DIY Fridge Mats

This is the easiest DIY ever.

Recently, Jen at I Heart Organizing did a Giveaway of Fridge Coasters.

I had never heard of them before... but they are basically just a flat mat that sits on your Fridge shelf so that you don't get spills directly ON the glass.

Once I saw all their pretty and glorious functionality, I really wanted to win them and get a fancy Fridge up in my life.

Unfortunately, I did not win the Giveaway... siiiigh.

Call me a sore loser, but I just couldn't get all that Fridge prettiness out of my head....

I was all:


(Insert picture of Husband giving me the side eye here)

I couldn't rationalize spending $25+ on something that would live in the dark for 90% of it's life... so I kind of gave up on my pretty fridge dream until....

I went to Target.

That Target, she always answers all of my deep and meaningful life questions.

When I found a stack of semi-see through place mats for $1.99 a piece, I knew I could make my own Coasters, for a fraction of the cost.

Behold... a cute and functional fridge.

Isn't she adorable??

Okay now here's what you need to know if you are going to do this yourself.

First off I went for a semi-see through place mat because I figured if it was a dark color it would make it hard to see things on the lower shelves... plus I think the light bright-ness makes it look cleaner.

You want to turn the place mat horizontally, and then cut to size.

Do not attempt to do this with the place mat going vertically, because it will be too skinny for the shelf, and pretty much defeat the purpose of the mat.

There is no tape necessary, just cut, and place.

After living with these coasters for a few days, I am honestly really happy that I did this, and that it only cost me $8 to do.

If something spills I can just pull the mat out, wipe it, and put it back in... it is much easier than pulling out the whole freaking shelf and having to scrub into the crannies, ya know??

I don't think the mats on the shelf are actually worth what Fridge Coasters charges, because you can just make them yourself.

However, I am nowhere near motivated enough to make them for the door of my fridge (each shelf is a different size, that would be so annoying)... so I may splurge for the door Coasters one day, just to keep the fancy and functional fair all around.

Now if only that cute fridge was not so empty and actually had some food in it!!

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