Two Year Olds Are Crazy

If I have said it once, I've said it a thousand times... two year olds are like drunk people... you just don't know what is going to come next!!

They are messy, sloppy, loud, affectionate, have ridiculous fears, are overly brave... they often have food on their faces and their hair is a mess... they slur their words and only make sense 50% of the time.... right??

Two year olds and drunk people are kinda one and the same.

So what's the latest with my two year old??

Well aside from loving her playgroup school so so much (the girl is pretty much the Mayor and sings a mean, "Ring Around the Rosy")... my Girlfriend has developed a couple new fears.

It started at my Father in Law's house... he has a toilet seat in his bathroom that isn't a full circle, you know the kind that is open in the center?

Girlfriend was petrified and had never seen anything like it. She begged me to, "close it! make it tight!".. before she'd use it.

Weird, I know.

Since then she has seen this same kind of toilet seat in numerous public bathrooms and she would pretty much rather hold it and have her eyes turn yellow before using one to pee.

She is convinced that she will fall in, even though I am holding on to her and she is holding on to me, for dear life.

If you happened to be in a stall near us in a public restroom you might hear me say, "It's fine! You wont fall in! Just hold on to Mommy's legs... hold on tight, don't lean back and you'll be fine!"

It's my new normal; coaxing someone to sit down on the toilet. No big deal.

What else is she afraid of??

Like toilet seats aren't bad enough??

Oh nothing big, just SANTA and CHRISTMAS TREES.

She freaks out every time we tell her we are getting a tree... which we are... on Saturday... so she's got three days to get the frig over it cause Mama is obsessed with Christmas.

What else??

Oh yeh she told me she hates me today.

That was lovely.

And something that my Boyfriend has NEVER done.

Actually... the second she said it he was all, "Well I love you Mom."

Aside from hating me (she doesn't even know what that means), she loves all sorts of art, and her brother, her brother, her brother.

We have begun the task of starting a big girl room but dear God it is going terribly and everything little thing that can go wrong is going wrong... so let's hope she stays put in her crib for a few more weeks.

Girlfriend is my biggest fear as far as the new baby is concerned.

She is totally hands on and in your face with her love... she just can't get enough of anyone (except when she is telling them she hates them)... so I am a leeeetle scared that she will attempt to eat and or throw the baby.

We have less than eight weeks to continue working with her on our baby important lessons, "YOU ONLY HOLD A BABY WITH A GROWN UP...." hopefully that's enough time!!


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  1. I thought we would have a magical experience putting our tree up, and my babe started screaming and was terrified of it too haha. Not what I had envisioned..


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