Puff Paint FYI

It has been literally twenty years since I last used Puffy Paint.

I am almost positive the last time I used it was to make t-shirts for Jump Rope for Heart in 5th Grade... I know.

But with Girlfriend's birthday party this past weekend, and the prices on etsy getting a leeeettle out of control.... I had to buy some and re-kindle the flame.

I grabbed a 3 pack of little girl under shirts (it goes against my better judgement to call them "wife beaters," but that's what they are) at Wal-Mart for $4...

I also grabbed a $1 bandana and a $1 tube of black puff paint.

Remember how the thing used to be sealed and you had to like, snip it, to get the stuff out??

And once you snipped it you had to squeeze the living shit out of that tube to get any paint out??

Yeh... not the case anymore.

Case in point... the frickin' mess I made trying to make Girlfriend's birthday shirt.

Oy... how embarassing.

Let's not forget that the puff paint went ALL OVER the wood floors, and WALLS when I gave it the teensiest little squeeze.

Me thinks that the makers of Puff Paint have upgraded their bottles and paint thickness since 1994.

Good thing I bought that 3 pack of shirts...I was careful to be MUUUUCH more gentle with that testy little bottle the second time around...

And it paid off.

Lesson learned... go slow, and barely touch that thing... and you'll be fine.

The End.

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