See Through Garage Organizing

When we bought our house our realtor was like, "Are you sure you want to look at a house with only a one car garage??"

And since we had never had a garage before, we had no clue why she was asking that because we were excited as Hell about any size garage.

Dumb. Dumb. Dumb.

Um... fast forward almost five years later and we understand why she asked that question...

Having kids, and a snow blower, and a lawn mower, and no place near the house for a shed, plus two tons of pellets for our Pellet Stove all in the garage... and there is no room for a car, let alone organization.

Plus, when you live in a freaking snow belt like we do, the last thing you want to do in the winter is hang out in the garage.

So opening the door and throwing shit in is pretty much norm around here from November - March.

Just being honest.

Not that I care much about tool organization, but at the end of a long cold winter, when I can't find the kites, the chalk, the bubbles....

It drives me insane.

Add to that the fact that my spray paint is usually all piled into one big mess of colors and nonsense, and I am legit twitching every time I looked at the garage door by April.

So April was three months ago and I just go around to handling my spray paint and kid necessity things in the garage.

For $10 I bought two over the door shoe holders, and hung them by the garage door to the house.

Now I can see what color spray paint I have on hand, plus I know where tons of stuff that we use and lose regularly lives!

Bubbles, chalk, packing tape, Krud Kutter, kites, even extra kite string!!

You name it... and I know where it lives!!!

And if you stay home with maniac toddlers all day long... then you know that knowing where ANYTHING is... is a pretty big deal.

Husband is famous for just going to Home Depot and buying what he needs for a project instead of checking first to see if we have it....

Just today he needed WD-40 and I said, "Oh look, here's two cans, don't go buy one!"

I love when I do something that actually works out, because Husband usually expects my ideas to be a flop.

Hopefully this cheap-o idea can help make your life easier too!

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