Two weeks ago, Boyfriend was being miiiighty fresh....

So while he napped, I took away two giant garbage bags full of his favorite toys and costumes.

Guess who hasn't even noticed they are gone yet??

I know.

In his defense, we are not home a lot in the Summer, so he doesn't really see his toys much... but still FOURTEEN DAYS WITHOUT ALL OF HIS FAVORITE THINGS.... and he hasn't even asked ONCE where they went.

You know what this tells me??

That he, and we ... have too. much. shit.

So we decided that it was time to simplify.

As it was, Husband was probably spread too thin for too long... and this whole... "not even missing / missing toy revelation," just sealed the deal for us... it was time to scale back.

On things... and expenses.

I started by hiding a bunch of toys... like even some of Girlfriend's....

My plan is to pull them out in the Fall, and put new ones away.... essentially giving them have an ever rotating toy stash.

Husband got a work cell phone about a year ago, and had pretty much stopped using his personal phone altogether .... but we continued paying for it all along anyway.


So.... we got rid of his personal phone and now just pay for one cell phone... mine.

Then we realized that if we would just start using our COMPLETE HOME GYM in our basement... we could save ourselves MAJOR shuffling around action in the evenings (juggling the kids, and babysitters, and the half hour drive each way, was getting to be too much with Husband's work schedule)....

Add to that the bonus of saving $178 a month, and it only seemed right to freeze our membership for awhile, and try to save some cash.

Then... Husband got a company car.

Which meant we had his car, my car, and a company car in our driveway.

It made zero sense for us to pay two car payments, while a free car sat by and watched.

By process of elimination, it made the most sense to sell mine.



We haven't made any decisions that don't make complete sense... and we aren't doing this to be like those people that only use one trash bag a year...

We were just spread too thin, and being swallowed up by unnecessary THINGS and EXPENSES all around us.

So we've started purging, and cutting back...

We know that it's not forever, that we will buy a big ol' gas guzzling SUV in the Fall, and probably re-join the Gym in the winter when our Home Gym is freeeezing...

But for now, we are simplifying... and enjoying the way it is making us feel.

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  1. Good for you! We don't have extra phones and cars laying around but we certainly are being taken over by toys and clothes at our place.


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