Too Tired To Fight

Husband was gone for every single week day of the month of July.

And also two weeks in June...

And three weeks in May.

Supposedly the worst of the traveling for work is over.


Because here's the thing:

I am a puddle of almost human-ness.

I am exhausted.

The kids, bless their little hearts, have honestly not been bad.

I mean aside from dumping stuff into the toilet (today it was bubble bath), and the occasional body slam or hair pull... they've been really good.

Even though their behavior hasn't been bad; it is still hard to parent a four year old and a two year old alone, with no breaks, or help at all... for weeks on end.

The truth is... I'm just getting too tired to fight... or say, "No," when they say, "Yes".

Today started like any other day...

breakfast together at the kitchen table....

and then a project in the yard...

 Things stayed pretty calm like this, much to my surprise, for about twenty minutes.

Then Boyfriend asked to use water colors, so I had to bring each kid their own bowl of water to go with the paints (fair is fair)... and before I knew it, Girlfriend was dunking her hands into the paint-y (it's a word) water and bathing herself in it.

And you know what?

Husband had been gone for so long as this point... and painting themselves was making them happy slash quiet, so I just kinda, let them do it.

You know the point at which you're like... eh, I honestly just don't even give a shit what you do as long as it's safe and no one is crying??

These pictures are a perfect example of what happens when I get to the point myself.

Pretty sure our kids love when I get to that point, and they secretly hope that they could live their lives with me being like, "Eh.... go for it, you'll live."

I'm not really sure how it got from Girlfriend washing her back to the kids looking like full blown Smurf / Avatars... but they had a great time doing it, and who am I to rain on a blue parade??

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  1. I used to let me kids play with mud. they were happy and I hosed them off when done. whatever gets you through the day, still breathing!


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