She Said...

Girlfriend has been potty trained for more than 6 months already... but I am still kinda scared to let her wipe herself.

We talk about it... but I just think she won't do a good job and might give herself some sort of disgusting infection by doing it the wrong way.

Sorry, is this TMI??

Anyway... so when she goes to the bathroom, #1 or #2... she calls to us and we go wipe her.

So the other night, I get her into the bathroom, and I walk down the hall to do something else.

Before I can get back to the bathroom, there she is by my side... all done and ready to play.

This is not right, I think to myself.

Me: "Um... what are you doing?? Get back on that potty. Who wiped you?"

Her: "Oh, I wiped myself." She says this as she shrugs her shoulders and looks at me completely disinterested like... "Duh Mom... I got this."

Me: "No way Missy, pants off... back to the potty... I'm wiping you, let's go."

She follows me like a little duck and doesn't say much... she gets into the bathroom and drops her pants to her ankles.

I reach for the toilet paper and realize... there is none.


Me: "Wait a minute, there's no toilet paper. How did you wipe yourself if there's no toilet paper??"

Her, shrugging again: "Oh, I used Daddy's tooth brush."

She says this and looks me dead in the face as if this is the most appropriate answer and not the most ridiculous and nasty thing I have ever heard in my life.

Lucky for Husband, and all of us... the toothbrush was actually nowhere within Girlfriend's reach.

So although she may not be disgusting, she is, apparently, a liar.


  1. I am sitting at work, not working... and literally laughing out loud at this! Your kids are too cute!

    1. Thank you! I love that you are spending your time not working on my blog!

  2. Funny! My son doesn't always get everything clean after a #2 so I just say, "I need to check your butt!" and its about 50/50 if he cleaned up well or I need to get a wet wipe. Maybe try that with her so she can still do it herself?

    1. We do that too! A second check, courtesy wipe is just plain easier on the wallet! Who wants to be buying new undies all the time?!

  3. Omg she is trouble haha. I'm glad it was a lie!

  4. My daughter is almost 4 and I don't trust her to wipe #2! and when she calls us in its always "mom come wipe my buuuttt!!"

    1. It's the whole directional wiping thing with girls that scares me!

  5. busting up over here! toooooooo funny!!! thanks for the laugh.

  6. Again - literally laughing out loud!


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