about me taking his picture for school... he doesn't even complain anymore (knock on wood).

Some of the shots are super shitty quality because I am trying to get the frig out the door on time for school... but I don't care... they're all going in a book at the end of the year anyway.

Until then... they go here, and I get to look at all the weird things that my Boyfriend holds in his hand for his pictures (did anyone spot the Ninja Turtle with no head??).

Plus I'll get to remember what he wore to school for Pajama Day, and when he met Santa.

All vital things to keep close to my heart for when he gets on a bus the first time and I hang onto the bumper for dear life.

This weekend we will pack up the whole crew (as long as I don't have a baby before then) and head to his Kindergarten Orientation Fair.

I think I'll start crying.... now.

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