She Said (to a Berry)

Girlfriend is 100% a free spirit.

She says what she feels and loves what she loves; wholeheartedly.. all the time.

Even, when that thing that she loves, is a berry.

When Girlfriend saw these berries on the way into Playgroup last week... she had to have one for her own.

She is such a little Mommy.

She cradled it...

Pet it...

Held it close... and showed it off....

And then gave it a kiss and proclaimed:

"Oooooo you're so cute! I'm gonna take you home and nug* you on the couch!"

Wanting to nuggle* the berry on the couch lasted about 5 minutes into our ride.

And then she got hungry... and decided it would be better to take a bite out of it instead.

Don't worry, it's not poisonous and she spit it out when she realized that it's disgusting to eat random berries.

**Girlfriend has referred to "snuggles," as "nuggles," since she was very young  And since Boyfriend gives everything a nickname,"snuggles," was eventually shortened to "snugs," and then when Girlfriend came along.. "snugs," became "nugs,"...  so it makes total sense to want to nug a berry. I mean... kinda. Well it made sense to me anyway.

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