Matilda Jane Giveaway!!

When it comes to dressing my little Girlfriend, I am big on finding the quirkiest, cutest, loudest clothes out there.

Sometimes (rarely) we put her in something normal-ish.... but that's really just not who she is... she is loud, and fun, and so spunky... and I really like her clothes to match.

So when Matilda Jane Clothing asked me to review an outfit for my Doll... AND mentioned that their clothing is "colorful and always cheeky,"... 

 I was in there like swimwear... even before I checked out their collections.

Girlfriend looks so ridiculous slash adorable in this peasant top from Matilda Jane's Paint By Numbers Collection... even though it is a size 4T... I can't even.

I love that it works as a dress for now, but she as she grows she can wear it as a shirt.

Put that top to WORK.

I swear... I laughed the whole time I was taking these pictures.... that headband... I can't... I just can't even look at her she looks so freaking funny and adorable in it.

Plus? She didn't hate it!!

She has never worn a head band that just ties in the back like that, and she didn't even mind it at all!

Like a tiny stylish hippie chick.

I love that it is quirky and good quality..... the shirt can be dressed up, or down, depending on the shoes... and you can bet your sweet booty I already ordered a pair of turquoise tights for her to rock with it this Fall.

Plus, they go all the way from 6 months to women's sizes... with tweens in between (duh)!
I am seriously loving this, this, and this.

Want to score some unique Matilda Jane clothes for your own Doll??

Just fill out the Rafflecopter below for your chance to win a $50 gift card to Matilda Jane Clothing!!

Good Luck!!!

Psssttt.... Love what you see over there on Matilda Jane?? They are like Tupperware... kinda... you can register to be a Trunk Keeper, host clothing shows for your friends, and score some cash while selling fun unique things!! Click here to learn more.

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  1. Super cute photos! Doll baby is adorable! I'm doing this giveaway, too! Stay tuned!


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