The First Day of PreSchool, Year Two

The second year of PreSchool means only one thing to me:

Next year is kindergarten.

I can't even think about it without wanting to throw up.

I don't even know how this happened, that my baby is old enough to be going to school... AGAIN.

And that he's so big, and silly.

And handsome.

And an actual child... with a cute little backpack.

It's crazy.

Just like last year, I made a big huge sign on the chalkboard.

It was like pulling teeth to get him to stand still and smile.

He was anxious because he doesn't like big days, new things, or being away from me or his sister.

Somehow I was able to snag this shot, in between him telling me he was NOT taking a picture, and NOT going to school, and I could NOT go to the park while he was gone.

 Meanwhile, Girlfriend was all, "Take my picture Mommy! I have pockets!"

Last year I was really worried about how he would handle it, but this year we kinda figured he would jump right in and be good to go.

And he was.

Of course, he was a tad apprehensive in the car on the way over...

But I had told him that his sister would miss him the very most, and it would mean a lot to her if he held her hand on the way into school...

Giving him a job to focus on, rather than us leaving, seemed to do the trick.

Once he got into school he was very excited to play with his friends and show everyone the band aids he got from his Physical the day before (shots, shots, shots, shots, shots).

He gave me a big squeeze goodbye and then his sister followed suit and hugged me too...

She was all: "You yeavin' Mommy? Bye Bye!"

I'm like... uhhh no kid, you are coming with me, sorry Charlie.

I got more done on his first day of school than I did all summer long.

My friends with one child are not going to want to hear this, but Holy Crap it is 100 billion times easier to get shit done with only one kid in tow.


In 4 hours I went to the park (for an hour), got my eyebrows done, went to the bank, went to sign Boyfriend up for basketball, went to the Town Hall, got groceries... ANNNND... put away two loads of laundry and started a third load.

Oh and ate lunch with my Girlfriend on the deck.

I was never so productive before kids!

I also never appreciated time until I had children and now it is always going too fast!!

When we picked Boyfriend up from school, he ran at us full speed ahead, and knocked us both on our asses.

Literally, it was not cute.

A big ol' pregnant lady, in a dress... on her butt, with two kids on top of her, squealing and laughing like we hadn't seen each other in 100 years, not just four hours.

Okay, I take it back... it was probably cute.

And yes, I did cry. Not when he knocked me over, but when I left him.

He will always be my baby, and it will always feel a little bit strange to not have him by my side.

That said, the truth is... the more I let him out into the world, the prouder I am of the little man that he is becoming....

So I guess I'm going to have to scratch the Home Schooling plan after all.

Damn it.


  1. Did I miss something about Boyfriend liking Puppy Chow?? LOL

    1. HAHA not "real" puppy chow... this kind: http://www.food.com/recipe/puppy-chow-or-monkey-munch-74048

      Husband is seriously amazing at making it.


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