Halloween with Hunny

Boyfriend woke up one day and decided that he had to have a special day with his grandmother, "Hunny," in order to prepare for Halloween.

Boyfriend refers to himself as the Halloween King, which naturally makes Hunny, the Halloween Queen.

It really is ridiculous how much the two of them love Halloween... they are kindred spirits in that way.

So Hunny came to visit one day and brought with her a scare crow that she made for our porch, a skeleton for our roof, a craft for the kids to do... along with some spooky decor for around the house.

 She went all out and the kids loved it.

Boyfriend, Girlfriend and Hunny set about decorating my house for Halloween and I sat back and took a few pictures.

When they were done HGTVing our house Hunny took the kid's to the Halloween Store down the street where she let them each pick out their own costume.

Girlfriend jumped right in and pushed every scary button in sight, while Boyfriend was happy to hang back and let her do it.

Hunny was well prepared for her day Halloween-ing with the kids and they absolutely loved it.

Now that Halloween has come and gone, and I have de-Halloweened our home, the kids are already asking when the next Halloween with Hunny day is... and when they can go trick or treating again (like they don't have enough candy already!).

Unfortunately days like that where people come and do something really special with the kids at our house are few and far in between because life happens and the kids have activities and school and we live an hour from family...

But the rarity of special occasion days like Halloween with Hunny, is what makes them so very special to us all.

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