Our Chalkboard

The Number One question that people email me about is our kitchen chalkboard.

Clearly, we give it a work out.

I even use it to write my grocery list on... then I take a picture of it and carry my phone around the store like I'm someone important.

So even though chalkboard paint is all the rage right now in the blogosphere... we've actually had ours since 2010.

Clearly, we are the ultimate trend setters over here.

Here's what we did:

Taped off a huge spot on our wall, and painted magnetic primer... so that we could use magnets on it too.

After letting it dry for a day or so, we put the first coat of chalkboard paint on.

We bought a half gallon of it (I think) and it cost us $20 way back when.

We did two coats of the chalkboard paint and then primed and prepped the board with the flat side of the chalk.

 The magnetic primer has long since lost it's magnetic-ism-ness (I know it's not a word, just roll with it).

But the board works as good as it always has!

The truth is... when we first put it up on the wall I was like... Holy shit... we shouldn't have done that. Now there's a huge black hole in our kitchen.

But it has grown on us and is here to stay, we will definitely 100% no questions asked put up another one in our next house.

We wash it regularly with a great big tile sponge and water... sometimes a little Dawn helps to get it super duper clean too.

I have read the a can of Coke will bring the blackness of the chalkboard back to life.

Buuuut seeing as I've been soda free for more than a year and a half now, I am too scared to wash my walls with it... I might just lick them.

A few months ago, when we were working on our mini kitchen makeover (I know an update is long overdue on that front), I begged Husband to frame out the chalkboard.


Sidenote: Please tell me I'm not the only one that has to nag and whine to get something done. Please.

I found an 8 pack of trim boards on sale at Home Depot for $15.

Husband had originally bought 4 pieces of fancy trim for like $7 a piece, but when I found an 8 pack for half the price, you know my cheap ass dragged both kids and my big ol' belly back to the store to make the swap.

I'm so glad I did, because the trim I found matches the trim on all of our doors, so if we ever need extra, now we have it.

Husband cut the wood to size, and glued it up there.

He also nailed it in just for good measure... ie, so nothing falls when the maniacs hang off it.

He caulked the edges and used KILLZ spray paint to prime the boards.

Then just re-painted around the edges and on the trim itself.

 Husband sees no difference with the trim up, or not up.

I think he's crazy.

Just for arguments sake, and because I like to be right, here's a few before and afters so you can see for yourself.


See what I mean??

White trim for the win.

If you are one of the many people who have asked me about the project, I hope that super non-thorough explanation is enough to get your creative juices going!!

Good Luck, and send me a picture when you (or your husband) are done!!


  1. I'm in love with the chalk board. We have a dry erase board on our fridge that we're always writing random stuff on so a huge chalkboard would definitely get its use at our place. We don't own, we rent though so something like that isn't an option now. I totally agree with you though that the border absolutely makes the chalkboard. It looks a lot more plain without it.

  2. the trim makes a HUGE difference and yes, I have to nag my husband too!!

  3. OF COURSE the frame makes a world of difference. And OF COURSE you're not the only one who has to beg or whine to get anything done around the house...and if anyone tells you different they're just plain lying (at least that's what i tell myself so i feel better about my own situation). Your wall looks great. I've been sitting on an unopened can of chalkboard paint (not literally), waiting for my lightbulb moment on what the heck to do with it. we've got a rental so i'm not about to tag up the walls with it so i'll continue searching the boards of pinterest until i fall in love.


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