Matilda Jane Giveaway & Review

Matilda Jane really got me this time.

They sent my Girlfriend three pieces from their Paint By Numbers line...

The Stippling Tee, the Turtledove Knot Top, and the Gallery Leggings.... and they are A-DOOOOR-ABLE (Oprah voice).

Because Matilda Jane Clothing is so unique and colorful (much like my Girlfriend)... we could pretty much match these three pieces to just about anything in Girlfriend's closet.

But... Girlfriend is two so I wasn't about to ask her to change her outfit twenty seven times to show you all the things that you can do with these pieces... so just use your imagination, mmkayy?

Color me NOT SURPRISED that Girlfriend was eating the ornaments while I took these shots.

As far as sizing goes, I would say Matilda Jane runs really true.

Girlfriend wears a 3T regularly and this outfit is a 4T... it ran a little bit and we will def get another year out of it.

Everything fit her except the pants which were way too long, so I put her in a pair of Gap sparkly, lacy leggings instead.

As far as the quality of the Matilda Jane dress and top... it is really, really good.

They are extra thick and sturdy (can you use that word when describing clothes?)... meaning they will stand the test of my Girlfriend putting them through the ringer (she plays hard).

That long sleeved t-shirt that Girlfriend is wearing didn't even get all stretchy and thin after I washed it... which happens to 99% of the Target brand stuff I buy her (just keepin' it real).

I also love that the Turtledove Knot Top can just be knotted off.... no buttons to lose!!

There is also a cute tie on the back... so this piece leaves room to grow into.

My favorite kind!

Since my kids grow like weeds and are both off the charts for height (Um, I am 5'1 so I have no idea where that came from)... I love that this piece can be adjusted over time and is built to outlast other toddler pieces.

Plus, seriously... she looks adorable in it.

Now for the good part...

If you're still looking for a good gift to give a certain trendy lady... how about a $50 Matilda Jane gift card??

Matilda Jane carries more than just toddler clothes, they run right up to Women's sizes!!

And just like their itty bitty clothes, their bigger clothes are just as unique!

Fill out the Rafflecopter Giveaway below for your chance to win... good luck!

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  1. Love your blog! Thanks for the entertainment! :)

  2. I love your blog so much! It always makes me smile even when I am having such a horrible day like today. There is no way to ever narrow down which blog post is my favorite...though I have to say that lately the ones regarding your daughter swearing and eating strange things make me laugh so much I re-read them.

  3. My favorite story is when lovebug pulled his sweet little pants down while you were shopping and just did his business right there and there and there.

  4. My favorite is the Halloween costume superheros from this year!


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