He Said...

This is one of those times when no matter how hard I tried... I couldn't not laugh.

The kids were talking to my belly and trying to feel the baby kick when I asked Boyfriend, "What are you going to teach the baby about our family?? What does it need to know??"

And he was all: "We snuggle every morning in Mom and Dad's bed."

And I'm like... "Yeh... and??"

And he's like... "We always say, "Please and Thank you... we are all a team..."

And I'm all... "Anything else?"

And he's all... (face pushed up against my belly button), "We don't say, 'Shut up."

I crack a small smile because I understand what he is doing but he knows he isn't supposed to say it when he decides to continue... and drops a bomb.

Not just any bomb.

An f-bomb.

Through my belly button, which we all know is like a sibling phone connecting the outside world to the baby's little drums.

"And we don't say fuggin.... or damn it..... or fuggin damn it."

And that is why we will probably win Parent's of the Year.

Because our four year old understands that although you can say 'fuggin', and you can say 'damn it', and you can put them together and say 'fuggin' damn it'..... you should never actually say any of those words at all.


  1. Lol.. at least he knows, sort of :p I love the minds of children.

  2. Hahaha, leave it to Lovebug to teach your unborn child it's first curse words. That baby is going to come out of the womb dropping f bombs if big brother has anything to do with it. ;)

    By the way, I think you're having another boy. :) I saw a little boy at the park who reminded me of Lovebug, though he was about 8 years old. He looked like him, and had a little sister a couple years younger and then him, and a baby brother a couple years younger than her. It was the absolute cutest thing watching the three of them play and look after each other and I couldn't help but think of you all and smile.

  3. LOL! Classic. Your kids are a fuggin' riot! I love your "what they said" shares :)


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