Football Is Coming, Football Is Coming!

Sundays in the Fall are all about football around here.

I could really give two shits about the sport to be honest, but I love the time we spend together as a family that day.

We make a point to take the kids out all morning long and then we make food and relax and play in the TV room all afternoon.

It's wonderful and relaxing and when we take breaks for bike rides and quick walks around the block it warms my heart to see everyone absolutely thrilled.

It is moment's like this that I realize that I have become my mother, who used to say, "All I want for my birthday is happy children that don't fight..."

Or some cookie cutter PC answer like that.

Except, the thing is... I mean it.

I am so happy to just watch my family be happy on Sundays, it warms my whole guts up and I just want to smooch warm apple pie into everyone's happy smiling faces.

It doesn't even matter that I don't like football and I think it's annoying that the season is twenty seven months long... seeing everyone so happy is all I need!!!

I just shut my mouth and smile my face off like a cat that ate a canary all. Sunday. long.

If you are a true blue American football fan, like Husband is, then you might have a small thorn in your side already this season though.

Because... drum roll please... the Faith Hill "Sunday Night Football," song had yet to play.

Why do I know this??

Only because Husband bitches about it EVERY. SINGLE. WEEKEND.

I swear that Man loves that song more than he loves me.

Apparently, it's hereditary, cause here's a clip of Boyfriend busting it out like a boss slash lunatic... complete with a helmet and face mask football catch.

Right now football is still a reason to bond with his Dad, I'm sure he'd love the ballet if that's what his Dad told him was cool....

But the thing is, he is actually really good at it.

Plus, he knows a ton of (useless, although impressive) football knowledge.

I am already so excited and proud of my boy for how well behaved and amazing he is on Sundays.... he has embraced them as his favorite family day of the week, too.

And he has already decided that the whole crew, even the cat, will dress as football players and cheerleaders for Halloween...

So you know that I will be puff painting my face off every Sunday from now until October 30, creating a whole team for our growing brood.

Now if only I could get my Husband to follow a winning team...

Juussst kidding.

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