Pregnancy Number Three

First off, thank you all so much for the wonderful emails, and messages you sent me about our big announcement last week.

We are so touched by how sweet everyone has been to us, and a little surprised that so many of you are out there reading and caring about us!

I got asked quite a few of the same questions, so I figured I'd just write a post, and hope to answer them all at once.

Here we go:

When are you due?!

My official due date is January 29, 2014... if all goes as planned I will have a scheduled C-section (my 3rd c-section, 2nd scheduled) about a week before.

How far along are you??

I am almost 17 weeks... I won't be taking pictures all the way through because, I just don't have the time, but when I remember, I will.

You're showing?!

Yes. It is my 3rd child, and I'm almost positive that when you're pregnant, you're supposed to show. As it turns out, the body remembers what to do.

To put it into even better perspective for you, check out fellow blogger Jenni From The Blog, who is due two days after me... with her fifth!!! Her belly dominates mine, and is adorable!

Are you going to CrossFit during this pregnancy?

No. I don't have the same time as I did when I was pregnant with Girlfriend. Also, I was very sick in the first trimester and couldn't do much more than lay in the fetal position... so the gym will have to wait until the baby pops out. It'll still be there.

What about when you went to the ER?? Were you pregnant then??

Yes. I was. And I lied to you, and everyone else when I said I didn't know what I had an allergic reaction to. I was feeling very sick and the Doctor prescribed Zofran, which made me break out in hives and my eyes swell shut. It was not fun, or cute. See?? This picture was taken 36 hours after I LEFT the ER. Nice huh?

Luckily, the baby was fine and the itchiness only lasted a week (only, ha).

Will you find out the sex?

Nope. Team Green for life. We didn't find out with either of the other kids and loved the surprise. I know this annoys people, but we love it and it's my uterus so nah.

Will this baby also have a unique name??

Yes. Husband is aiming for something a little more main stream and I am not. I will win, because again, it's my uterus, so nah.

But... it will of course, be a decision that we both make together, so don't think I'll be hijacking the name situation... it'll just be a "unique," agreed upon name.

What do the kids think??

I know how it looks in the video, but to be honest, the kids don't know yet... and we have no immediate plans to tell them. I think it's still very far out for them to comprehend the wait... and I have no desire to answer 700 questions a day about when then baby is coming. So until they ask why I am getting so big.... they aren't going to know.

How did you make that video?!

I just kinda let the kids go nuts, took a billion pictures and short clips and hoped for the best. I worked REALLY, REALLY hard on it and in the end, was very shy to post it. I made it for this blog, not to share on Facebook... but Husband was super proud of me for doing it, and shared it. After that, I got a little braver and shared it myself, on here and Facebook as well. I used Windows Movie Maker to edit all the clips before adding them together into one big video, and then I used Vimeo to share it on social media. It was super easy.... just very time consuming.

How do you feel??

I feel 100 times better than I did in the first trimester... I had never been sick before with either pregnancy, so I was actually convinced it was twins. It's not... just one little baby in there.

How is this pregnancy different??

Well, aside from being sick in the beginning, and having to chase two tiny humans around... It's better than my first because no one tries to give me advice, or tell me how to be pregnant. They know that I know what's up, I've done this before, and just generally don't bother me. So my advice to first time Moms out there that are tired of hearing everyone else's pregnancy stories?? Just tell them it's your 3rd, and they'll leave you alone.

The only other thing that is different is that when I was pregnant with Boyfriend, we got 25 cards in the mail congratulating us. With Girlfriend we got 12, and with Baby Number 3 we got... zero.

Which is fine, and probably a sign of the fact that people just think I am a baby factory at this point... but I feel bad for Number 3 because when I make them a baby book, it'll probably be a little bare.

I think that's it...

I like to think that if you've been reading for awhile, you were not surprised by our announcement because my blog has been a sad and quiet place this summer, as I am TIRRRRRED sometimes at the end of the day.

Again, thank you to everyone who shared our video, or sent us a kind word, email, message, or text... we are touched by the love and support... and can't wait to add more fuel to this chaotic fire!!!


  1. Aww congrats! I'm sad that I missed the original announcement. I can't watch videos at work so I had no idea! But I'm very excited for you!

  2. Congratulations! I missed the video, but went back and watched it and it was fabulous! Where were all of these blogs and Pinterest when I was pregnant?? And getting married?? Very excited for you (even though we have never met) :-)

  3. Congratulations! I missed your announcement too (less active with blogging these days, and forgetting to check my blogger dashboard). Here's to a happy, healthy pregnancy!

  4. Adorable video & congratulations!

  5. Congratulations! We have so many things in common. I was sooooooooooooooooo sick with my third I was on medicine given to patients on chemo. I too had three c-sections. My first child was born on January 29th (2002), I did not get any cards for my 2nd or 3rd. Also no one visited me in the hospital with #3 except our parents and one of my girl friends! Just because its the third doesn't mean you wouldn't like a visitor or two!!! Geez! Good luck with everything. (a friend of Lisa's -20 minutes of my life)

  6. Kudos to not finding out the sex! We decided to find out the sex of our daughter...I could.not.wait to find out. every day seemed like an eternity before that doctor appointment that would finally reveal the mystery. we're planning to try again for #2 in December and I've decided that without a doubt, I don't want to know the sex. Funny how things change. I want that moment of surprise when he/she is born. I think that makes the day even more special than it already is (if that's even possible). Congrats to your charming family!!! www.momistabeginnings.com


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