School Days Project Update

It is the almost the middle of November and my Boyfriend is still being such a good sport about me taking his picture every morning before school.

Luckily, school is only 3 days a week... so he doesn't get too bored of it.

This will be the only year of his life that this will happen, so I'm really trying to get him to stick it out.

Next year, I will 100% do this with my Girlfriend, who is often jealous and tries to stand with her brother for the pictures.

To be honest, I really wish I had taken her picture every morning before school too... even though she doesn't go to school... because she is the one who is changing really fast right now.

Plus some mornings she insists on choosing her own shoes, or shirt, or pants and she ends up looking like a crazy little unicorn.... it would have been nice to have a montage of that.

Case in point:

I know... what a ridiculous little lamb chop she is... she kills me.

It's gotten pretty chilly here lately so I just moved our pictures indoors... seriously, I have no idea why I didn't do this sooner.

Not because it's cold out (it is)... but because Boyfriend was kiiiinda over the whole picture before school thing when I was doing it outside.

Everyday I was kinda sort begging him, or acting like a clown to get any sort of reaction at all.

But moving indoors has made all the difference.

Boyfriend is super duper excited and happy and goes and stands right in his spot every day before school, willingly, without being asked!

I also started using my real camera since we are inside, and I think he likes that something other than a phone is being pointed at him.

I think the kids hate phones... as they should, ya know?

So here is our updated school days project... which will definitely without question... become a book at the end of the year.

One that I will keep in my pocket and cry into when Boyfriend goes to Kindergarten next year.

Uggghhhh... hate that K-word.

I want to keep him like this forever!

And.... because a few people have asked... no, I don't dress him up on days that he doesn't have school.

Not really.

He wears regular t-shirts with cartoon characters on them on off days.

Or if they ask, I'll pull a page out of my Mom's handbook and let them just pick out their own clothes and wear whatever the Heck they want.

Which explains days like this:


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  1. What a fun project! I am certain you will treasure that for years to come.


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