You Know That Sound That Snooki Makes??

...When she's like WAAAHHHHHHHH...

Well for the first time in my life, I wanted to make that noise today.

To give you a little background on this story, I must remind you that I am pregnant from my eyebrows to my knee caps... I am a caramel apple... and my boobs are the most pregnant part of me.

Okay, here we go....

Boyfriend had just woken up and climbed into our bed for his morning nugs (snuggles).

He was laying next to me and we were talking about what we were going to do all day when he interrupted me and said...

"Hey Mom...uh... your bo-bo's (Girlfriend's term for boobs)... are getting kinda round and fat."

Insert sad face and Snooki noise here.

Like I'm not aware how big my bo-bo's are getting, I really need my four year old to point out how round they are.

I'm all... "Doll, you know we don't say 'fat' in this house... it's a bad word.**"

And he's all... "Okay. Well then what word can I say that means really, REALLY big??"

From the mouths of babes.

Precious, isn't he??

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**Yes, it's true, we are teaching our kids that,"Fat," is a bad word. I don't believe in commenting on other people's bodies in a negative way, nor do I think that someone else's body issues should be the topic of conversation. And I am trying to raise our kid's to believe the same.

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