He Said...

I caught Boyfriend looking sad this morning, which is impossible because the kid just got spoiled with nine million toys yesterday.

So I'm like... "Hey man, what's up?"

And he's all... "I'm sad Mom, we forgot to go Christmas Caroling on Christmas Eve."

Apparently in Boyfriend's four year old brain, all the things that happen in Elf, must happen in real life.

And since the entire city of New York has a sing along on Christmas Eve in Elf, we should do it too.

Not that we have ever gone Christmas Caroling on Christmas Eve before mind you... but he was sad all the same.

So I'm like, "Aw, you know what Bud... next year we can have a Christmas Eve party and go Christmas Caroling if you want... no problem!"

And he's all: "Really Mom?!?!"

And I'm like... "Yeh Bud, we can ask all our friends, and we can have a big dinner, and sing songs..."

And he's all... "Yeh! And drink beer! And shoot guns!"

What the???

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