Blog Break

Woops... it looks like I took an unscheduled blog break. Again.

It's not my fault.

It's my husband's.

Remember when I mentioned that he was gone ALL. SUMMER. LONG.... well, now he's home... and it is AWESOME!!!

Basically, Husband fixes a machine that breaks a lot in the summer months because it hates the heat (my words not his), but the machine does okay when it's cold... so that's when he is allowed to work from home.

Which means... at the end of the day, we have dinner together... we hang out, we play with the kids... we are a FAMILY.

And we are all freaking loving the time we are having together.


Husband gave up energy drinks!


One day I was all... "Tomorrow is your last day of Monsters," and he was like... "Okay. I'll quit."

And he did! Cold turkey!!

Aside from the fact that he is loving having a little more cash in his wallet... he is sleeping like a freaking champ.

So now I have a Husband who is home, and not up until 2 am... and... is functioning like a normal human being.

Instead of one that is commuting four hours each way to work.

Finally, after a long, long summer with Husband on the road and me trying to hold the whole world together by myself.... we are all together and it is so so wonderful.

Lately, I keep forgetting to blog, and keep remembering to love on my family.... but I'm cool with that, and I hope you are too.


She Said...

Sometimes my kids will repeat things that I say, and I can't help but be super duper proud.

Like the other day, when Girlfriend and I were nuggling in our bed first thing in the morning.

Husband rolled over, stretched and made a kind of morning / grunting / stretching-ish noise... before looking at Girlfriend.

Who instantly put him on blast when she said...

"Daddy. No whining in this house. Pull it together."

That's my girl!


The Post Office... aka... There Is No Such Thing As Being Efficient With a Toddler

My go-to Post Office is on a pretty busy road, with no parking lot.

Before Kids.... I would park on the street, run in, mail my two packages, and be back in the car in five minutes.

Now that I am a Mom, and safety is first and being time efficient is second... well....

I took my Girlfriend to the Post Office.

I gave the street a quick survey and realized that there was pretty much no safe way to get Girlfriend out of her seat and into the Post Office without getting hit by a car.

I decided instead to park in the parking lot at the Bakery next door.

While parking, I notice that Bakery has a mean and angry sign that says they will tow my car with a quickness.

I decide to go into the Bakery and buy Girlfriend a brownie so that no one will tow my car while I am mailing packages.

I ask the Girl at the counter if it is okay to leave my car in their lot while I mail my stuff next door.

She looks at me, my Girlfriend, and her half eaten brownie and says, "Sure."

I quickly grab Girlfriend's hand and walk out the parking lot...

And Girlfriend drags me back to the door so she can say, "Hi," to a bear statue.

I drag her back towards the Post Office where we proceed to walk up the steps...

We are almost at the top of 10 steps when Girlfriend decides that she must jump up the steps instead...

She goes back down three steps.

I wait and watch and try not to treat her like an inconvenience but come the frig on already with the jumping kid.

We finally get into Post Office.

I look down and notice that my Girlfriend is covered in brownie.

I dig deep into my purse (aka the black hole of kid things), find a Kleenex, and wipe Girlfriend's face.

We get in line.

Girlfriend decides that now is a good time to pet the Recycling Bin and introduce herself to every person in line.

We get to Counter, and mail the packages in no time at all.

We head out the door and I watch Girlfriend jump down every step... slooowwwwllly.

We stop so she can pet the big blue Mailbox.

She gets all flaily when I say no, she can not stick her head into the mailbox to look inside.

We make it to the car without any other interruptions... except now Girlfriend wants to hang off the door handle like a monkey.

I pry Girlfriend's tiny digits from the handle, open the car, and get her into her seat.

I get in... buckle up... turn on Raffi Pandora and sigh.

Damn it I wish I had a brownie.

Total time Elapsed to mail two packages.. 22 minutes.


School Days Project

Every morning before driving Boyfriend to school, I have been taking his picture.

I have no idea why... but it started with Day One, and then Day Two... and now here we are... on Day Twenty One.

I've learned a few things from this project thus far...

First off, my son wears a lot of stripes, and has a ton of clothes (thank you Hand Me Down fairies!!).

Second, if I let him hold a toy in his hand, he is much more excited to take a picture than if I don't.

Some days it is easy to get him to smile, and others... he pretty much has no desire to have a camera pointed in his face.

Which is totally 100% my fault.

But... I kinda love this project and am sad that pretty soon it'll get cold and his outfits will all look like a big honkin' winter coat and jeans.

Maybe I can move him indoors for his morning picture??

I think that these will be some of my most cherished pictures when he gets older.

Even with, and especially because of... the toys.

One day he won't even give dinosaurs and skeletons and Power Rangers a second glance... so I love that I will have all of these tiny snippets of his growing boy life.

I have to admit that I still have terrible anxiety about school, and all the dangers that go with attending it these days.

Isn't it sad that I just wrote that sentence??

School used to be the safest place to be... and now... well... it's not.

I'm sure I'm not alone, with all the craziness that goes on in our schools these days, I know that other parents are fearful too.

I think I should stop reading the News.

If I think about Kindergarten and the bus being just 10 months away, I am pretty sure that I could throw up. Like instantly.

I broached this subject recently with Husband and said... only half jokingly...

"I want to Home School the kids."

To which he responded, without so much as looking up from his sandwich....

"You're not smart enough."

That's the exact vote of confidence I was hoping for!

We had a good laugh over his dumb remark but agreed that school is a scary place right now... and that we are both pretty sad to send our little man off on his own next year.

Between the natural fears that all parent's have these days, and wanting to stop time in it's tracks....

I am pretty sentimental and sappy with my poor little guy.

I am a Mom Backpack when I drop him off, I hang on him and hug him and kiss him like a mad woman.

He is such a good sport about me being obsessed with him and never gets mad or shy or embarrassed when I harass him for extra kisses in front of his friends.

I am not sure if this project will last the whole year, I would love it too, but who knows??

For now I am enjoying hoarding these morning moments and watching him grow slowly and surely, into an adorable little man... right before my eyes.


The Spunky Stork Giveaway!

I am always on the lookout for funky and different clothes for my Dolls.

So when I stumbled onto The Spunky Stork's website one night, I reached out about a collaboration... and now here we are!!

The Spunky Stork specializes in unique and cheeky clothes for kids... like these:

I know. A teeny, tiny equality shirt?? COME ON. That is amazing!!

I picked the "All You Need Is Love," shirt for my Girlfriend and... I think she is trying to kill me with it.

Seriously... what is this kid's problem?!?! Why is she so cute?!

I love that not every other kid at playgroup is going to be wearing this shirt.

And that if Baby #3 is a boy I can have him wear it too...

Because, hello, love knows no gender and you can never have too much lovin' amIright??

This picture... I die. 

Every once in awhile I get a good shot and impress myself with my non-camera skills.

Want to snag a unique onesie or tee for your own doll, and work on your own photog skills?

While I can't help with the camera skills... I can hook you up with this cool Giveaway from Spunky Stork...

Good Luck!!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


You Know That Sound That Snooki Makes??

...When she's like WAAAHHHHHHHH...

Well for the first time in my life, I wanted to make that noise today.

To give you a little background on this story, I must remind you that I am pregnant from my eyebrows to my knee caps... I am a caramel apple... and my boobs are the most pregnant part of me.

Okay, here we go....

Boyfriend had just woken up and climbed into our bed for his morning nugs (snuggles).

He was laying next to me and we were talking about what we were going to do all day when he interrupted me and said...

"Hey Mom...uh... your bo-bo's (Girlfriend's term for boobs)... are getting kinda round and fat."

Insert sad face and Snooki noise here.

Like I'm not aware how big my bo-bo's are getting, I really need my four year old to point out how round they are.

I'm all... "Doll, you know we don't say 'fat' in this house... it's a bad word.**"

And he's all... "Okay. Well then what word can I say that means really, REALLY big??"

From the mouths of babes.

Precious, isn't he??

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**Yes, it's true, we are teaching our kids that,"Fat," is a bad word. I don't believe in commenting on other people's bodies in a negative way, nor do I think that someone else's body issues should be the topic of conversation. And I am trying to raise our kid's to believe the same.


He Said....

Him: Mom.

Me: Yeh?

Him: You know that yady Carrie Underpants*?

Me: Yeh.

Him: She's a yittle bit yovely.

Me: Oh Yeh?

Him: Yeh. I yike her shorts.

I'm sure you do Bud... I'm sure you do.

* Obviously he means Carrie Underwood and he is referring to the teeny tiny shorts that she wears in the Sunday Night Football song.

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Baby #3 Brain Dump

Fair warning... this is going to be boring and not interesting to anyone.

Okay... I warned you, but you're apparently still reading anyway so... carry on.

Here we are at 25+ weeks pregnant.... only 14 or so weeks to go.

I guess we should start picking baby names and folding onesies... huh??

By we... I mean me, of course.

How is being pregnant with your 3rd different from being pregnant with your first and second??

I'm so glad you asked.

The third time around is so much more about welcoming and incorporating a person into your existing family, and not creating a family like it is the first time around.

I remember being pregnant with Boyfriend at 25 years old.

It was so fun and relaxing.... and my belly was so cute and little.

I didn't show until around 7 months and didn't get tired until I was overdue.

Everyone wanted to touch my stomach and yell into my belly button.

Fast forward to being 27 and pregnant with Girlfriend... I had a little less time, and couldn't focus AS much on my growing belly because I had a growing two year old to watch.

But I took belly pics and was ready well in advance with Boyfriend out of his crib and in a Big Boy bed three months prior to Girlfriend being born.

We talked endlessly about baby names and getting ready was pretty quick and simple.

Which brings us to today... 30 years old, 6+ months pregnant with my third and, um... I am pretty much a caramel apple.

I am pregnant from my eyebrows to my knee caps... at least, that's how it feels.

I am fairly certain that if someone came at me with a needle, I might just pop and fly around the room like a deflating balloon.

Some mornings I wake up and look in the mirror and I am honestly surprised at what I see... I'm all:

"Hey. Husband. Have you SEEN ME LATELY?!?"

It's sneaking up on me this time... this baby bump o mine... because like every other mother in the world... I don't actually look at myself every day. Sad but true.

Alas, I am confident that this is supposed to happen... and it's okay to get big when you grow a person.

Also, while we are on the subject... it is NOT okay for someone else to tell me that I look like a hot air balloon... when someone is pregnant they do not want to hear that they look big, heavy, and tired.

Come to think of it... I don't think anyone likes to hear that shit... amIright??

Being pregnant with number 3 means there is zero time to focus on being pregnant with number 3.

At night after the kid's go to bed, I sit with my belly in my arms and I'm like... Hello.. are you in there?? Anyone??

And then I'll feel some baby kicks and flutters and I know that all is right in the world and in my belly.

We are still not finding out the sex, but I'll admit that this time I am the most curious.

I am convinced that it is a girl... and Husband is convinced that it is a boy.

We are so fortunate that this baby is healthy as can be with pregnancy once again being more or less not a big issue for me.

Other than retaining water and petting my belly while I wipe someone else's butt (how's that for a visual)....

I am in full blown nesting mode... which was much more fun when I was pregnant with the first two kids and we had more money to blow on.... all the things!!!

This time around I am condensing, tossing, and making huge donations to Good Will every other day.

It's fun! Seriously!

We are in the midst of trying to figure out what to do with our four bedrooms that makes sense for our family, the kid's, our life more or less.

It is an endless and annoying conversation around here...

I'll give you the not so quick boring version:

Husband works in our guest room when he isn't traveling all over the country for work.

No one ever stays in that room, but it is the biggest aside from our Master.

It would make the most sense to move him to the basement... where we have a huge open Office space for him, and put Girlfriend into the Guest Room... freeing up the nursery for the Bambino.

But... because we have a Pellet Stove on the first floor, that heats the whole first and second floor... the Basement is freezing.

Turning on the heat down there won't help because the Pellet Stove will shut it off because the first floor and the basement are one heating zone.

This is confusing. I know.

Putting the kids in a room together isn't really an option because although Boyfriend goes to bed at 8 pm... he is very restless and doesn't usually pass out until 10:30.

He is big on singing and screaming school songs in his bed.

Which would mean Girlfriend would never sleep.

Plus let's not forget that both kids still nap for two hours every single day... and if we put them in the same room, we know naps are as good as gone.

Soo... it would make the most sense to move Husband to the basement.

But.... who has an extra $1500 laying around to pay an HVAC guy to add another heating zone to the basement.

And if we don't add a zone then... Husband either stays put in the guest room, or freezes his cojones off in the basement all winter long.

Because space heaters just won't cut it in a space with zero heat.

All that to say... we have no clue what to do about it.

Lots of ideas but not enough money to do it... you know the drill I'm sure.

And I know... that was so frickin' confusing and boring.

These are the constant nesting thoughts that are running through my head at all hours of the day and night.

I should redeem myself somehow with this post...

How about a picture of my Girlfriend wearing an Ed Hardy shirt??


How about this one??

Still no?

Okay... I got nothing.

Sorry that you had to be subjected to my pregnancy brain... you're probably dumber now... I'm sorry for that too.


Wordless Wednesday 2.0

I have no idea what was going on here... but they thought it was hysterical.

"Wild things... you make my heart sing."

Wordless Wednesday

...And my heart is exploding. It doesn't get any better than this.


Home Depot Safety Day

The kids and I are busy little people.

We do something different every single day... from parks to trails to libraries to museums to rivers to reservoirs and farms and nature hikes...

You name it, if it's free or cheap, we do it.

There is only one thing that people have always recommended to me that we have never done...

Home Depot Kid's Days.

At least... we had never done them until last week and the verdict??

We loved it!!!

We went on Safety Day, when the parking lot was filled with fire trucks, police cars, you name it...

We got to shoot a real fire hose into a house filled with dry ice that went up into smoke everywhere.

Um... it was awesome.

Even I was impressed.

Okay maybe I was the most impressed.

After we were done shooting the hose, the kids got face paint and faux tattoos before building little tiny projects with Husband.

There was even a girl project and a boy project (they thought of everything!!).

Plus they got fire hats, aprons, pins, awards and even LEGOS when they finished their craft.

Did I mention this was all free??

It was so great.

I'm told that normal Kid's Workshop Days are not as elaborate but still free and worth a visit.

So if you're looking for something cheap and fun to do... I know it sounds funny, but take them to Home Depot!!!

*Home Depot didn't perk or pay me to say any of this, we really did have that much free fun ... and I'm always excited to pass new fun things on to others. That's just how I roll.


She Said (to a Berry)

Girlfriend is 100% a free spirit.

She says what she feels and loves what she loves; wholeheartedly.. all the time.

Even, when that thing that she loves, is a berry.

When Girlfriend saw these berries on the way into Playgroup last week... she had to have one for her own.

She is such a little Mommy.

She cradled it...

Pet it...

Held it close... and showed it off....

And then gave it a kiss and proclaimed:

"Oooooo you're so cute! I'm gonna take you home and nug* you on the couch!"

Wanting to nuggle* the berry on the couch lasted about 5 minutes into our ride.

And then she got hungry... and decided it would be better to take a bite out of it instead.

Don't worry, it's not poisonous and she spit it out when she realized that it's disgusting to eat random berries.

**Girlfriend has referred to "snuggles," as "nuggles," since she was very young  And since Boyfriend gives everything a nickname,"snuggles," was eventually shortened to "snugs," and then when Girlfriend came along.. "snugs," became "nugs,"...  so it makes total sense to want to nug a berry. I mean... kinda. Well it made sense to me anyway.

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Boyfriend's Golfing Debut

My Father in Law took Boyfriend and Husband to the driving range the other day.

It was closed... and they ended up just putting around on a small green.

That's pretty much all I know about Boyfriend's golfing debut... except for this:

Before he went, we picked out clothes that we decided a golfer would wear... and he played around with his clubs in the background while I tried not to tackle him.

COME ON. This kid. Those pants.

I can't.

I have nothing else to say except that I can't WAIT for him to go again so we can dress him up again.

Oh and I am fairly certain that I am screwed when this kid gets older... he is such a handsome little man.


Wordless Wednesday

"How did you grow so big overnight
How did you get so smart and bright
Yesterday you were asleep in my arms
Today you’re growing off the charts"

- You and Me by Frances England


Proud Mom Moment

I write a lot about all of the ridiculous things that happen to me in my day to day life with my two little maniacs...

But a lot of adorable, sweet stuff happens too.

And I'll be damned if I am not a lunatic about telling my kids just how much I love them and am obsessed with them... seriously... I have issues.

I pretty much just smother those kids with hugs and kisses and booty pinches every chance I get...

So you can imagine how I reacted when Boyfriend hit me in the face with my Proudest Mom Moment yet last week.

I think I just clung to him like a Mom backpack for a good five minutes before he was like:

"Enough Mom. Get Off Me. You are not yight."

Okay he didn't say that... but he did make me so proud that I almost squeezed his guts out.

A few Mom's had mentioned that there was a "Boy's Club," at school, that of course, no girls were allowed in.

I admitted that I hadn't heard about this club, and to be honest, I was kind of sad that their son's told them and mine hadn't told me.

When I asked my Boyfriend about it he simply said... "I never heard of a Boy's Club Mom... and I yike to play with the girls anyway."

Be still my big fat heart.

I told Boyfriend that I am pretty strict and firm on the fact that Clubs are bad news and everyone should be included... I went on to say, while we're at it... everyone plays, or no one plays.

We had a pretty long conversation about the so called, "Boy's Club," that apparently has claimed the tree house above the slide at school...

He let me know that one kid was more or less the ring leader and that he wasn't really into it, he'd rather just play with everyone.

Obviously, these are things that have been happening since the beginning of time.

There's always a club, and always a ring leader... but I saw an opportunity for a teaching moment.

And two days later when I picked him up from school, he gave me my Proudest Mom Moment Ever when he told me that when the ring leader kicked the girls out of the tree house that day, he simply said... "Wouldn't it be more fun if we all played together??"

And then...  "My mom says everyone plays or no one plays... it'll be more fun that way."

"Let's make a Boys AND Girls Club.. an EVERYBODY Club."

I think I smiled harder than I ever have in my life in that moment, and I also cried when I told Husband what he had said (damn hormones).

I have never been so proud of him in my life.

*Day 15 was Fire Safety Day, so you know our theme-y little man had to dress the part.

A few days later, his teacher took the chance to talk to me about Boyfriend's soap box moment as well.

She told me how mature he was... and that he really does like to play with the girls too.

(No surprise there, I swear the kid was flirting with nurses in the Hospital the day he was born.)

We talk a lot about not being a bully, telling grown ups if you see someone that needs help, and being a good friend.

It kind of comes with the territory of having a little sister that always wants to be included and I am so proud of my little future President of the United States of America.

I called him Mini Martin Luther King for awhile after he told me about his playground speech.

At one point, after I had been hugging him and gushing all over him for about twenty minutes I proclaimed...

"I can't believe it Bud!!! You really do listen to me!!"

To which he replied... "What???"

Okay soooo I can't win them all... but I'm proud anyway.

And, in honor of National Bullying Prevention Day (tomorrow!! October 9)... here is a few Public Service Announcements from the President to Be... and his crazy bird sister.

I love that the kids are still young enough to appreciate the advice of their Mother... so I'm laying it on thick while I still can.

It's never too early to start!

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