When It Rains, It Pours... Part 1

We have been having some pretty bad luck lately.

It all started when I found a stainless steel fridge that we did not need on Craigslist.

It was only $400, and we rationalized that we would be able to sell our current white one for about $150-$200, making the new one totally affordable and a great deal.

So then we pulled out our fridge to measure it and found out that the new-to-us Craigslist fridge would be too big.

So we pushed our white boy fridge back into place and forgot the whole new fridge idea.

Until it died... the next day.


I swear that fridge heard me talking about getting rid of it and just decided that she had had enough and decided to commit suicide... cause she was dead within 24 hours of us measuring her.

So now we couldn't buy the too big new-to-us fridge and we couldn't sell our broken white boy fridge... so we ended up spending $800 plus on a beautiful stainless steel fridge that was half off because it had a teeny tiny knick on the handle (I can't see it unless I'm all up on it..score.).

So Husband goes to buy this new fridge and decides that even though our space is 67 1/2 inches tall, he will buy a 68 inch fridge and take the wheels off, and all would be right in our fridge-less world.

Not so in fact, just... not... so.

Thank God for our friends Matt and Erin... and my dad, who helped Husband get the fridge in his truck and drag it home.

The fridge was in our house thirty second when we found out that taking the wheels off would not do shit.

Matt and Husband were like a regular reality show trying to cram that fridge into it's spot... Husband was pissed and cranky and trying to crow bar shit, and Matt was laughing cause it wasn't his freaking house so it was funny to him.

And Erin, (who is pregnant and due 6 weeks before me)... and myself couldn't even freaking walk in the kitchen because there were two freaking fridges (the dead one and the new one), two men, two kids... and no room for two giant baby bellies.

Oh yeh... And there were power tools.

Of course. Fucking Men don't think anything through.... just... "Oh it doesn't fit, let's cut shit up."

Husband decided that he should cut the cabinet, and notched out these fancy (not) slices in it, in order to eventually just pop off a long piece.

But then I came in and was all... "Why don't you just unscrew it, flip that shit over, and push it up a little bit higher??"

And Husband stared at me for a second with his mouth open before saying : "I think that might be the smartest thing that you've said in your entire life."

Um, thanks??

So in the end, to make the fridge fit... we had to not only take off the wheels, and waste time cutting a cabinet for no reason, but also flip and raise said cabinet up an inch or so.

BUT... it was all worth it. 

We are THRILLLLLLED with our new fridge, which obviously has a ton more space since it is ginormous.

And, although Girlfriend does go into the freezer, every single day, it's not nearly as bad as I expected... I mean, she hasn't tried to eat anything frozen yet so... that's good.

Someone please come paint our cabinets white. For free. Please. Also? Don't tell my Husband I asked you to do it.

You might be thinking that although this fridge saga this seems annoying, it's not actually all the bad...

Just wait... these, "When It Rains It Pours," posts... won't stop anytime soon... there's been a lot going on around here.... and dare I say, more ridiculous than ever.

Stay tuned.

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