Vacay / Social Detox

Two weeks ago we went on vacation.


We stayed with our family and friends at my parent's beautiful cabin in Maine... on a lake we have been visiting for 26-ish years (I'm old).

We went on seventeen hundred golf cart rides through the trails near their house, swam until we were pruney, and did the usual 4th of July fireworks, good food and boat rides bit.

It was relaxing during the day, and terrible at night, thanks to Boyfriend... who took upwards of FOUR HOURS to fall asleep and cut the bull shit every night.

I pretty much wore the floors in my parents home out from walking back and forth to his room 100 times every night when he had to pee / poop / get a drink / eat chicken / read a book / fix the light / fix the door / fix his hair / fix his clothes..... sighhhhh.

That kid took annoying to a new level.... it's a good thing he can also be sweet and caring when he wants to be.

Both kids were over excited and so happy to be staying somewhere different and doing new fun things for a change.

They were perpetually happy explosions of eager flailing limbs... followed by two very exhausted parents.

And even though Girlfriend proved to be an excellent sleeper with no problems whatsoever in Maine... actually getting there, and home, was pure torture with her.

I know she is cute... but she is without a doubt, the worst road trip partner on Earth.

This is where I should insert a picture of her SCREAMING HER FREAKING HEAD OFF FOR THREE AND A HALF HOURS...

But, I was too busy crying to take any pictures.

It was not the least bit entertaining.

So, they both had their vices, and I think no family vacation is perfect.... but we had fun, and Boyfriend got over his fear of the water.

Girlfriend, true to her nature, jumped right in there and was fearless from Day One.

The lake was warm, the food was yummy, and the company was great... no fights, just smiling, slightly intoxicated faces and lots of laughs.

My brother and his friend put on their annual INSANE fireworks show.... which draws a huge crowd and makes so many people happy... it was totally worth the trip.

It was so great to get away for a few days, and even though the kids tried to torture us a bit while we were there... we really can't wait to go back.

Our phones died about five minutes after we got in the door and we didn't charge them all week long.

There was one single i-pad in the house, that I went on twice the whole week, for four minutes each time.

It was wonderful to unplug, and to have lots of never before seen pictures to put in this blog today.

 To not look down all the time, and to instead, practice what I preach and hold onto MY BABIES and not MY PHONE... was pretty damn liberating.

Coming from someone who has been regularly writing about her life for nearly three years... it was nice to not worry about what I was going to say that night when I broke out the computer.

To just take pictures of the moments as they happened, and not because they would fit well in a blog post.

It felt wonderful to spend time as a family; reconnecting, teaching, learning,  and exploring.

Husband and I spent a full ten minutes at the park laughing at the kids, as they laughed at each other, on opposite ends of those things that you can yell in to, that makes echos and loud noises.... kinda like the two cans on a string thing.

It was ridiculous, and I have no pictures to explain when I'm talking about.... but if I close my eyes I can hear them giggling together, and yelling, "Hey-yo?!! Hey-yo?!! Hey-yo?!! (Hello?! Hello?! Hello?!)" back and forth to one another, before breaking into the Power Rangers song.

It is something that I will keep in my heart, and not my phone.... forever.

I have no insight as to how to successfully travel with children, except that kids, especially ours, thrive on routine... and when you take them away from their norm, craziness and chaos is bound to ensue.

It happens.

I also have no real insight on a week of social detox, other than it was awesome, and I didn't miss it at all...

We already practice a, "No lap tops until dark," rule at our house... it kind of evolved without ever even discussing it.

We also don't use them on the weekend, at all... but a whole week of just family time and togetherness was new to us, and I kind of dug it.

I can't wait to do it again.

For real.

Sorry I'm not sorry, Blog... but you come second to a fun filled week of craziness and kids.

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