Not A Morning Baby

We have been busy trying to squeeze every last drop of summer into our lives... it is divine.

Laziness and relaxation looks good on just about everyone, at least for a little while... amIright??

We were visiting my parent's Lake House for an overnight when Girlfriend, who shares a bedroom with me while we're there, woke up at 5:30 am.

The windows were open and she was in a pack and play at the foot of my bed...

I heard her huff a few times and braced myself for the inevitable, "Get me ouuuut Mommmmy."

I rolled over and covered my head with the blankets, hoping she wouldn't look at me slash notice me slash jump into bed with me.

I was trying not to breath, or move, when I heard her grumble, sigh, and then.... YELL.





Gotta love a girl who knows that 5:30 am is too damn early for singing.


Football Is Coming, Football Is Coming!

Sundays in the Fall are all about football around here.

I could really give two shits about the sport to be honest, but I love the time we spend together as a family that day.

We make a point to take the kids out all morning long and then we make food and relax and play in the TV room all afternoon.

It's wonderful and relaxing and when we take breaks for bike rides and quick walks around the block it warms my heart to see everyone absolutely thrilled.

It is moment's like this that I realize that I have become my mother, who used to say, "All I want for my birthday is happy children that don't fight..."

Or some cookie cutter PC answer like that.

Except, the thing is... I mean it.

I am so happy to just watch my family be happy on Sundays, it warms my whole guts up and I just want to smooch warm apple pie into everyone's happy smiling faces.

It doesn't even matter that I don't like football and I think it's annoying that the season is twenty seven months long... seeing everyone so happy is all I need!!!

I just shut my mouth and smile my face off like a cat that ate a canary all. Sunday. long.

If you are a true blue American football fan, like Husband is, then you might have a small thorn in your side already this season though.

Because... drum roll please... the Faith Hill "Sunday Night Football," song had yet to play.

Why do I know this??

Only because Husband bitches about it EVERY. SINGLE. WEEKEND.

I swear that Man loves that song more than he loves me.

Apparently, it's hereditary, cause here's a clip of Boyfriend busting it out like a boss slash lunatic... complete with a helmet and face mask football catch.

Right now football is still a reason to bond with his Dad, I'm sure he'd love the ballet if that's what his Dad told him was cool....

But the thing is, he is actually really good at it.

Plus, he knows a ton of (useless, although impressive) football knowledge.

I am already so excited and proud of my boy for how well behaved and amazing he is on Sundays.... he has embraced them as his favorite family day of the week, too.

And he has already decided that the whole crew, even the cat, will dress as football players and cheerleaders for Halloween...

So you know that I will be puff painting my face off every Sunday from now until October 30, creating a whole team for our growing brood.

Now if only I could get my Husband to follow a winning team...

Juussst kidding.


He Has The Answer

At 10 pm Lovebug calls me to his bedroom.

He has been in his room since 8 pm, when I put him to bed.

Which means he has been jumping around, complaining, asking for water, peeing, etc... for two hours.

This is a pretty normal occurrence around here, and we pretty much ignore him and pretend it's not going on, and eventually he climbs into bed and falls asleep.

On this particular night, however, he yelled, "Mom! I know the answer!"

Since he had never yelled this before, I decided to humor him, and myself, and went to his door.

"What do you need, Bud?" I asked.

"Mom. I have the answer."

"Okkay... to what? What was the question?" I'm trying not to laugh, and get him excited but really, what are we answering here and why does our house remind me of a sitcom ALL THE TIME??

"Mom. I know what I need to stop being afraid of the dark."

Although I obviously know that Boyfriend doesn't like the dark, I had no idea that this was something we were supposed to be thinking about at 10 pm.

"Mom. I need Skechers."

"Skechers?? Like the shoes?"

"Yeh Skechers. They yight up."

"Yeh Bud, but we don't wear shoes to bed."

"I do. I do when they yight up."

 "Okay... I don't think Skechers is the answer Sweet Pea."

"Mom. You don't even know what I am saying. The commercial says, 'You will never be scared of the dark again.'.... see? They're the answer."

For a minute we kinda both looked at each other letting his question hang in there... I was trying not to laugh at his cute face as he dead panned me, daring me to question his Skechers logic.

"So?? Can I get them?"

I have to hand it to the kid, he is relentless and adorable... he would make an amazing attorney, or salesman.

"You want me..." I began, still trying not to laugh... "To go buy you Skechers at 10 o'clock at night?"


"But Dad said No Skechers allowed in this house Bud."

"Welp Mom, Dad's not scared of the dark."


He's getting smart.

"Mom. Just get them. They're the answer."

And there you have it... if your child is afraid of the dark, apparently the answer is Skechers Yight Up Shoes.

Or, just putting your kid back to bed, turning on the hall light, and calling it a night works too.

For now.


Baby Number Three Wish List

This third pregnancy has me yearning for a few new things, despite the fact that everyone keeps telling me, "You probably don't need anything..."

Welp... I do.

I mean, I'd be fine to use 97% of the things I had with the other two, but let's face it... kids do not play nice, and some things, that started out as hand me downs, are beat to Hell at this point.

So my two top picks if money were no object, would be these:

Our current double stroller was a hand me down, free, and headed for the trash when I said I wanted it.

I think a new, folds up small umbrella stroller will be just what we need next summer when the new babe is big enough to ride with his/her big sister, and Boyfriend is old enough to walk with us wherever we need to go.

And that pack and play??

Siiggghhh... I love that pack and play.

I never had one of my own, instead, ours was handed down from Husband's Uncle, and was ten years old when we got it.

I know.

And this one has storage built into it, which I will need after having 3 c-sections and two other little ones running around.

It does everything I need it to... will grow with the baby, and the price ain't have bad ($149).

What else am I wishing for?? I'm so glad you asked.

Since I never had a winter baby before, I need one of those Bundle Me jobbers... I love this one, and think it'd be perfect for boy or girl. (**Update: an old friend and regular reader of my blog sent us one of these as soon as this post went live! Thank you!!)

Both kids loved their Swaddle Me's, but of course they were born in the summer, so we don't own any small fleece ones... so we will need to buy a few new ones of these.

That's pretty much where my list stops for now, like I said... having a winter baby is new to us, so we are open to suggestions of things we might need to get us through flu season... and we have nine bajillion other things ready to go from the older kids.

Now to search for some new faaancy maternity clothes.... the question is, do they exist?


Life Lately Photo Dump

I will admit that although I really love being pregnant (I'd be Michelle Duggar if a certain man would let me).... this time around, I'm tired.

I like to think that staying home by myself with a two year old and a four year old means that I would be tired either way... so I'm cutting myself a little slack.

I mean, growing a person is hard ass work, then throw into the mix making sure two maniacs are safe, fed, and bathed?!?!

Fuggedaboutit.... this "Sacred Vessel," (as I like to refer to myself and all other pregnant women)... is sometimes freaking tired!!!

I'm allowed, right??

And since blogging doesn't pay the bills; sometimes the blog is going to suffer when I face plant into bed at 8:30 pm.

Try as I might, I just can't find two effs to give... so forgive me for having nothing to say and instead just throwing a billion pictures at your face.

Here's some snippets of our life lately.... enjoy!


Puff Paint FYI

It has been literally twenty years since I last used Puffy Paint.

I am almost positive the last time I used it was to make t-shirts for Jump Rope for Heart in 5th Grade... I know.

But with Girlfriend's birthday party this past weekend, and the prices on etsy getting a leeeettle out of control.... I had to buy some and re-kindle the flame.

I grabbed a 3 pack of little girl under shirts (it goes against my better judgement to call them "wife beaters," but that's what they are) at Wal-Mart for $4...

I also grabbed a $1 bandana and a $1 tube of black puff paint.

Remember how the thing used to be sealed and you had to like, snip it, to get the stuff out??

And once you snipped it you had to squeeze the living shit out of that tube to get any paint out??

Yeh... not the case anymore.

Case in point... the frickin' mess I made trying to make Girlfriend's birthday shirt.

Oy... how embarassing.

Let's not forget that the puff paint went ALL OVER the wood floors, and WALLS when I gave it the teensiest little squeeze.

Me thinks that the makers of Puff Paint have upgraded their bottles and paint thickness since 1994.

Good thing I bought that 3 pack of shirts...I was careful to be MUUUUCH more gentle with that testy little bottle the second time around...

And it paid off.

Lesson learned... go slow, and barely touch that thing... and you'll be fine.

The End.


Pregnancy Number Three

First off, thank you all so much for the wonderful emails, and messages you sent me about our big announcement last week.

We are so touched by how sweet everyone has been to us, and a little surprised that so many of you are out there reading and caring about us!

I got asked quite a few of the same questions, so I figured I'd just write a post, and hope to answer them all at once.

Here we go:

When are you due?!

My official due date is January 29, 2014... if all goes as planned I will have a scheduled C-section (my 3rd c-section, 2nd scheduled) about a week before.

How far along are you??

I am almost 17 weeks... I won't be taking pictures all the way through because, I just don't have the time, but when I remember, I will.

You're showing?!

Yes. It is my 3rd child, and I'm almost positive that when you're pregnant, you're supposed to show. As it turns out, the body remembers what to do.

To put it into even better perspective for you, check out fellow blogger Jenni From The Blog, who is due two days after me... with her fifth!!! Her belly dominates mine, and is adorable!

Are you going to CrossFit during this pregnancy?

No. I don't have the same time as I did when I was pregnant with Girlfriend. Also, I was very sick in the first trimester and couldn't do much more than lay in the fetal position... so the gym will have to wait until the baby pops out. It'll still be there.

What about when you went to the ER?? Were you pregnant then??

Yes. I was. And I lied to you, and everyone else when I said I didn't know what I had an allergic reaction to. I was feeling very sick and the Doctor prescribed Zofran, which made me break out in hives and my eyes swell shut. It was not fun, or cute. See?? This picture was taken 36 hours after I LEFT the ER. Nice huh?

Luckily, the baby was fine and the itchiness only lasted a week (only, ha).

Will you find out the sex?

Nope. Team Green for life. We didn't find out with either of the other kids and loved the surprise. I know this annoys people, but we love it and it's my uterus so nah.

Will this baby also have a unique name??

Yes. Husband is aiming for something a little more main stream and I am not. I will win, because again, it's my uterus, so nah.

But... it will of course, be a decision that we both make together, so don't think I'll be hijacking the name situation... it'll just be a "unique," agreed upon name.

What do the kids think??

I know how it looks in the video, but to be honest, the kids don't know yet... and we have no immediate plans to tell them. I think it's still very far out for them to comprehend the wait... and I have no desire to answer 700 questions a day about when then baby is coming. So until they ask why I am getting so big.... they aren't going to know.

How did you make that video?!

I just kinda let the kids go nuts, took a billion pictures and short clips and hoped for the best. I worked REALLY, REALLY hard on it and in the end, was very shy to post it. I made it for this blog, not to share on Facebook... but Husband was super proud of me for doing it, and shared it. After that, I got a little braver and shared it myself, on here and Facebook as well. I used Windows Movie Maker to edit all the clips before adding them together into one big video, and then I used Vimeo to share it on social media. It was super easy.... just very time consuming.

How do you feel??

I feel 100 times better than I did in the first trimester... I had never been sick before with either pregnancy, so I was actually convinced it was twins. It's not... just one little baby in there.

How is this pregnancy different??

Well, aside from being sick in the beginning, and having to chase two tiny humans around... It's better than my first because no one tries to give me advice, or tell me how to be pregnant. They know that I know what's up, I've done this before, and just generally don't bother me. So my advice to first time Moms out there that are tired of hearing everyone else's pregnancy stories?? Just tell them it's your 3rd, and they'll leave you alone.

The only other thing that is different is that when I was pregnant with Boyfriend, we got 25 cards in the mail congratulating us. With Girlfriend we got 12, and with Baby Number 3 we got... zero.

Which is fine, and probably a sign of the fact that people just think I am a baby factory at this point... but I feel bad for Number 3 because when I make them a baby book, it'll probably be a little bare.

I think that's it...

I like to think that if you've been reading for awhile, you were not surprised by our announcement because my blog has been a sad and quiet place this summer, as I am TIRRRRRED sometimes at the end of the day.

Again, thank you to everyone who shared our video, or sent us a kind word, email, message, or text... we are touched by the love and support... and can't wait to add more fuel to this chaotic fire!!!



Two years ago today, our second baby, and first daughter was born.

With each passing day, she is getting more adorable...

I pretty much just want to nom her face off sometimes.

She fit in instantly, and even Boyfriend couldn't remember life before his baby sister came to town.

She is observant, kind, and concerned for others all the time.

She is loving, sweet, and a little mother to anything she can get her hands on.

At 15 months she picked up a baby doll and sand it a lullaby, and ever since we have known that she got my mothering gene.

She got her quiet trouble making gene from her father....

We know that if Girlfriend is not making a sound, she is undoubtedly eating something she shouldn't be, or making a mess...

It's hard to get mad at her because she gets so overly excited about everything (wonder where she got that from) and it is pretty stinkin' adorable...

She's smart and creative, and will spend, literally, ONE FULL HOUR (which is equivalent to a year on a two year old clock) coloring and using her child safe scissors.

She idolizes her older brother and repeats every. single. word. out of his mouth.

She loves dancing and all kinds of body flailing slash gymnastics (I guess you could call it)...

She is a mini nudist, and loves to take her clothes off... ALL THE TIME.

She is not particular about who sees her cute booty (let's hope that changes before High School).

Girlfriend loves shoes, motorcycles, and pretending to leave the house with her toy cell phone, keys, and purse.

She also loves to run from us, and climb anything she can reach... if I am not having a heart attack, she is probably not awake.

I have called Poison Control 7 times since she was born... if she can pick it up off the floor, she will put it into her mouth.

She's been potty trained since 22 months and loves to sit down and read a book, and make up a story as she turns the pages.

Every morning when she wakes up, my Girlfriend yells, "Mommy! Get me out! Get me out!" In a nerdy, weird, whiny voice... we never hear it unless it is 7 am and she wants to get out of bed.

She also never stops or takes a breath, just non-stop whiny "Get Me Outttttt"-ness.... BUT... she does sleep like a champ and has since she was born, so I'll take the annoying wake up call.

Her most favorite place in the world, is with her brother... and father.

She is, however, a total Mommy's girl when she needs to be....

She knows who to come to for the boo-boo kisses, the songs before bed, and pretty much anything else she wants (Daddy is the stickler, I am the sucker.)

When she sees me running around, cleaning, cooking, picking things up, she will say, "Mommy... sit down, relax with me."

She called me, "Beautiful Mom," for the first time in April, and it hit me straight in my soul.

I have never felt a more profound love and responsibility in my life.

My self esteem isn't always the greatest, but she looks at me and sees Beauty, and I want her to always see the same in herself.

I want her to always know how wonderful, and strong, and crazy, and funny, and quirky, and adorable, and beautiful, and kind, and creative she is... I want her to always feel confidence and self assurance, and I will devote the rest of my life to her feeling that way.

She makes me so proud and is such a funny little thing, I pray each and every day that she will never change... her personality is one in a million and I would bottle it if I could.

I pray that she will always be slightly outside the box of what is acceptable for little girls... that she will always love funny things like motorcycles and Power Rangers, and that she will always be her very own person.

She loves everyone, especially her brother, father, and Uncle Timmy....

She introduces herself to every person she meets, thinks her nickname is her real name, and would live on a farm if we would let her.

She truly has her own identity, even at the tender young age of 2... and I hope and pray that she continues to embrace all the wonderful, scary, and quirky things that make her who she is.

My angel baby, my sweet and kind daughter, who I thought was a son... the girl who put a sparkle into each of our eyes and without a doubt made our family feel a new kind of love for all things crazy, girly, and fun.

We are so blessed to have her and call her our own.


Stuck On You Giveaway!!!

Because I have lived my entire life with a name that no one else has (really, I'm 30 and have yet to meet someone else with my name)... I was always a teensy bit envious of the kids that had license plates with their names on it.

And magnets. And pencils. And keychains.

Back then (geez that makes me feel old), the only things that you could get personalized were pretty expensive, and had to be ordered through a catalog... using a rotary dial phone.

Lucky for my children, who also have unique names, now there are websites like Stuck On You... that offer a million options for getting things personalized... on a pretty reasonable budget.

When Stuck On You sent the kids some custom gifts to check out, I have to admit that I was probably more excited than them... Seeing as they can't read, and don't know or understand how cool it is to have your name on a water bottle or lunch box.

The other thing that struck me, besides that the adorable-ness... was the quality of this stuff!

Stainless steel and durable poly canvas?? This stuff is not cheap and is made to last even the toughest of kids (ie: mine).

Girlfriend's lunch box is like a real deal cooler.

I've taken it on a few play dates at the park, and it works better than our real cooler, that's like, made for cooling things... because it's fully lined, and... awesome.

Of course, Girlfriend doesn't actually have anywhere to go yet, so she just carries her cell phone and lap top in it for now... obvi.

Boyfriend loves his robot (stainless steel) water bottle .. which gets a thumbs up from me because it has a lid, and is hard for the kids to open themselves...

Meaning the chances of it spilling are a lot less than it would be otherwise.

Not that I know anything about red juice spills.

Want to win a $20 gift card to Stuck On You to grab some good quality personalized gear for your own dolls??

Want to win a $20 gift card to Stuck On You to grab some good quality personalized gear for your own dolls??

Yup... I said it twice.... because there will be TWO $20 winners!!

Plus, plus, plus!!!!!! This Giveaway is open to my readers ALL OVER THE ENTIRE GLOBE!!

This makes me so, so happy because I swear some of my sweetest, and most loyal readers live across the pond... and no one else has ever offered this!!!

A company that wants to personalize the whole wide world?!?!?! Yay!

Fill out the Rafflecopter below for your chance to win... as always... if you have no idea how to fill out the form, contact me!

Good Luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Project Fail

Yesterday I meticulously cut out images from a magazine so that the kids could make collages on the deck.

First off... if you're kids are almost two and four... don't even waste your freaking time doing this, because they will have no interest... like mine.

Anyway, back to the story...

I cut the pictures out, and gave each kid a small bowl of Elmer's glue, and Q-Tips.

The idea was that they'd use the Q-Tips to "paint," the images, then glue them to a piece of poster board.

This project took 15 minutes to set up, and they enjoyed it for about 35 seconds.

Before I knew it, the kids were launching Q-Tips, and pictures of containers and baskets at my head.

((**Side Note: I cut up an old Real Simple, hence the organizing images.))

I spent the next 15 minutes picking up the project that had gone from good to bad before I even had a chance to sit down.

Once the deck was clean and the kids were safely on to the next thing, I happened upon a stray Q-Tip that I had forgotten to grab off the table.

It was Elmer's glue free, and so... I stuck that sucker in my ear canal (you're not my Doctor so please do not give me a lecture), and started to clean my ear... cause I love to, and yes I know that's weird.

Except here's the thing.

Q-Tips are white, and so is Elmer's glue... and well, I happen to be blind without my glasses on... so you know where this is going.

The freaking Q-Tip was NOT clean...

It was covered in glue.

I say "was" because upon rubbing that shit all up in my head.... the glue was now in my ear canal, and not on the Q-Tip.


Glue in my ear...

In my head...


Motherhood is a ridiculous job... if only it paid in cash instead of sticky things... I'd be doing just fine.

On the bright side... I couldn't hear anything out of the right side of my head for a few hours, so if I positioned myself just so, I didn't have to listen to any yelling from the kids.


The ultimate in all things sticky... A McDonald's Indoor Playscape.


Larger Than Life

If you follow me on Instagram, you probably saw this post coming when I posted this picture last Saturday night...

Husband and a hujass picture of our kids.

It all started with this picture, that Husband is obsessed with...

I had said, "It kinda looks like an album cover, or an ad right??"

And he was like, "Yeh... let's blow it up and frame it... like humongous."

So we did.

I knew that buying a big wood frame at Micheal's was out of the question, because it would cost like 75 bananas before we even got the mat or the print blown up....

So I went to Good Will... did some digging, and found this little peach.

It had a thick wood frame, and that's what I was goin' for ... even though it was a bit more ornate than I would have chosen if money was no object.

This 1990's gem wasn't as cheap as I expected her to be, but at $25, I couldn't say no.

I asked Husband to give her an ORB makeover, and she instantly looked much more Beyonce and a lot less Debbie Gibson.

While he was busy ORBing... I called Staples and had them print out a 18 x 32 copy of our print for $28... not cheap, but not bad either.

Next we tried to salvage the mat from the frame with a trick that I had read about on Young House Love... spray paint it.

Of course this worked for Sherry and John, because everything does... but it did not work for us.

When we put the mat into the frame, for whatever reason it turned BLUE (of course I didn't take a picture, you'll just have to trust me).

When we pulled the mat back out, it was still white.

It was some sort of freaky, DIY, mushroom trip and we just weren't feelin' it...

So.... our formally cheap DIY project ($53 total)... was about to get a little more pricey.

We ended up at Micheal's (oh the irony)... where they cut us a custom mat, for $28 (grand total now $81 if you're keeping track).

When we got home, we took down the art that I made for the space last year.....

And hung up the shrine to our messy kids....

(Crazy pants, comin atcha)
It wasn't the cheapest DIY out there... but shopping Good Will did save us a boatload of cash, plus now we have custom, awesome, ginormous art that's all our own.

Husband and I love the new look...

(I have no idea how to take a picture of a picture, without getting a reflection on the frame... someone enlighten me, please)
Boyfriend, on the other hand, is non-stop complaining about how his sister's hair looks....

While Girlfriend just wants to know who the heck those kids are?!!

A larger than life picture of herself on the wall and she's got no clue whose looking back at her...

Go figure.

PS.... I clean during nap time, and these pictures were taken as soon as the kids woke up. I don't ever pretend to have a perfectly clean house, so if you're wondering how the faaaahhhhhhh my house looks so clean with two kids running around... they had only been awake for 5 minutes, and by 10 minutes it was trashed again. #keepinitreal
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