I Turn My Back For ONNNNE Second

Last night I got my haircut.

Like CUT.

Seven inches... gone.

I think my hairdresser and I had the same vision when we started out, and then she got ballsy and kinda left me behind in the, "I am immediately regretting my decision," section.

I mean... it's hair, it'll grow... so I don't really care... but I wasn't expecting to head home with a drastically shorter head of hair, that's for sure.

When I got home, Boyfriend was instantly angry, and defensive, and all: WHAT THE WHAT DID YOU DO TO YOUR HAIR. 

That child is obsessed with my hair.

He got over it pretty quickly when he realized that it was super duper soft and when I promised that I would never EVER get another haircut again as long as I live (debatable).

Girlfriend however, was pissed that I did something without her.

If I had to guess, I would say that all that flailing and kicking and whining meant that apparently, Girlfriend had wanted her haircut too... who knew??


She DID NOT get over things as quickly as her Brother had...

Instead there was a lot of little foot stomping and puffing and MOMMMMYYYYYYYYY.... I WANT MY HAIRCUT TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

When she finally calmed down she asked if she could go potty...

I opened the gate and off she went to pee (she calls us in when she is done so we can wipe her... she insists on privacy).

Except here's the thing. She didn't pee.

Instead, she found Husband's hair gel (thank God she didn't find scissors or this post would have a different ending for sure)....

The extra hard, spikey, stays in for days kind of hair gel (think Jersey Shore).

She was in the bathroom for probably two minutes...

And that's really all it takes as it turns out.

Insert, "Something About Mary," jokes .... here.

At least it wasn't Vaseline this time.

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  1. I cannot get "There's Something about Mary" out of my head now! Hilarious, save those pictures forever.


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