First Ever Mullet Cut

We broke down and got Girlfriend's haircut last week... it was a huge deal for us... who knows why exactly, but it was.

Husband even took the morning off of work to be there for her big day... it was only a few inches, but it was kind of sad all the same.

He kept touching Girlfriend's hair and saying, "This has been on you since you were born!"

Hair attachment issues aside... it was time.


She was pretty indifferent to us being emotional... as always... and was more excited about the fact that the salon had candy and magazines.

When it came time for her to actually get her hair cut... she did SO well... she just... sat there.

When my hairdresser was done she asked Girlfriend what she thought, and she said:

"Make it shorter."

Girlfriend really had her heart set on getting a haircut like her brother's... but let's be serious there was no way in Hell that we were going to let that happen.

She doesn't need freedom of expression, she's two.

What she needs... is to be able to see out her bangs, and not have a mullet slash rat tail running down her back.

Mission Accomplished.

Oh and... like you had to ask... yes, we saved her hair in an envelope and put it in her Baby Box like a bunch of weirdos.

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