Proud Mom Moment

I write a lot about all of the ridiculous things that happen to me in my day to day life with my two little maniacs...

But a lot of adorable, sweet stuff happens too.

And I'll be damned if I am not a lunatic about telling my kids just how much I love them and am obsessed with them... seriously... I have issues.

I pretty much just smother those kids with hugs and kisses and booty pinches every chance I get...

So you can imagine how I reacted when Boyfriend hit me in the face with my Proudest Mom Moment yet last week.

I think I just clung to him like a Mom backpack for a good five minutes before he was like:

"Enough Mom. Get Off Me. You are not yight."

Okay he didn't say that... but he did make me so proud that I almost squeezed his guts out.

A few Mom's had mentioned that there was a "Boy's Club," at school, that of course, no girls were allowed in.

I admitted that I hadn't heard about this club, and to be honest, I was kind of sad that their son's told them and mine hadn't told me.

When I asked my Boyfriend about it he simply said... "I never heard of a Boy's Club Mom... and I yike to play with the girls anyway."

Be still my big fat heart.

I told Boyfriend that I am pretty strict and firm on the fact that Clubs are bad news and everyone should be included... I went on to say, while we're at it... everyone plays, or no one plays.

We had a pretty long conversation about the so called, "Boy's Club," that apparently has claimed the tree house above the slide at school...

He let me know that one kid was more or less the ring leader and that he wasn't really into it, he'd rather just play with everyone.

Obviously, these are things that have been happening since the beginning of time.

There's always a club, and always a ring leader... but I saw an opportunity for a teaching moment.

And two days later when I picked him up from school, he gave me my Proudest Mom Moment Ever when he told me that when the ring leader kicked the girls out of the tree house that day, he simply said... "Wouldn't it be more fun if we all played together??"

And then...  "My mom says everyone plays or no one plays... it'll be more fun that way."

"Let's make a Boys AND Girls Club.. an EVERYBODY Club."

I think I smiled harder than I ever have in my life in that moment, and I also cried when I told Husband what he had said (damn hormones).

I have never been so proud of him in my life.

*Day 15 was Fire Safety Day, so you know our theme-y little man had to dress the part.

A few days later, his teacher took the chance to talk to me about Boyfriend's soap box moment as well.

She told me how mature he was... and that he really does like to play with the girls too.

(No surprise there, I swear the kid was flirting with nurses in the Hospital the day he was born.)

We talk a lot about not being a bully, telling grown ups if you see someone that needs help, and being a good friend.

It kind of comes with the territory of having a little sister that always wants to be included and I am so proud of my little future President of the United States of America.

I called him Mini Martin Luther King for awhile after he told me about his playground speech.

At one point, after I had been hugging him and gushing all over him for about twenty minutes I proclaimed...

"I can't believe it Bud!!! You really do listen to me!!"

To which he replied... "What???"

Okay soooo I can't win them all... but I'm proud anyway.

And, in honor of National Bullying Prevention Day (tomorrow!! October 9)... here is a few Public Service Announcements from the President to Be... and his crazy bird sister.

I love that the kids are still young enough to appreciate the advice of their Mother... so I'm laying it on thick while I still can.

It's never too early to start!

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