He Said / She Said

I accidentally turned off the hall light last night after putting Boyfriend to bed.

Him, (yelling from his bed): "HEY!"

Me, (from the bottom of the stairs): "What?"

Him: "Turn on the Yight!!!!"

Me: "Oh, sorry Bud."

Him: "Turn it on!!!"

Me: "Okay, okay I'm coming."

Him: "Uh yeh, I'm gonna need you to keep the yight on. The dark is not for me."

Her: "Sing Mitsubishi spider, Mommy?"

Me: "What? (the frig are you talking about kid)"

Her: "Sing Mitsubishi spider, Mommy?"

Me: "Did you say sing Mitsubishi spider?"

Her: "Mommy! Sing!"

Me: "I don't know the words to that song, Baby."

Her (putting both hands together and starting to sing): "The Mitsubishi Spider went up the water spout....."

Me: "Ohhhhhhh. Itsy Bitsy!"

Her: "Yeh! Mitsubishi!"


  1. Hahahaha - I love mitsubishi spider better. Maybe she has a future in marketing/advertisement!?

  2. I was cleaning out my three year old's ear the other day and said to him, "You have junk in your ear." He says to me, "Don't touch my junk." We're never going to let him live that down...

    1. OMG that is hilarious! I hate the word junk and think it is the most disgusting thing in the WORLD to call a body part! Even though... it's not like they are very pretty, so the name does fit!


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