Matilda Jane Giveaway!!

When it comes to dressing my little Girlfriend, I am big on finding the quirkiest, cutest, loudest clothes out there.

Sometimes (rarely) we put her in something normal-ish.... but that's really just not who she is... she is loud, and fun, and so spunky... and I really like her clothes to match.

So when Matilda Jane Clothing asked me to review an outfit for my Doll... AND mentioned that their clothing is "colorful and always cheeky,"... 

 I was in there like swimwear... even before I checked out their collections.

Girlfriend looks so ridiculous slash adorable in this peasant top from Matilda Jane's Paint By Numbers Collection... even though it is a size 4T... I can't even.

I love that it works as a dress for now, but she as she grows she can wear it as a shirt.

Put that top to WORK.

I swear... I laughed the whole time I was taking these pictures.... that headband... I can't... I just can't even look at her she looks so freaking funny and adorable in it.

Plus? She didn't hate it!!

She has never worn a head band that just ties in the back like that, and she didn't even mind it at all!

Like a tiny stylish hippie chick.

I love that it is quirky and good quality..... the shirt can be dressed up, or down, depending on the shoes... and you can bet your sweet booty I already ordered a pair of turquoise tights for her to rock with it this Fall.

Plus, they go all the way from 6 months to women's sizes... with tweens in between (duh)!
I am seriously loving this, this, and this.

Want to score some unique Matilda Jane clothes for your own Doll??

Just fill out the Rafflecopter below for your chance to win a $50 gift card to Matilda Jane Clothing!!

Good Luck!!!

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It's that time again!

Super boring for my Instagram followers and super exciting (might be a slight exaggeration) for the rest of you that get to see 50 photos of our silly little life dumped all at once.

And today? I'm giving out awards. Cause... why not?

It's Friday and you're bored at work anyway... right?

And now for the awards that mean nothing to anyone but me...

Most Generational Goes To: This shot, of the dolls performing in a band with their Great Grandfather.

Girlfriend was playing the whistle and Boyfriend was playing the xylophone. I have no idea what my Grandfather was playing, it's kind of a harmonica with cymbals hybrid. It was adorable to watch and made my Grandmother cry happy tears.

Most New England-ish Goes To: This shot of an overachieving tree in our backyard, that always changes color well before the rest.

She's beautiful. She's a girl.

Most Adoring Goes To: This shot of Girlfriend with her Aunt and Uncle.

She is obsessed with her Uncle Timmy... just look at her face... she loves that guy.

Most Adorable Thing Ever To Happen In My Life Goes To: This shot of my Boyfriend after he asked me to, "tape his yegs," during a Thursday night football game.

It makes my heart burst with joy and cheese pizza to see him so into football... he would do just about anything to make his Daddy proud. Boyfriend punches us all in the face with adorable football cuteness like this every week and I can't even take his cute taped yegs. Stay small sweet boy. Stay small.

And the Gold Medal Goes To: This shot of me and my mini chefs... the night they asked if they could help me make dinner.

Boyfriend was allowed to cut hot dogs with a butter knife and he pretty much thinks he is Emeril now. Girlfriend was allowed to push the buttons on the microwave and put butter into macaroni and cheese, and now she is Giada, minus the annoying accent. They were so thrilled to help out and so proud of themselves... I will remember this long, slow, messy dinner forever.


This Is Motherhood...

It was lunch time.

I set the kids up with their meals, turned the TV in their direction, and sat down next to them.

We don't watch much TV but I let them watch a quick show at lunch time so that I can eat too... in quiet. 

I wasn't going to eat just anything today.

I was going to eat a freaking delicious looking sandwich on Ciabatta bread that I pulled out the damn panini maker to grille and smoosh into a plate of amazing lunch time wonderment and gooeyness.

Also? My sandwich wasn't just delicious looking because I'm pregnant.

It was actually really delicious looking... like it could have been on TV... okay?

So I was about to eat a food model sandwich.

You understand where I'm coming from??

I've got a huge, amazing, delicious looking sandwich in front of my face... and I am SITTING. IN A CHAIR.

I do not sit unless it is lunch time or bed time... other than that I am on my feet ALL DAY LONG.

So where was I?

Oh yeh, I was sitting.

I had promised my little hooligans that if they cleaned their plates they could have a Popsicle before nap.

So they're eating, Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs is on TV, and I am about to murder slash enjoy my food model lunch.

I pick it up, I smile at it, I close my eyes to take a bite....

And Girlfriend puts a Popsicle, STILL IN THE PLASTIC... INTO MY MOUTH.

It's freezing.

I open my eyes (listen I was having a food moment, so I closed my eyes... leave me alone) and there is Girlfriend, still holding onto her end of the Popsicle starring me in the face.

I open my mouth and she pulls the Popsicle out, and she drops it onto my plate.

Onto my pretty sandwich that I was thiiiiiiissssssss clooooooooooossssssssse to eating.

She speaks:

"Open dis."

She's actually kinda looking at me like a bully, like she wants to fight me.


Okay maybe she didn't say that, but that's what her face said... like:

"Woman. Get the fuck up. Less sitting and more cutting open of the popsicle."

And this is what motherhood is all about....

Putting others before yourself... all day, every day.

This is why my kids wear nice clothes and I wear Target, why my kids eat fruits and veggies and I do it all for the cookie.... putting them first is really what it's all about.

Even...sigh.... when I'm  hungry.

Time to start locking the fridge again.


She Said...

Sighhhhh.... I knew this day was coming.

Girlfriend laid her first F-Bomb on me today.

It went like this....

I took the kids to the grocery store to pick out some popsicles.

They picked Flavor Ice... you know, the straight sugar juice pops??

The kind that come in a package as juice and then you throw them in the freezer and after about an hour, they are popsicles??

Okay, so here we go.

I tell them... "We can get these, but it takes a little while for them to freeze, okay?"

They're all: "Yes, Mom... okay, we get it, just buy them, please!"

Okay we all understand so into the cart they go.

We get home, and the popsicles are in the freezer for 15 seconds when Girlfriend comes in and opens the fridge.

I'm all: "They can't freeze if you don't give them some time."

We did this little dance five or six times before I decided I had had enough and locked up the fridge with a baby proofing thing-a-mah-bobber (that's a technical term).

Almost immediately after getting the fridge all buttoned up and secure, Girlfriend comes running into the room all flaily and Phoebe like...

She takes one look at the fridge, stamps her foot, hits herself in the head and yells:


I wasn't sure I had heard her correctly, so I'm like... "Wait. What did you just say??"

And she was all: "I SAID: YOU'RE FUGGING KILLIN' ME..."

If there is such a thing as smiling while your jaw is on the floor, that's what I did... I couldn't help it.

Girlfriend knew she was busted but laughed before she looked at me and quietly said: "What? You are."

And THAT is how we know that she is spending too much time watching football with her Dad.

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I Turn My Back For ONNNNE Second

Last night I got my haircut.

Like CUT.

Seven inches... gone.

I think my hairdresser and I had the same vision when we started out, and then she got ballsy and kinda left me behind in the, "I am immediately regretting my decision," section.

I mean... it's hair, it'll grow... so I don't really care... but I wasn't expecting to head home with a drastically shorter head of hair, that's for sure.

When I got home, Boyfriend was instantly angry, and defensive, and all: WHAT THE WHAT DID YOU DO TO YOUR HAIR. 

That child is obsessed with my hair.

He got over it pretty quickly when he realized that it was super duper soft and when I promised that I would never EVER get another haircut again as long as I live (debatable).

Girlfriend however, was pissed that I did something without her.

If I had to guess, I would say that all that flailing and kicking and whining meant that apparently, Girlfriend had wanted her haircut too... who knew??


She DID NOT get over things as quickly as her Brother had...

Instead there was a lot of little foot stomping and puffing and MOMMMMYYYYYYYYY.... I WANT MY HAIRCUT TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

When she finally calmed down she asked if she could go potty...

I opened the gate and off she went to pee (she calls us in when she is done so we can wipe her... she insists on privacy).

Except here's the thing. She didn't pee.

Instead, she found Husband's hair gel (thank God she didn't find scissors or this post would have a different ending for sure)....

The extra hard, spikey, stays in for days kind of hair gel (think Jersey Shore).

She was in the bathroom for probably two minutes...

And that's really all it takes as it turns out.

Insert, "Something About Mary," jokes .... here.

At least it wasn't Vaseline this time.


LifeBankUSA & Giveaway (Sponsored Post)

When I went to my OBGYN for my 20 week visit, my Doctor gave me some paper work for cord blood donation.

I had never heard of DONATING my cord blood before, and was intrigued to learn a little more about whole process.

Pretty much all I knew about cord blood in the past was that it was super duper expensive to have stored.

I called Husband on the way home and we talked a bit about the idea but both agreed that we needed to do a little more research on the subject.

So imagine my surprise when I got home from the Doctor and I had an email from LifebackUSA in my inbox... asking me to tell all of you a little bit more about cord blood.

Total weird coincidence... I think the Universe is telling me something.

And because you're here reading, maybe it's trying to tell you something too???

Allow me to introduce you to LifebankUSA...

...The only company that offers cord blood, placenta blood and tissue banking -- and the first to release placenta-derived stem cells for a successful transplant. LifebankUSA also operates a robust donation program and collects cells from anywhere in the US for use primarily in advancing medical research.

That means LifeBankUSA could potentially take our baby's cord blood donation, if we decide that donation is the way to go for us.

Weird right?

To hear from LifeBankUSA the same day that my Doctor suggested I research Cord Blood Donation??

Not that we could afford to bank our child's cord blood, but if we could, it's comforting to know that collecting cord blood is not invasive and could potentially one day save your child (or other blood relative's!!!) life!!!

And that is why rich people do it... for sure.

You can bank even more stem cells by collecting them from 2 usable sources of stem cell-rich blood: the umbilical cord and the placenta. This service is called Placental and Cord Blood Banking, and it's available only from LifebankUSA.

The ability of stem cells to save lives via cord blood banking has proven successful for replacing abnormal or diseased cells, and treating life-threatening blood disorders such as leukemia, lymphoma, and myeloma. In fact, since 1988 stem cell transplants have been used to treat some 80 diseases.

EIGHTY DISEASES!?? I know. This is big stuff we are talking about right now...

Clearly we are dealing with cord blood banking pioneers here.

Oh and... they're generous too.

I know.

First they help save people's lives, and then they offer a nice contest to go with it... not bad people to know, huh??

Plus? There will be TWO WINNERS.

LifebankUSA wants to give parents the chance to win one of the hottest baby items, the 4Moms mamaRoo.

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The mamaRoo bounces up and down and sways from side to side, just like parents do when comforting their babies. It plays soothing nature sounds and has the option of plugging in your own MP3 player.

Click here for your chance to win the baby item that is on EVERY expectant Mom’s registry (even mine!)!

The Fine Print: This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook. By entering the contest, you understand that you are providing your information to LifebankUSA and not to Facebook.

More Fine Print: This is a Sponsored post and though I don't do them often, when I do, I make sure that they are based on something that I think might interest my readers... or is currently relative to my own life. Don't worry... I am not on the fast path to becoming an infomercial Queen... and I'm not a sell out. As always, I claim to be an expert of nothing and I encourage you to do your own research before taking my ridiculous word on anything.


The Truth Is...

The truth is... I was pretty much drowning this summer.

And Pre-School saved me.

Husband was gone almost every single week all summer long... Monday through Friday.

I was in my first trimester, sick... tired... chasing a two year old and a four year old.

It was hot.

I had almost no help at all.

People will always say they want to help you, they can babysit, give you a break... yada yada.

But driving an hour to drop off kids to turn around and drive home an hour to fold laundry makes no sense.

People want to help... sure they do.... on their terms. At their house. With their rules.

I swear you would think that we live in Alaska, it is that hard to get people to come see us.

And that's okay, because people have their own lives, and their own laundry to fold and shit to do.

Because I never wanted to compromise the type of life that the kids have grown accustomed to have... I never slowed down.

Every morning we were out the door and doing an activity by 9:30 am... we were back out the door at 4 pm after nap.

I kept them busy, and they kept me happy, but God was I tired.

I was pretty much in survival mode all summer long.

It was all I could do to keep the kids entertained and happy and the house clean and everyone fed and bathed and not face plant at 6 pm.

The house suffered, the laundry suffered, hell, I suffered, I quit the gym... I was exhausted.

But the kids were happy, and stimulated, and entertained... and that is all that mattered to me.

And on September 4, when Boyfriend went back to school, everything changed.

Pre-School was the light at the end of the tunnel for me.

Don't get me wrong, we miss the hell out of that kid while he is gone....

Girlfriend does this EVERY SINGLE MORNING when Boyfriend leaves for school...

We hate to see him go, but the time apart has been so wonderful for all of us.

And now I have 4 hours of time with just my Girlfriend, three days a week.

Ohandplusalso... the best part is... she is a total girl and has no problem running errands with me, shopping, letting me walk on the treadmill (okay, sometimes she struggles with that one), visiting 100 different parks, going on hikes...

We've done it all... and have the pictures to prove it.

She so deserves this one on one time.

Hell Girlfriend even helps me fold laundry, dry dishes, sweep... if I'm doing it, she wants to do it too.

I am loving our time together and I feel like I am suddenly able to divide my time in all directions, some for the house, some for Husband, some for the laundry, some for me....

I've even managed to squeeze in the occasional individual date nights at the end of the day for each kid.

I am no longer just trying to keep the kids happy and make it to bed time.

Every SINGLE time I drop Boyfriend off at school I am struck by how sad I am to see him go...

While he is gone I CONSTANTLY wonder what he is doing, who he is playing with....

But... for as much as I worry while he is gone, I know just how good this time is FOR ALL OF US.

Every single one of us is benefiting from Pre-School, and I can honestly say, without question, Pre-School is the best money that we have ever spent.

Boyfriend is flourishing, he is happy all the time...

Girlfriend is speaking so much and so fast .. she is making HER OWN FRIENDS (not just Boyfriend's).

Chores at home are getting done on time, with energy to spare...

And I am suddenly remembering to worry about myself again.

Having a few hours to get stuff done with just one kid is SO MUCH EASIER than doing it with two.

Life is not full speed ahead right now, it is a little calmer, and a lot more organized.

I know that in a few months it will get crazy again... but for now, I'm telling Husband that maybe we don't need to move to be closer to help.

Maybe... just maybe... at least for now.... I got this.


Today He Said....

While getting Boyfriend ready for nap...

Me: "Take your clothes off, and get in bed Doll."

Him: (Takes off pants, reveals nothing underneath)

Me: "Um... where the heck is your underwear?!"

Him: (Looks down, apparently surprised by my free ball discovery) "I don't know!"

Looking around the room, Boyfriend spots a stray pair in the corner, and grabs them.

Him: "I can wear these!" He yells, holding them triumphantly over his head.

Me: "Wait Dude.. wait. Are those even clean?"

Him: "I don't know, let me smell them."

Boyfriend promptly sticks his face directly into the pair of found underwear and takes a giant SNIIIIIIIIIIIFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF.

Me: "Well? How do they smell?"

Him: "They smell hot."

Annnd... that's disgusting.

I don't even know what that means, but it sure as Hell doesn't sound clean.


He Said...

Today Boyfriend's class had a field trip to a Dance Center.

I'm not positive of all the details but it's basically a studio that offers all kinds of acro / dance / artsy fartsy things.

While trying to find out details about his day, this exchange happened:

Me: Who taught your class??

Him: A ballerina.

Me: Oh wow! What was she wearing?!

Him: Um... you know those things you put on your boobs?? She was wearing that.

Me: (slow blinks....deep breath... what the fuhhh) You mean, a bra?

Him: Yeh, but smaller.

Me: (slow blinks... deep breath... thinking.. thinking....)

Him: I don't know... but I was on a leash.

It was at this point that I was like seriously what the fuck kind of field trip did this child go on, and I texted my friend whose son is also in the class.

I'm all:

So... Boyfriend says the Ballerina was wearing something that you put on your boobs... please tell me your kid has a better explanation.

And she's all:

My kid says there was no ballerina.


Makes total sense that my child would see an invisible ballerina wearing what I can only imagine must have been nipple tassels and no one else saw her.

I did figure out however, that each kid was put on an orange "leash," because the studio is within walking distance from the school, and sixteen 3 and 4 years olds plus 3 adults equals a need for leashes.

Unfortunately for Boyfriend, the first Field Trip of his life was apparently to a strip club... which means sadly, nothing else will ever compare.

Sigggggh... poor little guy.


Immediately after posting this blog, Boyfriend's teacher sent out some pictures from their day.

I was thrilled to see that they were indeed at a dance studio, with an actual dance teacher (aka: Ballerina)... who was wearing a TANK TOP... not, pasties.

There's my main man learning to do a somersault under the watchful eye of the ballerina...

And here he is on his "leash"....

Which as it turns out, is just a long rope with wrist holes for the kids to stick their little mitts through.

I feel one hundred times better now that I know my child wasn't handing out dollar bills on his first Field Trip.

So let's move on to something totally PG and non nipple tassel related: Can anyone Guess what day it is??


Twenty Weeks

Last week me and my belly hit the twenty week mark... Yay!!

Happy booty slaps for everyone!!

For those in the know, twenty weeks for scheduled C-section Mamas like myself, means only 19 weeks to go!!!

More booty slaps for everyone!


Things with pregnancy number three are going wonderfully except for the first time ever, I feel pregnant.

With the other kids, pregnancy was no big thing and didn't bother me much until the very, very, verrrry end.

Baby Number 3 is kinda making me feel like a turtle stuck on it's back sometimes.

I get all grunty and flaily when I try to get out of the recliner at night.


I know.

Aside from the fact that moving is kind of a hassle at the end of the day, I feel totally normal and really, really grateful.

All the time.

I am the most grateful and thankful person on Earth I think.

I walk around thanking the trees for the air, and the mailbox for looking cute at the end of the driveway, and the kids for being so damn adorable and not punching each other in the face... I am thanking ALL THE THINGS.

Every time I get pregnant I am overcome with emotion about just how fortunate we really are.

I am even thankful for my boobs, that now start at my shoulder blades... because I know that one day they will feed a little hungry bird mouthed baby.

Sidenote: It is totally true what they say that your body remembers how to be pregnant because Hello... I didn't look like this till like 7 months with Girlfriend and 8 months with Boyfriend.

This time? At 5 months... my body is laughing in the face of my pre-pregnancy jeans. 

The twenty week ultrasound went great and the tech said she knew what the baby was (eeeeee) but wouldn't tell me or write it in my chart, so that no one will know until the big day in January.

 For me all signs point to girl.

And by "signs," I mean I am only thinking of girl's names.

I have one strong front runner that I love (and Husband hates), and four luke warm second place options... all for a girl.

Unfortunately... I have zero boy's names. Like, not. even. one.

I used the only boy name I ever liked when I popped out this kid...

So... let's pray for a girl, or..... a boy who doesn't mind having a girl's name???


The Chirp Shop Giveaway!

You may have noticed the adorable get ups that the kids were wearing at Girlfriend's Farm Party.

Alot of you asked if I made them myself, and as much as I would love to take credit for them... the answer is no.

Way back when I was having the dilemma of whether or not to let my two year old daughter have a motorcycle themed birthday party, I got in touch with The Chirp Shop, who said they would love to outfit Girlfriend for her party.

Once I saw the tutu belts (tutu included, woo woo!!!) that they make, in COW print... I was sold... we would have a farm party, and Girlfriend would wear this:

I know.

The tutu, cow belt, and cow hair piece are all from CHIRP... I made the #2 bandana shirt myself.

The hair piece can either be worn on the tutu itself, or in their hair... it is ridiculous.



What a freaking ingenious way to change up the look of a tutu!

It's just like a tiny mini skirt that goes on before the tutu, and you pull the tutu up under it.

SOO... You can change it up, wear the tutu alone... whatever!

When Girlfriend's outfit came in the mail, I was juuuuust about to throw the box in the trash when something black and white, and cow all over caught my eye, buried in the bottom of the box.

It was Boyfriend's polo shirt!

Seriously, how sweet of them to think of my little man on my Girlfriend's big day??

They won my heart with that move.

Matching custom outfits for my babies??

Yes please oh please oh please!!

Now for the good part... Chirp is offering one lucky reader a $25 gift credit to their shop!!

I gotta admit, I would love to keep this prize for myself... I love their mix of preppy and funky... it is totally up my kid style alley.

How could I NOT love a shop that encourages boy's to pop their collar and show the world the uniqueness that's hiding underneath??

COME ON. I wish I thought of that concept MYSELF.

Okay, sorry...I have serious kid fashion envy.

 On to the goods... fill out the Rafflecopter below for your chance to win! Good Luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

PSSSTTT.... Save 10% at The Chirp Shop on orders over $20 when you use code OTPreaders. Coupon code expires on October 1. 


Hump Day, YEA!

Before you watch this video, let me note that for the record, we DVR kid's movies.

And then we play them one hundred million times until, apparently, our children have memorized every single minute.

Including, as it would seem, the commercials.

HUMP DAY, YEA from Mama B on Vimeo.

And because out-takes make me laugh... here's another version; which he does even better than the first, but gets distracted when a school bus drives by.

HUMP DAY, YEA... 2 from Mama B on Vimeo.

ANNNND.... because Girlfriend has to do whatever Boyfriend does... here's a snippet of her very own hump day (she does know the whole schtick... but it's verrrry hard to get her to stand still long enough to record it).

bhumpday from Mama B on Vimeo.

Sidenote: I have no idea what the, "Bye Daddy!" is about... her father was two and a half hours away at work when I recorded this.

**If you haven't seen this commercial, then you probably don't think this is remotely funny, so watch it... and then marvel at my children's ability to speak like a camel.


Morning Photo Shoots

Since Husband is gone for work way before Boyfriend is dressed and ready for school, I kinda convinced Boyfriend that we need to do a morning photo shoot... everyday.

I mean, it's only been 3 days, but he thinks he is taking pictures so his Dad can see how he looks all ready for school.

And he is.

But also??

I told him he could do any pose he wants, just to get him to do it.

So now that I have seen some of what this strange little human deems appropriate in pictures, I can't stop taking them.

It makes me laugh to look back and see his funny hands and arms and feet in all sorts of  strange positions.

Years from now, I know that these are the photos that will hurt my heart, and make me ache for my little boy.

I'm not sure that I will remember to take some everyday this year, or that he will even let me... but for now, I'm gonna roll with it and see how far we can get into the school year.

Clearly he has enough poses to last us at least that long.


He Said...

The kids had back to back physicals the other day.

Their Doctor loves them because they say ridiculous things.

I really think they make her laugh every single time we go; she spends so much time with us that I start to feel bad for the other patients.

This visit was no exception.

After great check ups (we are so, so blessed to have healthy babies), the Pediatrician proclaimed,

"Wow! You guys are so healthy! And smart! And gorgeous! You must get it from your Mom!"

Okay, so maybe that's not entirely true, I miiiight have added in that last part.

Anyway... she told the kids they look great, they're healthy, and then said...

"I'll be right back."

She quickly excused herself to grab some needles for shots.

Of course, I knew this, but the kids did not.

When she returned, she approached Boyfriend cautiously and said...

"Okay, I have to give you a shot now, but don't worry, you can sit with your Mom, and you'll do great."

Instantly he was quiet.

Boyfriend is always a little more apprehensive than his insane, balls to the wall sister.

He looked at her suspiciously and asked, "Why do I need a shot?"

She answered, "Shots make you healthy."

To which Boyfriend shot back: "Well, You just told me I was a healthy a minute ago.... soooo...."

And with that he pretty much motioned his finger in a quick circle and nodded towards the door like, "You can just take your needles and get on up out of here lady."

Smart kid.


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While I don't require a full sized item for my readers, I'll be honest that I prefer to do Reviews when combined with a Giveaway so that my readers don't get jealous, and so that I don't sound like an infomercial.

People always pay closer attention if there is something in it for them, don't cha think?!

Unfortunately, I may also turn down your product if I don't think it's a good fit for Our Tiny Place.... I'm looking at you Saber Tooth Tiger necklace.


I don't really have anything to say here, but I like when things are in odd numbers, so I felt like I needed one last bold, underlined heading.

If you don't see an option that works for you, please email me, and I'm sure we can work something out.


xo to your face... booty smack to your... you know... booty.

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