Wordy Wednesday

Summer is in full swing over here...

Which to a Mom of two young ones means: I am entertaining my children non-stop, trying to get their energy OUT OUT OUT, while keeping their current nap schedule, and still being able to function as a wife at the end of the day.

People... it is hard to keep everyone happy and entertained.

Gone are the 5 hours a week that Pre-School gave me to take care of our house and myself and have one on one time with my Girlfriend.

Instead, we have full long days where the kids rise extra early (because the sun is up at like 4 am... wtf is up with that you stupid sun?)...

I try to do a different activity every morning, have nap, and then another small activity in the afternoon, before dinner, bath, and bed.

But people. I am running out of ideas.

Yesterday, it was overcast and drizzly and just pretty disgusting out in general.

But, we've had a ton of rain lately, and even though I am The Rain's #1 Fan... there is only so many days in a row that the kids can watch movies and stomp in the puddles in the front yard.

So I grabbed my favorite (only, but still favorite) babysitter, the Bugs, and the rain gear, and we took off for a quiet pond near our house.

It was the type of thing where I would have gotten exhausted chasing them on my own, but with two of us, it was actually relaxing, and we were able to stay for nearly two and a half hours with no complaints.

My Girlfriend, aka, Dr. DoLittle, was all about the poor baby geese who were just minding their own business as she came barreling at them screaming, "HEY DUCKS! YOU SEE ME!?"

I didn't bring any toys, just a few hot dog buns to feed any potentially hungry ducks, and that's it.

It's been months since we last visited this pond, and I wasn't sure what to expect, especially with the rainy weather... but the kids loved it!

The kids stomped in the big sand puddles, threw five thousand sticks and rocks into the water (only narrowly missing each other's heads a few times), picked flowers, chased the poor baby geese, and fed one lonely duck.

We had such a great time and the kids came home and both slept for three hours... thank you fresh air and muddy waters!!

It just goes to show you that kids are always happy to be outside, rain or shine, water up to their knees or snow up to their faces.... as long as it involves getting dirty... they are usually in.

We should all be so easy to please.

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