He Has The Answer

At 10 pm Lovebug calls me to his bedroom.

He has been in his room since 8 pm, when I put him to bed.

Which means he has been jumping around, complaining, asking for water, peeing, etc... for two hours.

This is a pretty normal occurrence around here, and we pretty much ignore him and pretend it's not going on, and eventually he climbs into bed and falls asleep.

On this particular night, however, he yelled, "Mom! I know the answer!"

Since he had never yelled this before, I decided to humor him, and myself, and went to his door.

"What do you need, Bud?" I asked.

"Mom. I have the answer."

"Okkay... to what? What was the question?" I'm trying not to laugh, and get him excited but really, what are we answering here and why does our house remind me of a sitcom ALL THE TIME??

"Mom. I know what I need to stop being afraid of the dark."

Although I obviously know that Boyfriend doesn't like the dark, I had no idea that this was something we were supposed to be thinking about at 10 pm.

"Mom. I need Skechers."

"Skechers?? Like the shoes?"

"Yeh Skechers. They yight up."

"Yeh Bud, but we don't wear shoes to bed."

"I do. I do when they yight up."

 "Okay... I don't think Skechers is the answer Sweet Pea."

"Mom. You don't even know what I am saying. The commercial says, 'You will never be scared of the dark again.'.... see? They're the answer."

For a minute we kinda both looked at each other letting his question hang in there... I was trying not to laugh at his cute face as he dead panned me, daring me to question his Skechers logic.

"So?? Can I get them?"

I have to hand it to the kid, he is relentless and adorable... he would make an amazing attorney, or salesman.

"You want me..." I began, still trying not to laugh... "To go buy you Skechers at 10 o'clock at night?"


"But Dad said No Skechers allowed in this house Bud."

"Welp Mom, Dad's not scared of the dark."


He's getting smart.

"Mom. Just get them. They're the answer."

And there you have it... if your child is afraid of the dark, apparently the answer is Skechers Yight Up Shoes.

Or, just putting your kid back to bed, turning on the hall light, and calling it a night works too.

For now.


  1. this story was the highyight of my afternoon! That's disgustingly adorable and I can't wait for all the nonsense that's going to pour out of my 16 month old daughter's mouth some day. www.momistabeginnings.com


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