School Days Project

Every morning before driving Boyfriend to school, I have been taking his picture.

I have no idea why... but it started with Day One, and then Day Two... and now here we are... on Day Twenty One.

I've learned a few things from this project thus far...

First off, my son wears a lot of stripes, and has a ton of clothes (thank you Hand Me Down fairies!!).

Second, if I let him hold a toy in his hand, he is much more excited to take a picture than if I don't.

Some days it is easy to get him to smile, and others... he pretty much has no desire to have a camera pointed in his face.

Which is totally 100% my fault.

But... I kinda love this project and am sad that pretty soon it'll get cold and his outfits will all look like a big honkin' winter coat and jeans.

Maybe I can move him indoors for his morning picture??

I think that these will be some of my most cherished pictures when he gets older.

Even with, and especially because of... the toys.

One day he won't even give dinosaurs and skeletons and Power Rangers a second glance... so I love that I will have all of these tiny snippets of his growing boy life.

I have to admit that I still have terrible anxiety about school, and all the dangers that go with attending it these days.

Isn't it sad that I just wrote that sentence??

School used to be the safest place to be... and now... well... it's not.

I'm sure I'm not alone, with all the craziness that goes on in our schools these days, I know that other parents are fearful too.

I think I should stop reading the News.

If I think about Kindergarten and the bus being just 10 months away, I am pretty sure that I could throw up. Like instantly.

I broached this subject recently with Husband and said... only half jokingly...

"I want to Home School the kids."

To which he responded, without so much as looking up from his sandwich....

"You're not smart enough."

That's the exact vote of confidence I was hoping for!

We had a good laugh over his dumb remark but agreed that school is a scary place right now... and that we are both pretty sad to send our little man off on his own next year.

Between the natural fears that all parent's have these days, and wanting to stop time in it's tracks....

I am pretty sentimental and sappy with my poor little guy.

I am a Mom Backpack when I drop him off, I hang on him and hug him and kiss him like a mad woman.

He is such a good sport about me being obsessed with him and never gets mad or shy or embarrassed when I harass him for extra kisses in front of his friends.

I am not sure if this project will last the whole year, I would love it too, but who knows??

For now I am enjoying hoarding these morning moments and watching him grow slowly and surely, into an adorable little man... right before my eyes.


  1. If he is like his cousin he will still kiss u till at least 1st grade in front of his friends. Then comes the hold ur hand up ill kiss u behind it time which thank god still continues even in 3rd grade. Send love.

  2. Hi Mama, Its a lovely compilation of images. Beautiful toddler you have. :)


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