He Said...

The kids had back to back physicals the other day.

Their Doctor loves them because they say ridiculous things.

I really think they make her laugh every single time we go; she spends so much time with us that I start to feel bad for the other patients.

This visit was no exception.

After great check ups (we are so, so blessed to have healthy babies), the Pediatrician proclaimed,

"Wow! You guys are so healthy! And smart! And gorgeous! You must get it from your Mom!"

Okay, so maybe that's not entirely true, I miiiight have added in that last part.

Anyway... she told the kids they look great, they're healthy, and then said...

"I'll be right back."

She quickly excused herself to grab some needles for shots.

Of course, I knew this, but the kids did not.

When she returned, she approached Boyfriend cautiously and said...

"Okay, I have to give you a shot now, but don't worry, you can sit with your Mom, and you'll do great."

Instantly he was quiet.

Boyfriend is always a little more apprehensive than his insane, balls to the wall sister.

He looked at her suspiciously and asked, "Why do I need a shot?"

She answered, "Shots make you healthy."

To which Boyfriend shot back: "Well, You just told me I was a healthy a minute ago.... soooo...."

And with that he pretty much motioned his finger in a quick circle and nodded towards the door like, "You can just take your needles and get on up out of here lady."

Smart kid.

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  1. HA! insert foot in mouth, miss doctor lady. i bet she answers that question differently from then on :)


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