Pandora Changed Our Lives

I'm not much for giving out parenting tips... I kinda feel like unless someone blatantly asks, you should keep your mouth shut.

But because this doesn't involve anything personal, I'm gonna go ahead and throw this one out there and hope that maybe it can change your life like it has changed ours.

Of course, in order for it to change your life, you would need to be a part of the rare breed of parents that doesn't allow their kids to use technology in the car.

So.... is there anyone out there besides us??

It's true, we make our kids actually look out the window, read books, play with small toys, and listen to music in the car.

We don't hand them games... and only let them watch movies for long rides.

Call us bad parents, but we turned out fine and no one handed us any sort of technology when we were kids ya know??

Okay, just lemme step down from this here soap box... okay here we go... what changed our car rides for the better is Pandora Children's Radio.

Our Girlfriend would literally SCREAM if she were in the car for more than ten minutes.


She basically had us all feeling like prisoners in our own home and we couldn't even go ANYWHERE without her having a meltdown.

It was a disaster... and having to stay calm while she went buck wild?? SUCKED.

We would show up places and I would look like a maniac because I had been trying to focus on the road, and Boyfriend's non-stop questions, while Girlfriend sounded like a damn waaaaaaaahmmm-bulance.

Driving with both kids, alone, any distance, was by far the most stressful part of my day.

Out of desperation, and because I had tried everything else, I decided to try Raffi Children's Radio on Pandora.... and then the clouds opened, and the angels sang....

Because my Girlfriend stopped screaming, and started singing... happily!!!

And now, two months later... she is still smiling and clapping and asks daily for, "her music."

Why do we love Children's Radio on Pandora??

First of all, it's always different and it's actually good!

Like Husband and I sing along.... I mean not to every song, but there are good artists and new versions and funny quirky lyrics and the whole family stays interested!!

I know, it sounds like I'm selling it or something, but if you have a child who doesn't travel well, then you get how exciting it can be to find something that allows you to merge without having someone screaming bloody murder in the back seat.

Try it... you'll be happy you did!

You're welcome! 

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  1. Amen, mama! (to the no/minimal technology bit). Good for you, your kids will thank you later for standing your ground. And/or they'll just be smarter, more observant and creative...which I think is better than a thank you. And great tip! I'll keep that in mind as my little one grows.


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