My Very Own Shadow

Getting stuff done with my Girlfriend around is nearly impossible.

She has no interest in TV and isn't big on playing by herself just yet... and ya'll know I can't let her out of my sight for five seconds.

We go to Playgroup and Reading Group and the Library and playdates and the park... but once in awhile... I need to spend some time at home, taking care of our house!

And the truth is, once we set foot in our house, all she wants to do is follow me around and eat random inedible things.

Which is totally fine, but... I need to get some stuff done if I'm going to be ready for this baby to show up in January, ya know??

A few weeks ago, thank the Lord, I found a loop hole to my Girlfriend's shadow-y business... and it IS WORKING.

Or should I say... she is working.

Turns out Girlfriend doesn't care what we are doing as long as we are doing it together... even, cleaning!!!

I wash... she dries.

I wipe down counters, and I give her a rag and she wipes down walls!!

I mop the floor, and then unplug the mop and let her pretend to mop too!

I sweep the floors and she LOVES to hold the dust pan and dump it herself in the trash.

She is Miss Independent and so so proud of herself for helping her Mama.

It is adorable and try as I might, sometimes I have to stop what I'm doing to squeeze her cause she is just too much... I seriously can't get enough of her.

Watching her mop... I die of cuteness overload. I die!

Plus... she is actually enjoying herself and asks everyday if it's time for us to clean together!!!

I know that this will probably be short lived... so I'm enjoying every second of the togetherness, and HELP!! while I can.

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  1. she sounds just like my daughter at that age


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