Twenty Weeks

Last week me and my belly hit the twenty week mark... Yay!!

Happy booty slaps for everyone!!

For those in the know, twenty weeks for scheduled C-section Mamas like myself, means only 19 weeks to go!!!

More booty slaps for everyone!


Things with pregnancy number three are going wonderfully except for the first time ever, I feel pregnant.

With the other kids, pregnancy was no big thing and didn't bother me much until the very, very, verrrry end.

Baby Number 3 is kinda making me feel like a turtle stuck on it's back sometimes.

I get all grunty and flaily when I try to get out of the recliner at night.


I know.

Aside from the fact that moving is kind of a hassle at the end of the day, I feel totally normal and really, really grateful.

All the time.

I am the most grateful and thankful person on Earth I think.

I walk around thanking the trees for the air, and the mailbox for looking cute at the end of the driveway, and the kids for being so damn adorable and not punching each other in the face... I am thanking ALL THE THINGS.

Every time I get pregnant I am overcome with emotion about just how fortunate we really are.

I am even thankful for my boobs, that now start at my shoulder blades... because I know that one day they will feed a little hungry bird mouthed baby.

Sidenote: It is totally true what they say that your body remembers how to be pregnant because Hello... I didn't look like this till like 7 months with Girlfriend and 8 months with Boyfriend.

This time? At 5 months... my body is laughing in the face of my pre-pregnancy jeans. 

The twenty week ultrasound went great and the tech said she knew what the baby was (eeeeee) but wouldn't tell me or write it in my chart, so that no one will know until the big day in January.

 For me all signs point to girl.

And by "signs," I mean I am only thinking of girl's names.

I have one strong front runner that I love (and Husband hates), and four luke warm second place options... all for a girl.

Unfortunately... I have zero boy's names. Like, not. even. one.

I used the only boy name I ever liked when I popped out this kid...

So... let's pray for a girl, or..... a boy who doesn't mind having a girl's name???

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