If You Squint Maybe You'll See It

My Boyfriend's imagination is amazing.

It is one of the things about him that I love the most... it is just unreal, and so, so clever.

The way he will put on an outfit and see who he is in his own eyes, is just to die for adorable.

And he has been doing it for as long as I can remember.

I know he'll eventually stop, but I hope not too soon.

You probably haven't been reading long enough to remember when he put together this ensemble:

I know what you're thinking... "What the frig is that kid wearing?" Right??

Well, this was the height of our Fireman Sam phase, and he's a fireman.

You see a backwards bike helmet, a resistance band, and a water bottle, shoved down the back of some pajama pants.... that were apparently too small because they look like capris.

He sees a fire hat, a safety harness to help people down a ladder, and an oxygen tank on his back.

If you squint maybe you'll see it... or you'll just think that his imagination is adorable and off the chain like I do.

Fast forward 18 months, and he is still at it.

But now we are in our Power Rangers phase... and he's wearing this:

First off... Boyfriend hates having his picture taken these days (a sure sign that his blogger Mother has pointed the camera in his direction one too many times)...

....So you know he is damn proud of this outfit because he ASKED me to take this shot.

Plus, look at how he's standing... he thinks he looks cool for real.

Okay, the outfit.

He turned his pajama shorts inside out to have white pants.. like the Rangers that he loves this week wear (he changes it up with which series and season is the best... I know).

Sidenote: Netflix has EVERY KIND OF POWER RANGERS EVER SHOWN ON TV... it's kind of amazing.

He's got a single glove, a sword, some aviators, and a water balloon launcher on his back...

Plus the Power Rangers medals that I made for his birthday party.

I am actually not even sure what he sees this time with this get up...

But he was pretty damn punch me in the face cute struttin his stuff around the house in it.

My friends always say to me... "I know you want him to stay young forever, but really, it'd be weird if he was 15, dressing like a Power Ranger, and still saying his L's like Y's...."

And maybe they're right... maybe I dont want my high schooler dressing like a maniac and asking me for a "yittle bit of snack..."

But for today, tomorrow, and the rest of the foreseeable future...I am going to hang on to every single wonderful minute that this kid and his imagination allows me to enjoy.

They're only young once!!

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